Three Waves of Change SaaS Beyond the Tipping-Point

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Three Waves of Change: SaaS Beyond the Tipping-Point

Description:    In the span of less than a year, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has gone from point-solution
                curiosity to mission-critical applications for user enterprises. And according to research published
                this month, the next wave of SaaS is already being absorbed and adopted by user enterprises as
                platforms for multiple, critical business applications and processes.

                This Research Report provides a comprehensive look at the state of the SaaS industry and user
                adoption. The report is based in part on a new worldwide web survey of 250 senior business and IT
                executives, 30+ briefings with leading SaaS providers and 15 deep dive interviews with early
                adopter SaaS users. Among other things, the report provides an update to our SaaS adoption
                scenario, and fine-tunes our SaaS 2.0 vision in areas such as pricing and licensing, ecosystems and

                “SaaS is beyond the tipping point and accelerating into mainstream adoption,” states Mark Koenig,
                head of the SaaS research program and co-lead author of the new report. “We’re seeing
                breakthrough levels of SaaS acceptance for mission-critical computing, from SMBs to the largest
                enterprises worldwide. SaaS is not a curiosity – it’s mission-critical.”

                “The second wave of SaaS as a next-generation business platform is already here, and already
                delivering powerful business advantages for user enterprises,“ adds Mike West, co-lead author of
                the report. “Users are already utilizing SaaS for transaction and collaboration marketplaces, and
                we’re starting to see a proliferation of SaaS ecosystems that offer portfolios of synergistic and
                integrated SaaS applications with business services.”

                Read this report to learn:

                -How SaaS is already shifting from inexpensive point-solution offerings to mission-critical,
                integrative, and sophisticated business application and process delivery platforms – and what
                effects this will have on user and strategies for business and technology.
                -Which customer segments, geographies and applications are growing the fastest, and where are
                the biggest opportunities going forward
                -How -- and why -- SaaS is moving through three “waves” of development, deployment and
                adoption, and how users and vendors need to manage these to deliver and utilize SaaS to its
                greatest efficiencies and effectiveness.
                -Why the increasing presence of “cloud-based” SaaS business solutions that must be integrated
                with on-premise applications will require SaaS Integration Platform (SIPs), ESBs and X-ESBs to
                form coherent and flexible IT portfolios of Integrated Business Solutions.
                -Why, how, and when SaaS will become interwoven in the fabric of IT/business application
                portfolios, as companies create value at the business process layer through “Integrated Business
                -How will SaaS application and infrastructure architecture evolve to support hybrid environments

                Research Highlights:

                -SaaS is already expanding its reach into a variety of business services as traditional BPO providers
                struggle to rationalize their one-to-one outsourcing models, reduce costs and bring greater process
                efficiency to their clients
                -Reducing and managing software costs remain important attractions for SaaS, but users have
                shifted their key SaaS decision criteria to Service Levels, Integration with Data and Workflow, and
                intra- and inter-company collaboration
                -Hybrid application architectures are emerging – SaaS is increasingly linked to on-premise data,
                applications and processes through Web Services-based Integration APIs.
                -SOA, Open Source, Collaboration, Mobility, Mash-ups and Web 2.0 are converging on SaaS
                platforms, providing rich, configurable applications and business value
                -While a few technology “master brands” with established distribution channels will also thrive in
                SaaS markets (e.g., Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft), the real long-term winners will be dominant
                business brands (e.g., telcos, banks, or master brands such as FedEx) that partner with leading SIP
            -The next two years will see exploding growth for ad-supported SaaS initiatives targeting
            consumers (i.e., business services and productivity tools) and vertical-market small business niches
            (e.g., health care patient records).

Contents:   -Introduction: Waves of Change for IT and Business
            -Key Research Highlights, Insights and Strategic Planning Positions Strategic Planning Positions
            (SPPs) SaaS Adoption
            -SaaS Drivers
            -SaaS Solutions
            -SaaS Waves I, II, III
            -SaaS Integration Platforms, Ecosystems, Marketplaces and Business Services
            -Three Waves of SaaS Evolution Wave I: 2001-2006 SaaS 1.0, Cost Effective Software Delivery
            -Wave II: 2005-2010 SaaS 2.0, Integrated Business Solutions
            -Wave III: 2008-2014 SaaS 2.0 and Beyond, Workflow-enabled
            -Business Transformation
            -SaaS in the Mainstream Normalized Acquisitions Practices and Processes
            -SaaS Integration Platforms Layers of the SaaS Integration Stack
            -SaaS Ecosystems and Marketplaces SaaS Ecosystem Types
            -The Shift to Business Services SaaS and BPO
            -Conclusion: More Substantial Change to Come
            -Appendix Saugatuck Research Methodology
            -Survey Demographics

            List of Figures and Sidebars:

            Figure 1: Waves of SaaS Evolution
            Figure 2: Profiling Three Waves of SaaS Evolution
            Figure 3: SaaS Usage Plans - 2006 vs. 2007
            Figure 4: SaaS Application Deployment Plans
            Figure 5: SaaS Usage Plans by Company Size - 2006 vs. 2007
            Figure 6: SaaS Acquisition Practices
            Figure 7: The SaaS Integration Platform Stack
            Sidebar: SOA and SaaS: ESBs and X-ESBs
            Figure 8: The X-ESB: Integrating SaaS with the SOA Enterprise
            Figure 9: Sample Vertical SaaS Ecosystem for Government
            Figure 10: Five Types of SaaS Ecosystems
            Figure 11: SaaS Ecosystems Examples
            Figure 12: Top Business Considerations in SaaS Provider Decisions
            Figure 13: The Business Services Continuum

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