Study Guide – French Revolution – Napoleon by slappypappy121


									    Study Guide – French Revolution – Napoleon
         1) With whom did the Legislative Assembly go to war and why?
        2) What lands were added to the French empire under Napoleon?
                   3) Who did Napoleon appoint to lead Spain?
4) Where was Napoleon finally defeated by British and Prussian forces? Who were
                                     they led by?
                       5) What was the Tennis Court Oath?
  6) Who forced Louis XVI to return to Paris and accept the rule of the National
               7) Why was the Committee of Public safety formed?
               8) Who did Napoleon overthrow in his coup d’etat?
           9) Name the three major parts of Napoleon’s Grand Empire.
    10) What were the two main reasons for the collapse of Napoleon’s empire?
              11) What did the Declaration of the Rights of Man do?
12) Under the new constitution formed by the National Assembly in 1791 who would
                                  make French laws?
          13) Who took political power from the Legislative Assembly?
            14) Who was the head of the Committee of Public Safety?
         15) What was the name of Napoleon’s most important legal code?
          16) Why did the Bourgeoisie accept the return of the Emigres?
                    17) How did the Russians defeat Napoleon?
  18) What was the Bastille, where was it located, what happened to it on July 14,
19) What kind of government did the National Assembly’s new constitution create?
                        20) What was the Reign of Terror?
                   21) Describe Napoleon’s Continental System.
          22) List ways in which Napoleon’s Civil Code was enlightened.
        23) List ways in which Napoleon’s Civil Code was unenlightened.
                          24) Where was Napoleon born?
                              25) Define nationalism.

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