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					NAME _______________ The Virtual Cell Worksheet
1. 1. Centrioles are only found in __________________ cells. They function in cell _____________________. They have _____ groups of _____ arrangement of the protein fibers. Draw a picture of a centriole in the box. 2. Lysosomes are called ______________________ sacks. They are produced by the ________________ body. They consist of a single membrane surrounding powerful _______________ enzymes. Those lumpy brown structures are digestive _____________. They help protect you by __________________ the bacteria that your white blood cells engulf. _______________ act as a clean up crew for the cell. Zoom in and draw what you see. 2. 3. Chloroplasts are the site of ______________________. They consist of a __________ membrane. The stacks of disk like structures are called the ______________. The membranes connecting them are the _________________ membranes. Zoom in and draw a picture. 3. 4. Mitochondrion is the _______________________ of the cell. It is the site of _______________________. It has a ____________________ membrane. The inner membrane is where most _______________ respiration occurs. The inner membranes is __________ with a very large surface area. These ruffles are called ___________. Mitochondria have their own ________ and manufacture some of their own _______________. Draw a picture of the mitochondrion with its membrane cut. 5. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is a series of double membranes that ________ back and forth between the cell membrane and the _______________. These membranes fill the ____________________ but you cannot see them because they are very ___________________. The rough E.R. has __________________________ attached to it. This gives it its texture. These ribosomes manufacture __________________________ for the cell. The ribosomes are the ______________________________ which manufacture proteins. Draw the rough ER with a ribosome. 4. 6. Smooth E.R. ____________ ribosomes. It acts as a __________________________ throughout the cytoplasm. It runs from the cell membrane to the nuclear ________________ and throughout the rest of the cell. It also produces ___________________ for the cell. Draw a picture of the smooth ER. 5. 7. Cell Membrane performs a number of critical functions for the ________. It regulates all that _____________ and leaves the cell; in multicellular organisms it allows _________ recognition. Draw and shade the cell membrane. 6. 8. Nucleus is called the ______________________ of the cell. It is a large __________ spot in eukaryotic cells. It _________________ all cell activity. The nuclear membrane has many ____________________. The thick ropy strands are the _____________________________. The large solid spot is the _____________________. The nucleolus is a spot of __________________ chromatin. It manufactures __________________________. The chromatin is _______________ in its active form. It is a __________________________________ of DNA and histone proteins. It stores the information needed for the manufacture of ____________________. Draw a picture of the nucleus and its nucleolus. 7. Golgi Body is responsible for packaging _________________________ for the cell. Once the proteins are produced by the ______________ E.R., they pass into the _______________ like cisternae that are the main part of the Golgi body. These proteins are then squeezed off into the little _________________ which drift off into the cytoplasm. Draw a picture of the Golgi Body as it expelling a protein. Golgi Body Nucleolus Cell Membrane Smooth ER Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Mitochondrion Chloroplasts Lysosomes Centriole

NAME _______________ Instructions: Answer all of the following questions using the website links on my teacher page. The bolded and underlined headings correspond to the website links you will use for each set of questions.

Concepts in Biology- Cell Structure 1. What cell component do prokaryotes have that helps with movement? 2. Which organelle in an animal cell is a selectively permeable boundary for entry and exit of nutrients and waste? 3. Which plant organelle converts light energy into ATP? 4. Which 4 parts do you NOT use when constructing the plant cell? Cell Size and Scale 1. Which is larger: a molecule of glucose or a ribosome? 2. Which is larger, a red blood cell or a skin cell? Cells Alive 1. Living cells are divided into what 2 types? 2. According to cells alive, which cell parts do plant cells have that animal cells do not? 3. According to cells alive, which cell parts do animal cells have that plant cells do not? 4. Select “How Big” on the left hand side of the page. What 3 things can you see when you magnify the pin 100 times? 5. What must you magnify the pin to before you can see the red blood cell? Inside a Cell 1. Select a mitochondrion. Using __________ and ___________ protein complexes in the inner complex manufacture energy molecules. 2. Select the cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton functions as a system of __________ for the transport of cargo. 3. Select a lysosome. What happens to proteins when they reach the end of their usefulness? 4. Select the cell membrane. What regulates the movement of large molecules through the cell membrane? 5. When you change this to a plant cell, what 3 new cell parts appear?

NAME _______________

Photosynthesis Review 1. Although respiration takes place in plants and animals all the time, photosynthesis takes place when? 2. What did Warburg conclude? 3. What did isolated give off in the absence of Carbon Dioxide? 4. Where does the oxygen given off by plants originate from? 5. What 2 scientists determined the pathway of carbon dioxide fixation? 6. In photosynthesis _________ absorbs light. 7. When are ATP and NADPH made (generated)? 8. What 2 reactions does this involve? 9. Where do these reactions take place? 10. How many total ATP are used during the Calvin Cycle? Photosynthesis Animation (Light Reactions) 1. What is a stack of thylakoids called? 2. What is above photosystem II and Photosystem I? 3. What is below PS II and PS !? 4. What 2 products go on to power the dark reactions (Calvin Cycle or Light Independent reactions)? Review Quiz (show me your score) Score: _______

Review Games -Choose 3 1. 2. 3.

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