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					Accomplishments Server Terminal Release installed  Development / Integration machines o Fcdfora2 - offline o B0dau36 – online  Production machines o Fcdfora1 - offline o B0dau35 – online
 These machines required lots of effort to optimize I/O and disk usage, in addition to planning the necessary space for 2 years. Several stages were implemented to reduce contention.

We have 500G available on the offline production machine and a new disk array and disks that will be installed on B0dau35 getting the online production machine ? space.


Database monitoring-we are using OEM as one of its tools to monitor database activities, primarily space, usage patterns, and uptimes.

 ODS has setup their own in house monitoring tool o new functionality to check the ‘health of the database’ to allow us to deploy the tuned server  New NT server setup with the help of the PC Group o charting several reports regarding space, cpu usage, etc. to the web  Tuning of queries. Concept of "explain plan" initiated.

Backup and recovery
 



Hot backups have been implemented on all databases. Backup recovery plan for production machines utililizes rman. Provisions for tape backups on offlline databases need implementation. 5 day tape backup rotation for online databases, need for monthly tape rotation.

Warehouse  Implemented, installed  Later decommissioned  Later, re-requested Replication  Implemented, and installed  Dbrep has been productized and in KITS  Running successfully Support  24x7 for production CDF machines as of March 2001 Simulation Testing  Collaborated with Igor Gorelov – New Mexico o Planning space
 "reorg of CDF on-line database" for small, medium and large databases

o Tuning during load

Application Collaboration ongoing  Continue to use Designer to design applications and for data modeling. Client Software  Oracle client 8.1.7 for 3 architectures  Perl::DBD::Oracle for 2 architectures

API Coding  Float, integer, byte array support  Code Generation of < , ==, etc operators for comparisons and merges  Docmentation, CDF Notes 5640 & 5641  Bug fixes and user support load high

Issues / Concerns  Refreshes of integration ‘ full vs partial data’ – need to a tool to sample data  Fcdfora1 was not sized to replicate all data. o Need discussion, investigation regarding replicating all the data – many things we can do, not replicate all the tables, warehouse, etc  Application responsibility and continued use of Designer 2000 (Concern regarding several ‘cdf_oracles’ departure)  Remote Site Exports  Implement 30 day tape backup rotation (D0 has a 15 day rotation)  Hand-off of CodeGen

Coming Projects  Need additional simulation 6 months – need additional disk for integration to simulate full 2 years. o Partitioning  Remote Export Project – D. Waters, R. Hughes o Will not be using oracle – have chosen Mysql o Export /import (investigation under process)  Isolation testing - October

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