Constant Cell Disruption System by hcj


									Constant Cell Disruption System

Which pressure for your use ?  900 bar 900 to 1300 bar Up to 1300 bar 1800 to 2200 bar DNA Intracellular protein Inclusion bodies Intramembranar protein

How to use the cell D ? Switch on the cooling machin. Set point @ 4°C. Clean the vessel with the buffer of your sample. Put your sample in the 200 ml reservoir. Advise : Don’t forget to put a lid on the metal beaker. Set the pressure. Set the timer on the maximum and press stop when it’s finished. To collect your sample, a beaker has to be positioned underneath the outlet connection. To start the disrupter, press the green start button on the panel.

How to clean the system ? Wash with NaOH 0.1M, and then with 500 ml of H2O. Use H2O with squeeze bottle. Do not use pasteur pipet ! ! ! Use a pressure of 500 bar. Then start the cycle.

Advise : If you haven’t use the disrupter for a long time, clean the vessel with EtOH 20-30%.

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