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Cell Parts Notes


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									Cell Parts Notes cell wall- (plant cell) provides shape and structure to cell cell membrane- (all cells) chlorophyll- traps light and is used to make energy for the cell chloroplast- (plant cell) contains chlorophyll. Energy created here. cytoplasm- jellylike “goo” inside cell membrane. Surrounds organelles. endoplasmic reticulum- surface for chemical activity; moves things about cell golgi body- stores and releases chemicals lysosome- (animal cells) digestion center mitochondrion- “powerhouse” of cell nucleus- “brain” of the cell nucleolus- spherical body within nucleus chromosomes- contains code which guides all cell activities plastids- stores food and/or contains pigment ribosomes- proteins are made here vacuole- contains water, food, waste, and other dissolved materials large central vacuole- (plant cells) one large vacuole to rule them all

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