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					Makiing Skype Work for You Mak ng Skype Work for You
Whatt iis Skype? Wha s Skype?
Skype is an alternative to telephone calls that allows free Skype-to-Skype calling, free video calling and free instant messaging through the internet. Find out more on

Whatt can II do usiing Skype? Wha can do us ng Skype?
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Audio calls – replace expensive telephone calls with cheaper Skype to Skype calling using a headset. Video call – if both users have a web cam you can replicate a face to face meeting with up to 5 participants. Conference call – with a Skype speakerphone and webcams, you can have free video-style conferencing, where you have a small number of people. Skype @ Instant messaging - Skype Chat can be used to have a dialogue with one or more staff member. Great to Christian running throughout a throw around ideas quickly and also a great tool to use to help keep communicationAid Skype call.

Whatt sortts off meettiings or confferences are Skype bestt ffor? Wha sor s o mee ngs or con erences are Skype bes or?
The advantage of Skype is that it costs only about £25 to equip a user with a headset and a webcam. Skype is best for the following:    Replacing a one-to-one telephone call Holding an informal one-to-one video-style conference A small, informal conference call between up to four people.

How do II sett up a Skype accountt? How do se up a Skype accoun ?
1. Download the software Skype is downloadable freeware but for security reasons you must have it installed by the IS Division. To get Skype installed on your PC or laptop you should complete an IS Request Form. 2. Get a headset 3. Setup an account You login name should be start „CAID-„ followed by your email name, usually your first initial and surname, e.g. CAID-PHumphries. Note it is not case sensitive. 4. Make a test call Click on Tools > Options > Audio Settings o Select make a free test call o After approx a 10 second delay a voice message will prompt you to leave a test message, after the tone. Your recorded message will be played back to you. If the message is clear and at the right volume you may go ahead and use the call facility. A weak password means someone can pretend to be you so choose a strong one (mix of letters, numbers and cases) but remember ISD have no access to reset this if you forget it.

How does Skype work? How does Skype work?
Skype has tutorials to talk through its features. In Skype, click on Help, then Getting Started. You can also see our very own illustrated Skype User Guide.

Where do II gett tthe equiipmentt ffrom tthatt II need tto use Skype? Where do ge he equ pmen rom ha need o use Skype?
You should complete an IS Request Form in order to get Skype installed on your PC or laptop, request a headset, webcam or Skype speakerphone. The ISD support team, on extension 2400, can arrange loans of laptops and web cams. Here is a list of available equipment on loan.

II experiience llotts off probllems usiing Skype.. How can II iimprove tthiis? exper ence o s o prob ems us ng Skype How can mprove h s?
 Set your expectation. Making voice calls over the internet with a VoIP service like Skype is not like using an ISDN phone line. Skype does work, and it is good most of the time, but there can be occasional quality issues depending on who you are trying to talk to and where they may be in the world.

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Close down other programs on your laptop or PC, particularly email. Make sure you do this by going to the menu and selecting File>Exit. If you are downloading from the internet at the same time as making a call this will also have an impact on call quality. If you are using a Laptop make sure you power it form the mains as otherwise it will try and save power by reducing the speed of the processor. Use the test call service to help setup your sound - the contact is “echo123” Skype depends on the internet and sometimes this means it does not work very well – if that happens you will be better off using a normal phone for that meeting Good meeting etiquette is especially important for audio conferences. Try running a Skype chat session alongside the audio call for those random interruptions. Also, if you need to tell people something that needs spelling out (for example an email address or web address) sending it in a chat message means less chance of mistakes. The standard Skype conference is up to you plus four others, on a new dual core PC/ laptop it can be you plus up to nine others. The key phrase here is “up to”, the chances of a good conference are better if you don‟t push it to the maximum. If you experience really poor call quality the best thing is often just to drop the call and start again. Skype routes calls dynamically so the path through the internet for the call you set up now and to the same person a minute later can be different.

IIs Skype secure ffor use by CA sttaffff? s Skype secure or use by CA s a ?
Stay safe on Skype by:  Skype is great but it has its dangers: o Do not accept calls or Chats from unknown sources o Do not click on links in unknown chat sessions o Do not save your chat history o Do not use the file transfer functionality – Better to use “”  There are many options available under >Tools >Options which allow you to setup your preferences for incoming calls. Read more about Skype security on their website

Whatt iis our polliicy on usiing Skype? Wha s our po cy on us ng Skype?
Skype usage policy Note that there are many other products available on the market for internet calls, group chats, video calls and virtual meetings. Christian Aid only officially endorse Skype, having conducted the necessary security and due diligence checked. We encourage staff to only use Skype and the other solutions recommended in the Remote Meetings and Conferencing guides for remote communications.

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