To American Cancer Society

					To: American Cancer Society (ACS) From: American Chinese Medicine Association (ACMA) Re: Suggestion Date: August 14, 2006 Dear American Cancer Society: Recently, American Chinese Medicine Association (ACMA) received a message from a family member of an ACMA cancer patient. The message stated that a little girl had got a terminal cancer, and the American Cancer Society (ACS) was sponsoring her cancer treatment through emails. To help the little girl’s cancer treatment, ACMA posted the message to ACMA patient group. Afterwards, one ACMA patient pointed out that the situation might not be true. ACMA contacted ACS about this issue and was confirmed that the situation was unreal. This incident was published at your website: MED Similar to American Cancer Society, ACMA is also at the forefront in fighting cancers. ACMA treats many cancer patients by means of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM). We understand that the cancer treatment is a very serious issue. It is also very emotional because it relates to life and death. Therefore, ACMA deems that above incident is not to the best interests of cancer patients, ACS, and cancer treatments. In order to prevent above incident from happening, ACMA deems that ACS should take necessary actions to stop the unauthorized use of ACS name. This will protect ACS, cancer patients, the public, and will help the final conquering of cancer. Thank you. Sincerely, American Chinese Medicine Association (ACMA)

Lingjuan Ma Lingjuan Ma