Provides basic bedside care to sick, injured, disabled and

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					                                        Supervised hospital work in surgi-
Provides basic bedside care to sick,
injured, disabled and elderly pa-       cal, medical, pediatric, obstetric,
                                        geriatric settings, included in all
tients at the direction of physicians
and/or registered nurses in many        approved training programs. Ad-
                                        vanced certifications are available
health care settings.
                                        in some areas such as long term.

                                        Assisting/Providing Physical Care
                                                                              •   Hospital
                                         Coordinating Work With Others        •   Nursing Home
                                                                              •   Clinic
                                              Operating Equipment             •   HMO
                                                                              •   Physicians' office
                                              Using Tools/Measuring
                                                                              •   Public Health agency
                                                                              •   Long Term Care Facility
Beginning: $25,000-$30,000                      Follow Instructions
                                                                              •   Home Health Agency
Average:    $30,000-$45,000              Explaining/Answering Questions       •   School
                                                                              •   Correctional Institution
Top:        $50,000                                                               Pharmaceutical Company
                                                 Keeping Records              •
                                                                              •   Medical Supply Company
                                        Gathering Information/Conducting      •   Mental Health Facility
                                                     Research                 •   Red Cross
                                                                              •   Military
                                                Attention To Detail

                                                  Quick Thinking

                                            Managing Time/Resources
                                               Office of Career Services Staff               Gadsden State
                                                                                             community college
                                                   Dr. Cheryl Cephus-Vickers
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)                           256-549-8606
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)                                                                   What can I
                                                  Career Resource Specialist                      do with
                                                                                                  my major?
            Charge Nurse                                 Jill Heishman

                                                 Clerk/Cooperative Education
                                                        Baisha Woody

                                              Cooperative Education Coordinator
                                                        Tricia Womack

                                                                                         Certificate Program

                                                                                        Licensed Practical

                                                   The Office of Career Services
                                           East Broad Campus, Administration Building
                                                       Gadsden, AL 35902
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