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					          Marketing Ideas for Workshop Promotion

Best results have come from these 4 methods:
   Chamber blast/broadcast faxes to all members ( Recommend two times)
   Blast e-mails to entire membership list (Recommend two times) Alternate 4
     weeks with first week fax, second week e-mail, third week fax, fourth week e-
    Direct mail flyer/brochure/postcard to members (Recommend only one)
    Personal phone calls to larger employers & past attendees – this works real well!
    Best results for all of above come from 1-4 weeks in advance of date

Other methods used by chambers in the past:
      Chamber newsletter articles and/or inserts
      Partnering with other area chambers
      News releases by print, radio and television
      Get Board Members commitments for support
      Post information on web-site
      Announcements at meetings and chamber events
      Use of media co-sponsor(s) or other organizations that will co-sponsor
      Sponsors for food or beverages provided
      Interviews with radio, television and newspaper.

NOT recommended: Buying advertisements such as radio, tv, newspaper.
Consistently this has not been successful.

If you don’t feel you are getting good enough results: Call Joe (two weeks
in advance of workshop date) and we will be happy to supplement your
efforts by doing some additional marketing from our office (at no expense
to you!)

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