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Superior Galvanized Wire Rack Decking Products


									Superior Galvanized Wire Rack Decking Products
Compare GALVA-DECK Galvanized Rack Decking with ordinary, painted decking and the benefits are clear. Painted decking chips scratches and corrodes with time causing an unsightly appearance and increasing friction, while GALVA-DECK retains its appearance, surface integrity and your investment. GALVA-DECK The Competition

Bulk Storage
J&L wire decks for bulk storage are designed with waterfalls in the front and rear for safety when hand loading. These waterfalls prevent clothing from catching and injury to hands and forearms. Our lightweight storage decks are designed to fit on 5/8" step beams. These decks are produced with 3-4 wires running front to back on the underside of the deck providing added support.

Bulk Storage

Light Weight Bulk Storage


Inverted Channels

J&L's hanging dividers can be made to run front to back and left to right. These racks are designed to hook easily onto decks above.

Inverted channels are available for step and box beams to be used in clean areas. Our inverted channels will not fill with dust, dirt or any other particles, keeping your storage area cleaner.

Standard Wire Decking
J&L's standard wire rack decking comes in 2"X4" 4 gauge galvanized wire. Heavier wire is also available. Our channels are sturdy 14 gauge galvanized steel. All wire decks are made to your depth, width and load specifications. All of our wire deck capacities are based on evenly distributed loads.

Box Beam

Step Beam

ORDER FORM Please enter the following information: (see below for style and sizing help) 1. Style of beam on your racks: ___STEP ___INSIDE WATERFALL ___BOX ___OTHER _____________


2. Name of Rack Manufacturer _______________________ And Beam Part Number _______________________ 3. Capacity Rating of your rack (per pair of _______________________ beams): (Or indicate total distribution load of entire _______________________ rack): Note: Decking capacity is based on even load distribution, including use of rack beams for support. 4. Rack beam length between vertical uprights: _______________________ 5. Using diagrams below of beam styles, determine your dimensions: A = ______ Front toBack B = _______ Inside C = ________ ......Top of Beam D = ___________ .......Step Depth

Adams Inc. will not be held responsible for decks ordered incorrectly. Specifications Authorized by: _________________________________

Step Beam Style

Box Beam Style

Inside Waterfall Style

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