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                                      Job Description

Job title               :       Chief Operating Officer

Reports to              :       CEO

Responsible for         :       Regional Directors
                                Marketing & Business Development Manager
                                Contact Centre Manager
                                Client Services Manager

Department              :       Operations


To provide operational leadership of all Regions and the Contact Centre to ensure the
delivery of national and local targets. To provide effective management to ensure high quality
client-centred care is achieved within the revenues provided.

To contribute to the development and delivery of the wider organisation agenda and the
development and implementation of a strategic vision.


    1. Ensure that bpas adheres to national policy and practice in all of the postholder’s key
       areas of responsibility.

    2. Take corporate responsibility for the management of bpas operations, ensuring the
       delivery of efficient and effective services across bpas.

    3. Ensure client services are delivered against plan, meeting all national targets, and
       within the available financial resources.

    4. Develop and maintain effective and timely performance management systems for the
       full range of activities.

    5. Lead the continued development and implementation of service redesign and
       improvement, ensuring that bpas remains at the forefront of service delivery and
       implementing clinical service innovation in collaboration with the Clinical Department.

    6. Develop a comprehensive approach to business continuity management and
       resilience management across the full range of activities, ensuring bpas remains able
       to provide services at all times.

    7. Establish and maintain excellent internal and external relationships, ensuring effective
       communication of objectives and plans whilst supporting an active agenda of clinician
       engagement and client involvement.

    8. Identify, analyse and where appropriate, implement opportunities for Business
       Development to increase the volume of bpas activity and improve bpas’ financial

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         1. Take responsibility with other Directors for the quality of service and care
            provided to clients, the strategic direction of bpas, the delivery of
            performance and the financial targets.
         2. Contribute to the corporate development of bpas through the leadership of
            key areas of work agreed with bpas Board.
         3. Provide professional leadership for managerial staff.
         4. Support the Chief Executive in the day-to-day management of bpas, and its
            relationships with external bodies.
         5. Act as the Registered Person for bpas as required by regulators.

         1. Take strategic responsibility for implementation of the operational strategy, as
             well as ensuring the day-to-day delivery of services at bpas units and the
             Contact Centre.
         2. Manage the delivery of services across all of bpas’ geographical locations.
         3. Ensure predictive operational management is in place, to anticipate and to
             manage both opportunities and problems in service delivery.
         4. To participate in the identification and management of risk to the
         5. Deliver all of the mandated operational targets in service delivery within the
             agreed resources, and in line with the agreed annual business plan.
         6. Co-ordinate Regional contributions to the annual business planning process,
             ensuring realistic and achievable plans are developed to support bpas
         7. Make and foster connections between Regions to enhance lateral working
             and care pathway approaches.
         8. Act as a change agent within operational services, particularly in relation to
             service modernisation.
         9. Through working with other managers and the Client Support function ensure
             a high standard of client care is achieved.
         10. Take a strategic role in the negotiation and management of service level
             agreements/contracts with PCTs, Trusts and discussions with Strategic
             Health Authorities.
         11. Working with the Medical Director and Director of Nursing, ensure that within
             each Region, effective systems and processes are established to enable the
             delivery of the clinical governance agenda.

         1. To work in collaboration with the Clinical Department to shape a culture of
            change, innovation and modernisation.
         2. Promote a positive change management and clinical transformation culture
            across bpas.
         3. Establish and implement a comprehensive reporting system on service
            redesign issues which provides assurance to the Board that the strategy
            implementation is in control.

        1. Maintain effective communications with other Directors and Managers in
           order to ensure a corporate approach to the delivery of operations.
        2. Develop excellent relationships with other stakeholders, including GPs,
           health organisations, interest groups, patient reference groups and
        3. To be an active participant in bpas Board, Executive Board and Regional

                                                                                     Job Ref:

        1. To develop, with the CEO, and implement an effective strategy to increase
           the volume of bpas activity.
        2. To provide a strategic lead to the marketing and business development
           functions within bpas.
        3. To identify opportunities and constraints to business and ensure the CEO is
           appraised of these.

        1. To maintain the professional image of bpas at all times when engaged in
           bpas business.
        2. To treat all information as confidential and adhere to the obligations of the
           Data Protection Act.
          3.   Comply with the policies of the organisation including bpas health & safety.
          4.   To have an understanding of and commitment to the prevention and control
               of infection.
          5.   To demonstrate personal commitment and contribution to effective teamwork
               across the full range of bpas activities including the maintenance of effective
               liaison with internal and external key people and organisations.
          6.   To be committed to equality of opportunity and valuing diversity and ensure
               this is integrated into all activity.
          7.   To actively and continuously review all work related activities and suggest
               areas for improvement.
          8.   To undertake any other tasks which are commensurate with the level and
               responsibilities of the post.

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