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									St. Mary’s County Public Schools

Science                            “There is a growing
                                   concern that the United

                                   States is not preparing
                                   a sufficient number of
                                   students, teachers, and
                                   practitioners in the areas

                                   of science, technology,
                                   engineering, and

                                   When compared to
                                   other nations, the math
                                   and science achievement
                                   of U.S. pupils and the

     Academies                     rate of STEM attainment
                                   appear inconsistent with
                                   a nation considered the
                                   world leader in scientific
                                   - Congressional Research Service
                                     Report for Congress, May 2006
    As the world around us shrinks and competition for high paying, highly technical jobs no longer exists solely
    within our nation’s boundaries, we must shift our past educational practices and seek a new paradigm for
    preparing our future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. To this end, the St. Mary’s County Public
    School System has developed a rigorous and unique program of study emphasizing the core areas of
    mathematics and science with an infusion of technology and engineering. This STEM program is offered
    to all SMCPS students and housed at three schools: Lexington Park Elementary School, Spring Ridge Middle
    School, and Great Mills High School. The proximity of these three schools to the Patuxent River Naval Air
    Station and the Technology Corridor make them ideal sites.

What are the STEM guiding principles?
Rigor                                                                           Understanding
»     Extensive laboratory                                                       »   Emphasis on critical and
      experiences using the most                                                     creative thinking in all
      contemporary technologies for                                                  academic coursework
      scientific inquiry, mathematical                                           »   Interdisciplinary approach to
      calculation, and engineering                                                   curriculum, stressing complete
      design and problem-solving                                                     understanding of systems
»     Exposure to numerous
      and diverse technological
      applications including:
      computers, simulation                                                      »   Culminating projects done
      software, digital imaging,                                                     cooperatively and individually to
      data acquisition, sensors,                                                     demonstrate and apply learned
      diagnostic, and other                                                          concepts
      peripheral devices                                                         »   Highly focused academic
                                                                                     and career counseling to
Relevance                                                                            help facilitate transition to
                                                                                     higher education and careers
»     Curricula that integrates                                                      in science, technology,
      analytical reading and                                                         engineering, and mathematics
      technical writing skill                                                    »   An environment of intellectual
      development                                                                    and technical exchange with
»     Intensive communication                                                        local business and industry
      assignments designed to                                                        mentors to promote awareness
      refine verbal and visual                                                       and interest in diverse careers in
      communication abilities                                                        science and engineering
»     Participation in nationally
      recognized academic and
      engineering competitions

What criteria determines eligibility?
        •	   Maryland State Assessment (MSA) scores               •	 Grade Point Average
        •	   Percentile Ranking on MSA / HSA                      •	 Participation in competitions and fairs
        •	   OLSAT SAI Score (Elementary)                         •	 Application Constructed Response
        •	   High School Assessments (Middle/High)

     * For students entering Maryland for the first time, other nationally normed assessment data may be
       considered for entrance in the STEM Academy.
What do the STEM Academies look like?
                                                                                       The Great Mills High School STEM
                                                                                       Academy offers unique courses in
                                                                                       science, technology, engineering,
                                                                                       and mathematics, giving students
                                                                                       extraordinary knowledge and
                                                                                       skills, as well as career exploration
                                                                                       in numerous science and
                                         Middle                                        engineering pathways. The
                                                                                       curriculum includes dedicated
                                                                                       research classes founded upon
                                               The Spring Ridge Middle School          the application of mastered
                                               STEM Academy offers tailored            material, integrated contemporary
                                               mathematics, science, and               technologies, and extensive
Elementary                                     technology courses taught by            problem-solving experience.
                                               interdisciplinary teacher teams. The    Advanced Placement courses are
 The Lexington Park Elementary                 courses are designed to deepen          incorporated as well.
 School STEM Academy serves fourth             understanding of STEM learning
 and fifth grade students with teamed          by exposing students to the most
 teachers offering comprehensive               current trends in technology,
 coursework focused upon the                   engineering, and science.
 interrelation of science, engineering,
 and mathematics. The fifth grade year                                                       Culminating Senior
 will include students participating                                                         Project will identify a unique
 in Star Base Atlantis offered at the                                                        problem to study during a
 Patuxent Rver Naval Air Station                                                             comprehensive mentorship
                                                                           Sch gh

                                                                                             with a local science or

 through the Department of Defense.

                                                                                             engineering professional.

                                                                                             Successful completion of
                                                                                             this program includes 100
                                                                                             hours of independent work,

 How will students                                                                           a multimedia presentation,
                                                                                             a written summation, and
                                                                                             presentation in a symposium
 be assessed?                                                                                format
                                                               Sch dle

 Students in the STEM Academy will be

 challenged at all levels to demonstrate                                    Individual Multimedia Presentation

 mastery of concepts by applying them to                                    of STEM Junior Research Project with an
 real-world settings. Each academy will                                     emphasis on deep understanding and
 have a culminating CAPSTONE project                                        application of learning
 that focuses on an approved problem
 that integrates mathematics, science, and
 technology as part of the solution. In the
 elementary grades, the focus will be on
                                                       oo ry

 working cooperatively to find solutions.
                                                    Sch nta

 In middle school, the focus will be on                            Group Multimedia Presentation of STEM

 developing each student’s specific talents.                       Problem-Solving Activity demonstrating awareness
 In high school, they will take these skills                       and understanding

 and apply them to the real world through
 industry internships.
What is the application process and timeline?
 Students wishing to enroll in the program will complete an on-line application packet and submit this to the SMCPS
 Department of Curriculum and Instruction by March 20, 2009.

 Each application will be reviewed by an admissions team comprised of educators, administrators, and foundation
 members who will, in turn, make recommendations to the academy for accepting members into the program.

 At the secondary level, candidates will be evaluated based on their past academic performance, dedication to
 advanced learning, and their desire to pursue STEM careers.

Other key features of the STEM Consortium
                                                                 project or other research conducted in required or
   A key feature of the STEM Academy program is the
                                                                 elective courses. In many cases, students will strive
   involvement of local business and industry individuals
                                                                 to identify summer internship experiences that
   from science, mathematics, and engineering career
                                                                 offer authentic work in science, mathematics, or
   fields. As a mentor, you will assist a student with
                                                                 engineering. This approach will help maintain a strong
   coursework offering academic and technical expertise
                                                                 career focus aligned with academic studies.
   as appropriate, and provide direction for specific
   senior project work.

   Mentors may also provide access to their workplace       Pledges
   and other sites within their industry or business.
   Mentors will also visit classrooms and present                Local business and industry support is essential to the
   on selected topics in mathematics, science, and               success of this dynamic and challenging instructional
   engineering to enhance the instructional program.             program for our most advanced students. A
                                                                 foundation has been formed for those wishing to give
                                                                 direct monetary support to the consortium.
Internships                                                      In some cases, individuals or business partners may
                                                                 prefer to purchase or donate specific equipment or
   Local business and industry representatives may               supplies for the many advanced level courses offered
   also offer paid or non-paid internship experiences            in this initiative. This is greatly appreciated and can be
   for seniors and juniors based on student interest             coordinated with the STEM coordinator.
   and aligned with career pathways in mathematics,
   science, and engineering. These experiences will be
   coordinated by the school system and appropriate
   businesses.                                                            Foundation
                                                                          A 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation will
   Every effort will be made to link the internship with                  provide a vehicle for community members
   the particular work addressed by the student’s senior                  and business partners to donate funds to
                                                                          support the goals of the STEM initiative.

     Advisory Committee
     An Advisory Committee, comprised of
     community partners, parents, and school system
     personnel, will provide ongoing counsel to the                       Board of Education of St. Mary’s County
     STEM Consortium leadership.                                                 Mr. William Mattingly, Chairman
                                                                                 Mrs. Cathy Allen, Vice Chairman
                                                                                  Mrs. Marilyn Crosby, Member
                                                                                  Dr. Salvatore Raspa, Member
   For more information, please contact                                        Mrs. Mary M. Washington, Member
   Dr. Linda Musial, STEM Coordinator                                         Ms. Kate Rocheteau, Student Member
   301.475.5511 ext. 126                                                   Dr. Michael J. Martirano, Secretary-Treasurer

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