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									                     SPRUCE LODGE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                                ANNUAL MEETING
                                SEPTEMBER 1, 2008

       The Spruce Lodge Condominium Association Annual Meeting was called to order by Heidi
       Barringer at 8:15 a.m. in the Spruce Lodge Conference Room.

       Board members present were:
             Heidi Barringer, President, #398
             Leslie Ranniger, #292
             Don Ferro, #296

       Owners present or participating by teleconference were:
             Kelly Keefer, #196 via teleconference        Michael Tombolato, #292
             Mike Knapp, #491                             Vivian Bouzarelos, #192
             James & Nadine Schmoyer, #393                Curt Hodgson, #293
             Tom Meagher, #399                            Bud & Fran Sittig, #194

       A quorum of 41.5% represented in person or by proxy was confirmed.

       Representing Copper Property Management were Scott Hershey, Jason Manry, Laura
       Hunter –Brubaker and Shedd Webster. Emma Stanbro of Summit Management Resources
       was recording secretary.

       Heidi Barringer noted that efforts should be continued to collect the email addresses for all
       the owners to effectively communicate Association information. All information should
       continue to be posted on the Association’s website and sent via regular mail to owners who
       have not provided an email address. A discussion followed regarding the importance of
       making it clear that emails from the Association are important and not junk mail. Heidi
       Barringer made a motion that all future communication via email contains the words
       “Official” and “Spruce Lodge” in the subject line. The motion was seconded by Don Ferro
       and carried.

       A motion was made to approve the September 3, 2007 Annual Meeting minutes as
       presented. The motion was seconded by Leslie Ranniger and carried. It was requested that
       minutes from meetings be distributed to the homeowners within thirty days of the meeting.

       Heidi Barringer reported that a letter was recently sent to the homeowners regarding projects
       and issues that the Board has been working on. The Board was thanked for the letter. Heidi
       summarized the issues.
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 2 of 8

       There have been several frustrating issues that the Board has been dealing with. The Board
       had been unaware that Randy Sonley had moved from Colorado at the end of last season,
       and had not been replaced until recently. The Board has been disappointed with Copper
       Property Management for not having an on-site employee to address issues immediately.
       Copper has recently assigned the Association a new management team which has somewhat
       improved the service.

       The Ving lock is still not working on the elevator. Despite the fact that this has been
       designated as a priority for at least a year, it has never been operable.

       The door on Unit 198 was not installed correctly and has not been fixed. There are also
       some other unresolved issues with other doors. This project was paid for a year ago. The
       approved security improvements which included adding a key access lock system to the
       elevator also has not been finished. Scott Hershey noted that there is going to be a
       resortwide upgrade to the lock system in October and parts that are needed for the elevator
       lock will be installed at that time.

       The Board had designated replacement of the hot tub as its highest priority project for the
       off season, and Randy Sonley had been directed to move forward to obtain bids for several
       replacement options; however, nothing was done after Randy left. The hot tub deck is
       completely deteriorated and there are major issues with the spa shell. Replacement of the
       shell will require removing walls and doors. The Board is looking at options that include
       installing a new spa with the decking included as part of the unit. Scott Hershey noted that
       there are other decking products available and it is not necessary to use wood.

       Gary Rodgers visited the meeting and opened the floor for owner comments and questions.
       It was noted that Copper Mountain has just received approval for a major PUD amendment
       which focuses on items such as redistribution of density, parking, transportation and
       employee housing.
       Leslie Ranniger asked if the development of a hotel had been approved and how parking
       would be affected. Gary Rodgers replied that the density for a hotel is included in the plan
       and there will not be any immediate changes to parking. Part of the overall plan, which will
       be phased in gradually, will involve a new bus drop off portal by Passage Point.

       Leslie Ranniger asked if there were plans to increase and improve the commercial aspect of
       the Resort. Gary Rodgers responded that it was one of his priorities.

       Curt Hodgson asked if the fence on the ski slope behind the building could be placed so that
       it still allows Spruce Lodge Homeowners ski out access from the back door. It was noted
       that sometimes there is access, then the fence is moved and the pathway is lost. Gary stated
       that he did not know the purpose of the fence but he would talk to Mountain Operations to
       see what could be done to keep a route open. It was also noted that there is a hazardous icy
       slope that builds up on the area of snow that leads back to the building.
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 3 of 8

       A homeowner asked if there were any new restaurants coming into the Village. Gary
       Rodgers replied that there were no restaurant changes planned for this year.

       Gary was asked if there were any new lifts planned for the near future. He responded that
       one of the highest priorities is to install high speed lifts and increase the capacity out of
       Union Creek but there are no specific plans at this time.

       Nadine Schmoyer stated that she felt an alienation from Copper management toward owners
       who do not rent their units through Copper Property Management. She felt that owners are
       penalized in many ways including fewer discounts, frequent problems with keys and
       accessing the units and exclusive telephone numbers for Copper Mountain rental owners.
       Heidi Barringer noted that non-rental units also experience the same problems. It was
       generally agreed that it is confusing and difficult to know who to call for what. Laura
       Hunter-Brubaker, who is the Lodging Services Director for Copper, stated that there is a
       Homeowner Office in the Mountain Plaza Building and there are two phone numbers for
       homeowners. She noted that her Assistant, Courtney, is available to talk to owners about
       any subject from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Courtney’s phone number
       is (970) 968-2318 ext. 38863. After hours calls should be directed to the Front Desk. Laura
       will ensure the Front Desk staff members are better trained to answer homeowner questions.
       Issues regarding the building or units should be addressed to Jason or Scott they can be
       reached at (970) 471-5984 and (970) 471-1643 respectively.

       Several owners expressed their frustration with keys that do not work, the difficulty in
       reaching Security for access and the charges for this service. Laura responded again that she
       would talk to her Front Desk staff about how to properly route calls and help homeowners.
       Owners should not be charged for Security help when keys do not operate. Owners who
       receive an erroneous charge should contact Scott Hershey.

       Discussion followed regarding the number of hours Jason Manry, the Property Manager,
       spends per day working for the Spruce Lodge Association. Jason replied that his time is
       split between Spruce Lodge and Tucker Mountain Inn with 60% allocated to Spruce Lodge.
       He estimated that he spends approximately five hours per day working for the Association.
       The Board asked to be provided with a breakdown of how the hours are spent. Shedd
       Webster and Scott Hershey agreed to compile this information for the Board.

       It was noted the Association has a shortage of parking. Originally the Spruce Lodge
       Association had been allocated six overflow parking spots in the B Lot. Approximately
       three years ago and concurrent with the employee housing units being sold, the Association
       lost the ability to park in this lot for some reason that was never clear or explained. The
       Board would like to know how to reclaim these parking spots. Gary Rodgers replied that he
       was not familiar with the circumstances and asked Laura Hunter-Brubaker to look into this
       issue and report back to the Board. Scott Hershey noted that the B Lot is a separate
       Association not controlled by Copper Mountain. The Resort rents the upper part of the
       building structure from the Association. Scott suggested that a Board member attend the B
       Lot Association meeting which will be held later in the day and address their concerns to
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 4 of 8

       that Board. Heidi Barringer stated that the Spruce Lodge Association feels that it is Copper
       Mountain’s responsibility to allocate the six spaces out of the upper lot that they rent.

       Gary Rodgers left the meeting and discussion continued on parking issues. There is a
       shortage of premium garage parking spaces. The Board has asked management to be very
       proactive in policing illegal parking. Cars occupying outside spaces that do not display a
       parking pass should be towed with no warning. It is not possible to tow cars in the garage
       due to the lack of room for the tow truck to maneuver. Curt Hodgson stated that he did not
       think that the commercial Unit 1A (which is currently used by Copper Mountain Risk
       Management staff) should be allowed any parking spots. Laura Hunter-Brubaker suggested
       reviewing the Associations Declarations and Bylaws for clarification on parking allocations
       for the units.

       Curt Hodgson made a motion that the commercial Unit 1A on the first floor, subject to any
       contractual obligations, should not have a parking permit to park in any indoor or outdoor
       Spruce Lodge parking spaces. The motion was seconded by Leslie Ranniger and carried.

       Curt Hodgson made a motion that all unauthorized vehicles be towed from any Spruce
       Lodge designated space or booted on a year round basis and all legal requirements to do so
       be instituted. The motion was seconded and carried.

       Curt Hodgson stated that he thought that parking in the garage should be limited to one car
       per unit, including locks offs. After some discussion it was agreed that this item should be
       tabled for the time being and discussed later in the meeting.

       There are several lockable storage units in the building. There are six storage rooms in the
       garage and several throughout the interior of the building. Some of the units in the garage
       are rented to homeowners for a rental fee of $50/month and Property Management is using
       number 4 for Association storage. It seems that storage areas 2 and 5 belong to the
       penthouse units but it is not clear if this is a deeded arrangement. James and Nadine
       Schmoyer clarified that they were using and paying the monthly rent for storage room 6.
       Shedd Webster reviewed the Association’s Declarations and Bylaws and established that
       storage rooms 2 and 5 do not officially belong to the penthouses.

       Two of the inside units on the first floor are being used by Property Management. The
       space on the fourth floor has been earmarked as a potential area for expansion of the laundry
       room. The Board has been looking at installing an additional washer and dryer in this area.
       To make this possible in the existing space the vending machine will have to be removed. If
       it is possible to expand into the adjacent storage space then the removal of the vending
       machine will not be necessary.

       The overall intent is to rent out as many of the spaces as possible to homeowners for storage
       purposes. There are rooms on the second and third floor that could be available and
       Property Management has been asked to consolidate their items to free up another room on
       the first floor. Discussion followed on how to fairly offer the spaces to homeowners and
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 5 of 8

       appropriate rent charges. The size of the storage areas vary but are believed to average four
       by eight feet. Curt Hodgson suggested charging $15/sq.ft. for exterior areas and $30/sq.ft.
       for interior areas. It was suggested that the owners should be polled to see who would be
       interested and if there is an over subscription then the spaces should be assigned via a
       lottery. An annual lease with a one time option to renew was also discussed. It was agreed
       that this item should be posted on the website and owners given two weeks to respond.

       It was noted that some of the areas contain miscellaneous items of unknown ownership and
       there are still some access issues with some of the areas. It was agreed that a notice should
       be sent to the homeowners asking them to remove items stored in these spaces within a
       certain time period otherwise they will be removed by the Association. Leslie Ranniger will
       look into the process to start a Statutory Notice of Election Demand to allow the Association
       to officially evict any occupants.

       After further discussion, Curt Hodgson made a motion that subject to any deeded access to
       the contrary, the six storage units downstairs be rented for $600/year; anybody who is
       currently occupying the areas should be offered the first opportunity to continue renting the
       space and will have a one time option to renew the lease for another year, and that the
       interior storage units be offered at a rate of $30/sq.ft./year with the same terms, and if
       interest for available units is over subscribed then the assignment of the units should be
       determined by a lottery system. The motion was seconded by Leslie Ranniger.

       Discussion followed regarding the use of the storage unit number 4 by Property
       Management for Association equipment. It was agreed that Property Management should be
       allowed to continue to use the area at no charge and the motion was amended accordingly.
       A vote was taken and the motion carried as amended.

       Heidi Barringer reported that she had attended the POLA Meeting, which is the equivalent
       of a city council. She reported that the meeting was very informative and covered issues
       such as the possibility of incorporating Copper and tightening of the rule that employee
       deeded units can only be occupied by the owner or rented to another employee.


       A.      Financial Update
               The Association’s combined budget at the end of 2007 was $21,000 better than
               budget due to savings on gas and additional income. As of June 30, 2008 the
               combined budget was over budget by $2,435 primarily due to ceiling/wall repairs
               and HVAC preventative maintenance.

       B.      Projects
               1.     Unit Front Doors - The front doors have been inspected to determine which
                      ones need to be adjusted. Units 193, 399, 397, 392 are the worst. Units 398,
                      198 and 395 were added to the list.
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 6 of 8

               2.      Window Screens - The window screens need to be adjusted after the window
                       washing. Overall the screens do not fit the windows very well. Jason Manry
                       is working on this item.
               3.      Expansion of Washer/Dryer Room - Hookups and an additional drain need to
                       be installed and this project may involve expansion into the adjacent storage
               4.      Bulk Gas Purchase - The Board has approved the Association’s participation
                       in the Resort’s bulk rate gas purchase program. Gas prices are projected to
                       be significantly higher than last year.
               5.      Risk Management Space - The Board had been looking into the possibility
                       and legalities of using the commercial space which is currently utilized by
                       Copper Risk Management staff. Shedd Webster reported that the space is
                       owned by Copper Mountain and has its own taxable value.
               6.      Ving Lock System - The installation of the Ving lock system on the elevator
                       has not been completed. Parts for this work are scheduled to be delivered in
               7.      Painting Projects - One bid has been received for painting the common area
                       walls and Scott Hershey is trying to obtain others. The Board has requested
                       that the bids been broken down into an hourly rate. It was suggested that
                       better specifications of the work might be needed. Bids have also been
                       requested for carpet.
               8.      Energy Efficiency Programs - Energy saving ideas have been specially
                       prepared for the Association in the form of a booklet which has been
                       forwarded to the Board for review. Energy efficient bulbs and light sensors
                       have been installed in the common areas. The hallway heat has been turned

       C.      Reserve Fund
               The 2007 year-end Reserve Fund balance was $83,000. The current balance of the
               Reserve Fund as of June 30, 2008 was $114,447. The year-end projected balance of
               the Reserve Fund is $123,133.

       Leslie Ranniger requested reimbursement of $398.96 for hosting cost of the Association’s
       website. The request was approved and a motion was made that any future hard costs
       associated with the running and maintenance of the website be paid by the Association. The
       motion was seconded and carried.

       In the past the Board has been dissatisfied with Copper Property Management and has been
       investigating other management company possibilities. After some inquiries it appears that
       anyone who would be interested in managing the property would require a unit to live in.
       Therefore, the Board is interested in having a first right of refusal on any unit that becomes
       available for either sale or rent. Approximately $44,000 per year is paid in management fees
       to Copper. It was estimated that studio units can command a monthly rent of $800 - $1,000.
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 7 of 8

       The subject of changing the use of the Conference Room, which is a common element, was
       discussed. The room was changed to a Conference Room several years ago in an attempt to
       attract more rental business but has received very little use. A proposal has been received
       from Curt Hodgson to transform the Conference Room into a ski locker/recreation room
       with access through the back door to and from the mountain. The proposal states that if the
       cost of this project exceeds $65,000, Curt would pay the difference. As an alternative, Curt
       would also be willing to rent the entire space from the Association at the cost of $20,000 per

       Heidi Barringer stated that the Board had not taken any action on the proposal because the
       members felt that it would be necessary to expend some funds to complete a feasibility study
       and wanted approval and feedback from the membership before proceeding.

       After some discussion, Leslie Ranniger made a motion to adopt a goal to pursue a
       combination locker room/gathering place with direct access to the mountain. The motion
       was seconded by Curt Hodgson. In discussion, Kelly Keefer stated that there were some
       concerns from the owners on the first floor regarding egress and increased traffic and noise
       in the hallway. Other issues such as long term maintenance and security were noted. It was
       suggested the room be made available to owners only and that separate access to the hot tub
       be provided. It was noted that a change of use would require a 51% majority vote in favor
       of owners present once a quorum is has been met. It was suggested that some research be
       completed and proposals developed to present to the owners in a Special Meeting. A vote
       was called and the motion failed

       Discussion followed on returning the room back to a lounge/recreation facility. Leslie
       Ranniger made a motion that the conference table be removed and replaced with a
       recreational game table, couch, television and wireless internet. These improvements would
       be paid for out of the Reserves Fund up to $15,000. Heidi Barringer seconded the motion.
       In discussion, a homeowner noted that there has been a long history of resistance to
       changing the room back and there does not seem to be much long term potential. A vote
       was called and the motion failed.

       Curt Hodgson made a motion to adopt a goal to convert the conference space into a
       residential unit and to move the hot tub to another common area such as the second or fourth
       floor roof. The motion was seconded by Kelly Keefer. Discussion followed and it was
       generally agreed that something needs to be done to either upgrade the existing hot tub or
       look into other alternatives such as a new location. A vote was taken and the motion failed.

       A motion was made to spend up to $4,000 on an engineering feasibility study to look at
       outdoor hot tub options. The motion was seconded and carried.

       Curt Hodgson made a motion to issue one underground parking pass per kitchen for the ski
       season. The motion failed for lack of a second.
Spruce Lodge Condominium Association
Annual Meeting
9/3/07 Page 8 of 8

       Shedd Webster noted that after review of the Association’s Declarations and Bylaws, it did
       not appear that parking privileges could be legally taken away from the users of the
       commercial unit.

       Bud Sittig made a motion that future meetings be run and conducted in accordance with
       Robert’s Rules of Order as suggested by the Bylaws and that Board members come to the
       meetings prepared to follow these rules. Failure to do so would result in the responsibility
       for running of the meeting being turned over to the management company. The motion was
       seconded. In discussion, Bud stated that he was frustrated with the disorganization of the
       meeting and lack of procedures and this had been the case for the last few meetings. A vote
       was taken and the motion failed. The Board agreed, however, to review Robert’s Rules of

      Heidi Barringer’s term expired this year. Terms are three years and all Officers rotate
      positions every year. Heidi indicated that she would like to be considered for another term.
      There were no other nominations. Leslie Ranniger made a motion to elect Heidi Barringer.
      The motion was seconded by Curt Hodgson and carried.

       A motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 12:15 a.m. The motion carried.

Approved By: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________
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