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									   River Run Condominium Association, Inc.
                       Board of Directors
                    Minutes of June 26, 2006

Dean Heyne, President, called meeting to order at 7:30pm.

      Dean Heyne

      Richard Alsina

      Edith Puyans

      Eddie Gonzalez

      John Hacker

      Ann Stetser

Board Members Not Present

      Mark Lewis

      Ernest Abreu, M & E Associates, Miami

      Marilyn Caballero, M & E Associates, Miami

      Chris Rayborn, Unit 805

      Gus Puyans, Unit 1006

      Robert Whelan, Unit 904

      Mr. & Mrs. Ray Vega, Unit 408

      Fred Edwards and Catherine Jamieson, Unit 304

      Chris Stroup, Unit 409

      Jennifer Stewart, Unit 608

Certification of quorum.

               OLD BUSINESS
  Door replacement: inspection was conducted and letters were sent out. Most
      owners have been compliant. It is a custom door.

  Entry access: the camera system will not be an assessment. We will use what
      we currently pay the security company and additional money we have to
      pay for it.
  We have 3 bids for glass to be installed in openings near elevators. The
      cheapest is $6,000. We may want to wait on this.
Elevators: M&E has hired an a/c company. The electrical work and other
    equipment will start happening in July/August.

Building awnings will stay the same with two exceptions: 1) the awning at the
    marina entrance will not be replaced, and 2) the front awning will be
    slightly larger than it is now. The company working on them will be
    Roberts Aluminum. We will need to decide on a color for them.

             NEW BUSINESS
The lobby floor will remain in a patchwork pattern as it is now until the lobby
     is redecorated. Mr. Alsina motioned to approve and Ms. Puyans
     seconded. Approved unanimously.

Mr. Abreu discussed replacing the walkway scuppers. It will take $10,800 to
    replace 207 scuppers and only about $1,000 to perform scupper repairs.
    Mr. Alsina motioned to keep the scuppers we have and have the floor
    sloped when the catwalks are refinished. Mr. Hacker seconded.
    Approved unanimously.

Mr. Alsina stated that another palm tree in the back of the building had been
    damaged by trimming and will need to be removed.

Mr. Alsina and Mr. Abreu discussed placing nautical-themed light fixtures in
    the stairwells and elevator landings. The fixtures are round with
    fluorescent lighting. We will need 40 fixtures. At this point, there is not
    money to purchase and install these.

The issue of security was discussed. Mr. Heyne and Mr. Alsina reviewed a
     case from another condominium association where a man was shot on
     premises. That association was not required to have security guards but
     did, which ended up in the security company and the condo association
     both being sued for insufficient security staff. Someone has gotten onto
     River Run property with a gun and several units have recently been
     robbed. Mr. Abreu reviewed what River Run will be doing for security:
       1) The door by unit 109 cannot be a stadium door, so it will be replaced as
       a fire door with a mag lock. 2) The fencing by unit 106 will be redone at
       8ft. high with curving spears at the top. 3) The gate inside the garage will
       be moved to the end of the landscaping area. 4) The spikes where the
       tank is will be removed. 5) We will have proximity cards with pictures of
       the owners. The cards will deactivate when used by an unauthorized
       person. Mr. Heyne motioned to allow 4 free security cards per each 2-
       bedroom unit and 2 free security cards for each 1-bedroom unit. Mr.
       Alsina added a friendly amendment to allow free cards for the number of
       people living in each unit up to Mr. Heyne’s limit. Additional cards will
       be $50/each.

Mr. Alsina also reviewed the security plan he and other board members and Mr.
Abreu discussed. Following are Mr. Alsina’s notes: “Building Access: We are
not putting in any fire doors [this is in answer to Ms. Stetser’s question about
installing fire doors at the bottom of each stairwell]. We are only securing the
door by 109 with a magnetic lock that will only open when the fire alarm is
activated or by means of a kill switch. All other existing access points to the
building will remain as is but will have working card readers and eventually
cameras monitoring them. By the way, once we get the cameras in place, we can
probably get a company to monitor the cameras 24/7 from a remote location for
about the same as we are spending on the guard. We are sealing off the access to
the downstairs covered garage on both sides. The street side with chain link and
the building side with the same thing that we currently have on our balconies.
On the opposite side of the property we are replacing the existing fence with a 10
ft. fence with curved out and under spike. The fence will be of the same look as
our balcony fences and we are designing its layout. When we get the cameras it
is my understanding that they will cover all areas of the three parking sections.
Each access point into the building, each elevator cab, and the entire lobby area.
We will not be covering the common areas such as the racquetball courts or the
area between us and the marina or our neighbors next door.”

  Funds were discussed.
-Funds are available to finish the fire alarm work

-Elevator work will be taken out of the condo’s line of credit

-There was already a special assessment for the aluminum rail painting job

-Ms. Caballero recommended waiting on the glass block & lighting
-Our first concerns are security & the entry system, for which we have money

-Ms. Caballero noted that issues arise and it is best to “walk, not run” on our
projects to guarantee that we have available money

Following is a run-down of the costs of some of this work:

-Removing the iron fence over the diesel tank                        $200

-Repairing the iron fence on the property’s perimeters                  $250

              -Fixing the iron fence at the main entrance                       $200

              -Install 25 ft. of 8 ft.-high galvanized fence where recycling

               bins used to be located

              -Remove the old fence by unit 103                                $400

              -Remove the old fence by unit 106                                $560

              (We still need to get installation fees for new fences)

              -Remove the handrails leading to the marina

              -Install 36 ft. of fence along the second level parking lot

              -Fabricate new gate for parking lot                              $600

              -Install 173 ft. of 8 ft.-high fence along??

              -Install 6 ft.-high fence along corridors

              -Remove the iron fence between River Run and

               Serenity                                                           $???
The marina board is installing fence between the River Run and Serenity
properties. Should the condo board install a fence up to the marina’s fence?

Mr. Hacker motioned to accept everything on the above list pending an estimate
for the last issue (a fence leading up to the marina’s fence). Mr. Alsina seconded.
Passed unanimously.

  Mr. Hacker motioned to remove the security guards by July 31. Mr. Gonzalez
      seconded. Passed unanimously.

  A discussion on pets and tenants’ security leases ensued. Our rules and
      regulations say pets are allowed, but there is some question whether the
      by-laws prohibit pets or do not address the issue at all. Our lawyer will

                  OPEN FORUM

  Ms. Puyans asked about adding additional levels to the parking garage. Mr.
      Alsina told her it is unfair to ask everyone in the building to contribute to
      a huge assessment for parking spaces that may or may not be purchased
      at a relatively low price.

  Ms. Jamieson asked about satellite service. Mr. Rayborn informed her that
       he’d already researched it and that the building is locked in a contract for
       he next 7 years.

  A question regarding how long hurricane shutters can remain closed arose.
      Mr. Abreu will research this.
  The subject of door handles, peep holes, etc. came up. Mr. Abreu said the
      previously approved handles have been discontinued. We will go with
      the handles in the lobby and research new doorbell/peephole units.

  Mr. Stroup and Ms. Stewart agreed to work on the River Run website. Ms.
      Jamieson volunteered to run an e-mail list for owners.

  Mr. Abreu will hang up Ms. Stetser’s flyer for getting a group rate on hurricane
      shutters. Ms. Caballero requested that the flyer note that management
      and the board is not involved with or responsible for shutter installation.

  Mr. Whelan requested a site plan so that he can begin work on a landscaping

Ms. Caballero motioned to adjourn. Mr. Gonzalez seconded. Meeting was
adjourned at 9:15pm.


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