The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association

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					                 The Village at Scioto Meadows Condominium Association
                                      Meeting Minutes

Board members present: Jackie Purcell, Craig Shepherd, Michele Ellinger, Candy Shepherd,
Chrissy Scales & John Ellinger. The following unit owners were also present: Doug Mills, Kami
Berkey, June & Corwin Smeltz, Glenda Russell & Chris Stephenson.

Jackie called the meeting to order at approximately 10:31 a.m.

Minutes of the 1/12/06 meeting were read and approved.

Officer Reports:
President: No report.

Maintenance/Vice President: Craig announced that he resubmitted the work order to AEP to
repair the street lights. He said he contacted all the paving companies in the area and,
unfortunately, none will pave the area on West River Rd. until the weather breaks.

Secretary: No report.

Treasurer: Candy reviewed January’s budget, which was much better than December. She said
the Association took in $8,033 and some of the consistently delinquent owners have begun to
pay on time. She said she submitted forms to garnish wages of those owners who lost in small
claims court. Candy announced that the Board is still filing liens on our own and that we’ll
continue to take delinquent owners to small claims. (Please see attached budget for a more
detailed view of the Association’s incoming cash and expenditures).

Chrissy thanked Nicole Milano and her mother for cleaning the weight room.

New Business:

       Motion 1: Candy, Craig
       To appoint a subcommittee to investigate ways to expand parking in the development.
       Carried –Doug Mills will chair the committee

       -David Jones will pick up any toxic waste items on April 13th. If you have any items
       you’d like picked up, please leave them in the parking spot in front of the clubhouse
       before the monthly meeting at 7 p.m. A tarp will be laid out to protect the pavement. If
       you have questions about what you can throw out visit

       -Kami is gathering information regarding another community-wide garage/yard sale.

       -We discussed the condition of the entrance at West River Drive. Since it cannot be
       paved until April, the owners present agreed that the Board should fill the potholes with
       gravel until it can be paved.

       -The next Association meeting will on March 9th at 7 p.m.

Jackie adjourned the meeting at 11:22 a.m.