DOCKSIDE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                              PO BOX 1000
                             HAYES, VA 23072


Meeting was called to order in Classrooms A&B at VIMS at 7:00 p.m. by President
Bollinger. Members present were Schaeffer, Pettyjohn and Gwilliam.


Termite Captain Larry Austin submitted his December report adding that he had eleven
more hits than last month. The location of hits keeps changing and the Board wants to
ensure that the insects found in the traps are indeed termites. It is suggested that we
install some “sacrificial” pine stakes as we did earlier to determine if termites are the
culprits in the area.

Jess Brown reiterated his concern for the landscape contract and concern for variations
between the bid requirements and the contract in effect. The specific concern is over the
care and treatment of the banks on the north side of the complex. Further he is concerned
about the care and keeping of the DCOA maintenance shed, our tools and tractor.
President Bollinger will check on this.

Report was approved as submitted.

Report was approved as submitted.


A report on the Storage Units Project indicates we are at an impasse. Two owners
requested to buy 5 units in the new easterly building. They made partial down payments
for two (2) units. Subsequently they went to the Contractor and ordered additional
specific work and refused to work through Will Gwilliam, the Project Manager. The extra
work has been done and they refuse to pay, despite the fact they have partially occupied
the building with their materials. We have sent them registered letters, which they refuse
to sign for, and they also refuse to communicate with us. Accordingly we have had our
lawyer advise them that if they do not pay by 31 December of this year we will put the
five (5) ordered units up for sale and use the deposits to pay for the additional work they
ordered and return only the remainder. This action on their part has slowed our ability to
close out the project and get Deeds to the owners who have paid.

Mr. Schaeffer submitted a copy of one maintenance company’s proposal for services for
the coming year. Funds to support employment of a company are included in the
proposed 2007 Budget.
page 2 – December 06 Board Meeting

It is believed by the long-term members of the Board that the time has come to have
outside management relieve Board members from the resolving
the daily complaints, problems and conflicts. The new Board will be responsible to
institute the action next year, if they agree it is in the best interest of the Condominium.

The Nominating Committee has presented three candidates: David Winstead, Dot Rogers
and John Lawson Jr. for the two positions open (Jerry Bollinger’s three-year term, and
Will Gwilliam’s one-year term). Accordingly owners will be asked to vote for two and
the one with the most votes will take the three-year term and the Board will appoint the
candidate with the second most votes to fill the one-year term.

Review of the 2007 Budget and the Annual Meeting packet was made and approved. The
Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, 29 January 2007 at 1900 hours in Classrooms
A & B at VIMS Watermans Hall.

Motion was made and passed to give Sarah Meintel, our Pool Manager, a Holiday Bonus
of $600 for her outstanding service the past two years.


Long-range Planning Committee will submit a questionnaire to owners at the Annual
Meeting to help prioritize owners concerns and needs for the future of our

John Lawson Jr. and Marilyn Zauner requested by e-mail that DCOA pay for roof repair
work they had done to their roof. This work was done without contact with or approval
by the Board. The Board unamimously voted to deny the request as owners own only to
the finish of the interior walls and ceilings and the walls and roofs are common elements
belonging to DCOA Board.

 Mr Gwilliam apprised the Board that the bank behind Building 6 has developed a ridge
at the top which indicates slippage of the bank face. This requires monitoring and will be
pointed out to Jeff Wehrung, Landscape Contractor.



Will Gwilliam
Secretary and Treasurer

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