MEMBERS PRESENT • • • • • Martin Feldman, President Ara Khachaturian, Vice President Sarah Duffy, Treasurer Elise Rabin, Secretary Kristina Sanchez, Commercial Representative COMMITTEE CHAIRS PRESENT • Martin Heilman, Civic Affairs

CITY REPRESENTATIVE PRESENT • Rocio Estrada, City of Rockville Neighborhood Resources Coordinator

MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT • • Tony Martella, Property Manager, CMI Pam Brown, General Manager

OPEN FORUM Rocio Estrada, City of Rockville neighborhood resources coordinator: • Distributed a Hometown Holidays flyer. • Noted that City residents would receive by mail a notice of the June 4 meeting at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall regarding proposed plans for the City police station at the former post office. • Distributed a brochure about the Montgomery County Justice Center, located at 300 East Jefferson St. The center is for victims of family abuse and provides victim advocates (police, attorneys, social workers, etc.). • Announced that the Community Ministries of Rockville is moving, possibly in fall, to the former CVS site in the strip mall on N. Washington St. The Ministries offers a number of services, particularly routine health care, on a referral basis, to the uninsured and under-insured. Representatives of the Ministries will be visiting Rockville HOAs to introduce themselves and their program. • Stated that the May 2009 Rockville Reports was recently published. • Drew attention to the recent closure of Gibbs St. to remove the hump and bicycle lane. Additional street parking will be added and the road will remain one way. • Updated the new courthouse construction and cautioned that loads of steel would be delivered several times daily beginning in June and for six months thereafter. At the end of May, a large crane will be delivered to the site, closing Vinson St. temporarily. The street will partially reopen shortly thereafter. • Reiterated the City’s expectation that the Superfresh would open by year’s end.

CALL MEETING TO ORDER M. Feldman convened the meeting, held at The Victoria Fitness Center, at 7:10 p.m.

APPROVE MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING Khachaturian moved to approve the minutes of the April 15, 2009 meeting. Duffy seconded. All voted in favor.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT The president did not provide a report.

FINANCIAL REPORT Duffy reviewed the Association’s monthly income and expenditures statement, noting that overall, the budget is on target. She pointed out that electricity expenses are approximately $8,000.00 over budget, though HVAC maintenance costs did not increase. She cautioned that with heavier summer HVAC usage, repair costs may increase. Delinquencies, she reported, are minimal.

COMMITTEE REPORTS QUALITY ASSURANCE Chair Phyllis Feldman was not present to report. CIVIC AFFAIRS Chair Martin Heilman noted the April 21 Town Center Action Team (TCAT) summit on Town Square. Topics the TCAT discussed included Hometown Holidays, planned Town Square events such as outdoor movies, Octoberfest, the Jazz Festival, etc. He furnished a written report of the meeting, attached to these minutes.

OLD BUSINESS/NEW BUSINESS/MANAGEMENT REPORT BALCONY REPAIRS Brown reported that Ev-Air-Tight has started water testing balconies at units that have interior damage to help diagnose the source of infiltration and to confirm the balcony repairs needed. Test results should be available at the end of this week so that the scope of work and repair priority can be determined. FLOOR SLAB REPAIRS Repairs to a Highrise unit’s floor slab are on hold as Ev-Air-Tight will submit a proposal for repairs to a Highrise top floor (previously bid by KGS). The repairs to the top floor unit require a swing stage scaffold that could then be used for repairs to the lower level unit. This would save the cost of pipe scaffolding first proposed for repairs to the lower level unit. GARAGE LOBBY TO G1 WATER CONCENTRATIONS Brown is awaiting recommendations and proposed scope of work from Brent Stephens of SK&A following his visit to the property to inspect the issue. Brown recommended that in conjunction with this repair, drains at the compactor room be dropped to improve drainage and to improve compactor cleanliness. WALL DAMAGE ADJACENT TO COMMERCIAL GARAGE Brown continues to await a formal response from Investment Properties. CODE ENFORCEMENT As was learned during the recent delivery of bulk HVAC units to the roofs, the City of Rockville Code Enforcement Division requires permits for any installations of equipment, structural and electrical repairs, etc. To avoid fines, Brown recommended that permits be obtained for the waterproofing repairs and future

HVAC installs. She will work with the appropriate City personnel to acquire blanket permits for these projects. ELEVATOR LOBBIES CARPET RENOVATION Brown said that three bids were solicited for repairs to each elevator lobby in both the Highrise and Midrise buildings. Two proposals were received, one from China Rug and the other from Israel’s Carpet. In both cases, the cost is approximately $1,000.00 per floor. Per Brown’s recommendation, the bids are to remove the center area from each elevator lobby area, leaving the existing cove base and a border portion. The center area would be replaced with a solid color commercial-grade carpeting complimentary in color. The salvaged carpet could be used for future repairs. She presented to the Board a medium blue-gray sample, a color that the Quality Assurance Committee earlier approved. While Brown acknowledged that rehabilitating the carpet at the elevator lobbies is not optimal compared to a full carpet replacement throughout, she said that this restoration would last several years. In the interim, she suggested careful budget planning for an eventual carpet replacement and possibly an overall interior redecorating. Once the carpet is installed in the elevator lobbies, Brown recommends that the Association purchase a steamer and put in place an education campaign instructing residents to advise management of any pet or other soilage. The Association’s cleaning crew, now on the property seven days a week, would clean any stains and soiled areas including pet accidents, after the pet owner removes the accident. Brown suspected that resident use of various harsh chemicals to clean the common area carpets was one of the reasons for the carpet’s failure. Rabin moved to approve the China Rug proposal for $11,903.86, to be paid from reserves, for the replacement of elevator lobby carpeting. Khachaturian seconded. All voted in favor. HVAC FILTER REPLACEMENT Brown brought to the Board’s attention her concern that the failure of two commercial HVACs was, in large part, due to clogged filters. When she advised Sanchez to recommend to Investment Properties that they change filters for the commercial tenants more often, Sanchez replied that Investment Properties was under the impression that the Association changed HVAC filters twice annually. She pointed to the bylaws, where HVACs are identified as a limited common element and are maintained by the Association. M. Feldman and the other Board Members agreed that the Association is responsible for repairs but not filter changes, which has always been the responsibility of residents. To be clear, the Association does not and will not provide HVAC filters, and filter changes are not part of the annual maintenance (though the contractor will change the filter during their maintenance visit if a resident provides it). HVAC SEASONAL MAINTENANCE Brown reported that Diversified HVAC will begin seasonal maintenance on the individual HVAC units beginning May 20. ENTRY SYSTEM Brown indicated that the work to repair the entry systems throughout the property, awarded to ESSI, would begin next month.


CARPET CLEANING Brown reported that the hallways carpets were cleaned in both buildings. The cleansing left some patchy areas and the contractor returned earlier this week to resolve this issue. CARPET – COMMERCIAL ELEVATORS Brown said that she approved China Rug to install new carpeting in the commercial elevators. The cost for this is $336.00. EXTERIOR BRICK AND KNEE WALL REPAIRS Brown advised that the work to replace brick at the commercial steps knee walls has completed. RECYCLING Brown is awaiting a delivery from the County of recycling signage. New recycle bins for the lobbies are due to arrive on May 18. LIGHTING Brown announced that interior recessed lighting in the lobbies has been replaced and the lights are certainly brighter than previously. As well, hallway sconces and recessed lighting is being cleaned and repaired. As far as the exterior, two Plaza pole lights that were beyond repair were removed and replaced with planters. The small layer of pavers covers surface-mounted junction boxes that the contractor had no choice but to install, as the existing wiring could not be removed. HOUSEKEEPING STAFF Clean Advantage has assigned a new gentleman to the property. His English is quite good and Brown noted Clean Advantage’s efforts to provide a team that fits well with The Victoria. LANDSCAPING Brown indicated that Poole Landscaping is due to visit the property this week to complete their spring clean up, pruning and seasonal plantings. TRASH COMPACTOR CLEANING Brown stated that Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems visited the property to clean the compactors as scheduled; however it was not without difficulty. It took two days of intensive cleaning to restore the compactors to reasonable condition. She recommends that in the future, compactors should be cleaned annually in conjunction with the trash chute cleaning. WINDOW CLEANING Brown noted that the Association has previously contracted with Extra Clean for window washing and was satisfied. But she was concerned that last year they did not use counter weights per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirement. In speaking to Extra Clean representatives, they confirmed to Brown that they would use the counter weights this year. The cost for cleaning, $2,815.00, is the same as that of last year. Khachaturian moved to approve Extra Clean to wash windows throughout the property for $2,815.00. Duffy seconded. All voted in favor.


GARAGE CLEANING Brown recalled that previously, the Association hired KEVCO Building Services, Inc. to clean the garage interior floors. She solicited a proposal from them to clean the garage this year, and at the same time solicited one from Restoration & Maintenance, LLC, who happened to be on the property for another matter. R&M’s proposal is somewhat higher than KEVCO’s. M. Feldman noted that KEVCO uses a machine that sucks up the cleaning water, leaving the garage reasonably dry. Khachaturian moved to approve KEVCO’s bid for $2,248.00 for commercial garage cleaning and $2,986.00 for residential garage cleaning. Duffy seconded. All voted in favor. G1 EXTERIOR AND COMMERCIAL ROLL-UP DOORS Brown noted that the G1 roll-up door entrance door at East Middle Lane is non-functional and that the commercial roll-up door is askew. Derana is visiting the property tomorrow to investigate and repair the G1 entrance door. Sanchez will follow up accordingly for the commercial door. WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE Khachaturian inquired about the status of recoating the waterproofing membrane at G1. When the Board last discussed this project, the project it was placed on hold because CP&R could not complete the work in cold weather, and it requires that no traffic enter or exit the area for three days. The Board proposed the Labor Day weekend as a possible time for this work. Martella will follow up. ADJOURNMENT M. Feldman moved to adjourn 8:30 p.m. All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Elise Rabin, Secretary


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