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									0.5.360 Added option -winpos for Win32 to select device according Monitor Added option -display for X window to select GPU according to Display Modified option -cuda [device_index] to select GPU device. Added Wrapper ServerSiftGPU to allow run multiple SiftGPU on multiple GPUs (it also alows you to run SiftGPU on a differnt computers) Added option -tc to set a soft limit for the number of returned features. Removed calles to std in file to avoid possible compiling errors. Reorganized the file structure of the code package. 0.5.345 New Linux makefile. CG, CUDA and sse parameters can now be changed easily in makefile. CG-based SiftGPU is now disabled by default to reduce dependencies. Made more parameters changable after initizlization (check manual for details) Changed the way of handling out-of-boundary user-specified keypoints. Changed the timing function from clock to gettimeofday for Linux (Thanks to Pilet) Fixed a bug in saving binary format(Thanks to Dekker) Fixed linux makefile for CUDA-SIFTGPU (Thanks to Planna) Fixed a conversion bug for 64-bit system introduced in V340 (Thanks to Plana and Wang) 0.5.340 Added (-glsl -pack -m -s) to default setting. (You can change back to CG by -cg) Updated libraries (CG 2.1, GLEW 1.5, DEVIL 1.77) Used SSE to speed up descriptor normalization Improved speed of the OpenGL-based SiftMatchGPU. (1.5x) Added GLSL and CUDA implementation of SiftMatchGPU Added the packed glsl implementation. It might be slightly faster than cg. Added a CUDA-based SiftGPU implementation(use -cuda to turn it on) Cleaned up the GLSL code to follow the GLSL standard more strictly. Tested many of the GLSL shaders in GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.5. Added option -fastmath to specify -fastmath to cg compiler(yet no big difference). Increased the threshold to fix the bug in guided matching when F is NULL Fixed a bug in orientation for -m2p (missing a ";" in shader code) Changed interface to handle all OpenGL pixel data (Previous only float and unsigned char). Kept only the fastest verion of descriptor generation code, and dropped others. 0.5.320 Fixed a bug (Wrong texture size may be assigned when image size changes) Fixed a bug (Descriptor storage size may be not updated when image size changes) 0.5.319

Fixed a bug (Setkeypoint before specifying image was not working in previous versoins) 0.5.318 Changed interface to process keypoints WITHOUT known orientations Added interface to specifiy float image data Overloaded new operator of SiftGPU and SiftMatchGPU to fix a possible heap corruption on deallocation 0.5.317 Fixed a bug in processing user-specified keypoints Updated the .def file for the released package 0.5.316 Fixed a bug of insufficient buffer allocation in very rare cases. (Thanks to Zheng) Added guided SIFT putative matching using homography or/and fundamental matrix Added function to change the feature number limitation for sift matching 0.5.315 Added a cg-based sift matching implementation (Thanks to Zach)(see SimpleSIFT.cpp for example). Added optional output of the extremum type (maximum or minimum) of feature Added function to compute descriptors for user-specified keypoints Included xcode project and makefile(Thanks to Perfanov and Wittenhagen) 0.5.313 Finished the GLSL implementation of SIFT (use -glsl to turn it on). Fixed a bug of crashing after many iterations on newer graphic card like GTX 280. (Thanks to Zheng) 0.5.312 Fixed a bug introduced in V311(One texture size not updated for image size chaning with -pack) Fixed a bug introduced in V311(feature readback function is empty for -pack). (Thanks to Palomo) 0.5.311 Fixed a bug in descriptor computation (it may cause error in descriptors of 10% of features) Implemented a packed SIFT implementation (use -pack to use it. 3x pyramid construction speed) Used GPU/CPU mixed list generation (2X compared with old method) Used only CPU for multi-orientation list generation (much faster than GPU) Changed parameter to avoid using dyamic array indexing by default. Implemented a new descriptor computation method(30% faster than the old one Evaluated the speed on GTX 280. (obtained 1.5x the speed of 8800 GTX) Dropped many unreferenced functions and also some old shaders. Changed some definition for better compiliation on Mac (Thanks to Wittenhagen) Changed SaveSIFT function to keep a little bit less fractional digits Combined the horizontal gradient and vertical gradient visualization to one.

0.5.302 Updated cg, glew and glut libraries Added speed evaluation code Added some debug code to write out floating point tiff images Refactorized code a little bit, now it is having much less warnings 0.5.293 Changed gaussian weighting factor in orientation computation, now closer to Lowe's Minor bug fix on texture reallocation for too many features Added new feature to automatically down-sample images that are larger than user-defined size. 0.5.288 Added comparision with Lowe's SIFT on box.pgm(check /doc/evaluation for results) Fixed two bugs related to feature scale Fixed a bug related to up-sampling Added a missing dog threshold test after subpixel localization. Added new parameter for fixing the feature orientations Added export function to check how SiftGPU is supported by current OpenGL context Changed some default parameter ( now it downloades result, and use verbose level 2 by default) 0.5.280 Added an example of dyanmic loading of siftgpu library Fixed a serious bug of GetFeatureVector (orientation and scale are misordered previously) Fixed a bug in def file Fixed a bug in calling RunSIFT with pixel data. Fixed some GLSL shader bugs 0.5.276 Removed file "gs_types.h" and put the export definition in "siftgpu.h" Added high resolution timing for windows by using funciton timeGetTime Fixed some problems on arbfp1. Now it can run a limited demo again. Added parameter for changing the maximum allowed feature number of a level 0.5.267 Corrected a neglected stricmp to _stricmp for linux compiliation Fixed a bug in function ResizePyramid which happens when image size changes in some way Added key input function to change verbose level for GUI mode 0.5.265 Added display of fps information in console for sequential processing Added an optional step that converts RGB to Luminance before uploading to GPU Added a parameter "-p WxH" to specify the size for initializing the pyramids 0.5.261 Added a new feature for using existing memories for processing smaller images

Added new functions to let user control the allocation pyramid momory Fixed a bug with sub-pixel localization 0.5.256 Added linux makefile Added a new feature for allocating seperate processing memories for multiple images. 0.5.250 New keypoint detection code capable of sub-pixel/sub-scale localization Changed code for easy Linux porting. Thank Martin Schneider for his help on this Changed some default values of the parameters. Improved SIFT visualization. 0.5.236 Fixed an important bug in orientation computation Successfully tested on many image matching experiments Changed the command line -m to default 2 orientations 0.5.232 Fixed a sift output bug Fixed a NaN bug in descriptor generation Fixed a bug that some images are flipped 0.5.224 Fixed a memory leak bug on FBO Added one more demo for processing 640*480 image sequence Smalled change to interface, so that image data can be specified like OpenGL textures 0.5.220 Added more examples to manual. Added more comments about the siftgpu interface Added one more input interface Fixed bug of crash on image size change 0.5.208 First release

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