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					The following will provide guidelines as to when the College can refund an overseas deposit payment or course fees. It will also offer advice about filling in the refund application form and the types of documents that are needed for a refund application to be processed successfully. Refusal of Student Visa Application In the case of applicants whose student visa application is refused by the British Authorities and you have informed the International Centre at least one day before the start of the course (date shown on the acceptance letter), explaining the reasons for non-arrival, a refund will be issued deducting an administration fee of £500 from the full amount paid. The following documents must also be provided: 1. Original Certificate of Acceptance letter issued by the College. 2. Refusal documents issued by the British Embassy or High Commission. 3. Refund application form. Please see the notes below. Exceptional circumstances for refund refusal


You did not inform us about the reason(s) of your non-arrival or deferral one day before course start date and did not submit the requested above 3 documents after visa refusal and before the course start date. If the refusal document issued by the British Embassy or High Commission indicates: o That you presented at interview fraudulent documents. o That you provided fraudulent personal information. o Inadequate preparation for visa interview, where you couldn’t answer relevant questions about the college or your chosen course. For example, where this college is situated, which course you were intending to do, how the course would benefit your career plans in your home country, etc.

If you decide to leave the course or are withdrawn by the College because of non attendance or non fee payment. Your details will be passed to the Home Office. Refund applications for reasons other than student visa refusals will not be considered. The College reserves the right to retain the whole deposit amount. Frequently Asked Questions Will I get a refund if I want to leave the College without completing my course and return to my home country? In case of very exceptional circumstances you will need to present:
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Official documents supporting your decision to withdrawn because of exceptional circumstances. A copy of your flight tickets.

On arrival in your home country, you should send us a copy of your student visa cancellation. If you have already enrolled, the calculated pro rata fees will be refunded deducting £500 administration fee. If you haven’t started the course, a refund deducting £500 will then be issued. How can I get a refund application form? Refund application forms are available from the International Centre and from Reception at the College. What do I have to write on the refund application form? Please indicate the reason for your application. It is very important to include to whom the refund cheque should be made payable and to what address it should posted to. How do I know if I will get a refund? If you do not qualify for a refund, you will be informed in writing. How long will it take to receive the refund? It takes a minimum of 4 weeks for the College to process a refund application, from the time full supporting documentation is received.

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