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					THE HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION The 12th Graduation Ceremony Session 5 Graduate Representative : : 18 November 2006 (Saturday) 3:00 – 4:00 pm Miss Josephine Flores Tam Associate of Arts(Music) 2-yr FT Speech Good afternoon, Mr. Eddie Ng, Dr Angela Luk, graduates and guests, It is indeed a great honour to speak on behalf of our graduates today. First of all, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Institute’s outstanding achievements in training the younger generations. I am proud of being one of the graduates of the Institute. Secondly, I would like to thank those who have truly attended to us in the past, and whose pride in our accomplishments is even greater than our own – our parents. They have sacrificed so much for us, they show confidence in us, they devote their unfailing love and support to us. They are actually the backbone for our achievements today. Without their support, our success cannot be made possible. When I looked back in the two years of study at the Institute, I always think of precious moments. Throughout the years, there was fun, tears, memorable moments that I’ll never forget. I cherish the good times I had with our caring lecturers, helpful administrators, cheerful classmates and friends, which makes me feeling unbelievably fortunate and thankful when I wake up every morning. I learned from the bad times which enable me to grow up and prepare for the challenges ahead. My fellow graduates, all of us have roads ahead of us which will be filled with all kinds of challenges. We all know that life is a journey and I want to share with you the exciting journey I have experienced in this Institute. The Institute gave me every opportunity to explore our world, build up my confidence, widen my vision and develop my dream. Don’t be afraid of having a dream because one of the most amazing things about life is that dreams can come true. Hold the vision and someday, it will come true. Our drive in making today’s achievements has not come to an end on this graduation day but will continue to become our initiation throughout our life. Our commitment in our personal career, our love to our family and friends, and contributions to the community will make ourselves a whole person. Thank you.