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How to be noticed


									How to Be Noticed
Are you tired of being invisible.Then you should read this article.

1. First decide what you want to be noticed for. Do you want it be for how you look or how you act? Or do you just want people to constantly be looking in your direction? Being noticed alot isn't always the best thing so make sure you know you can handle it.

2. Be confident! You wont be noticed if your always shy and dont try new things. If you've always wanted to wear something but cared to much about what people would thing then now is the time to wear it. If people give negative comments ignore them and say that if you like it then thats all that matters to you.

3. Always look your best. This means being well groomed at all times. You want to be noticed for the right things and people will definatly notice the person with the awsome hair that always smells really good.

4. Find your own look. Start trying to stand out by changing up your wardrobe. Wear things you feel comfortable in but try to make them different and uniqe. If you think you'll get noticed by wearing the highest heels you can find then do it.

5. Go out and make new friends. Its a good idea to go out alot whether its just to your local shops. Just hang around and talk to as many new people as you can. Always be smiling at everyone and wave or say hi to as many people as you can. This will get you noticed and people will be more attracted to talking to you because you seem nice and friendly.

6. Be nice. If you want to be noticed as a mean person then thats fine but being noticed for being nice is much better.

7. Be loud and talk alot. This also comes under being confident.

Tips  Smile a lot, that catches peoples eyes.

 Don't be loud to be noticeable it will just make you irritating.

 Be nice to anyone and everyone, even if they aren't nice to you

 Try to know everyone. Sit with them at lunch, ask for their number.... people are a lot friendlier than they look

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