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Countries and Capitals

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					Countries and Capitals 1. México-México City 2. Guatemala-Guatemala City 3. Belice-Belmopan 4. El Salvador-San Salvador 5. Honduras-Tegucigalpa 6. Nicaragua-Managua 7. Costa Rica-San José 8. Panamá-Panamá City 9. Colombia-Bogota 10. Venezuela-Caracas 11. Guyana-Georgetown 12. Suriname-Paramaribo 13. French Guiana-Cayenne 14. Ecuador-Quito 15. Peru-Lima 16. Chile-Santiago 17. Bolivia-Sucre and La Paz 18. Paraguay-Asunción 19. Argentina-Buenos Aires 20. Uruguay-Montevideo 21. Brazil-Brasilia and Rió de Janeiro 22. Trinidad and Tobago 23. Galápagos Islands 24. Bahamas 25. Cuba-Havana 26. Jamaica-Kingston 27. Haití-Port-au-Prince 28. Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo 29. Puerto Rico 30. Dominica 31. St. Lucia 32. Barbados 33. Falkland Islands Bodies of Water 34. Pacific Ocean 35. Atlantic Ocean 36. Gulf of Mexico 37. Caribbean Sea 38. Rio Grande 39. Amazon River 40. Lake Titicaca 41. Rio de la Plata 42. Orinoco River


Other 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Equator Strait of Magellan Cape Horn Panama Canal Andes Mountains Amazon Basin Guiana Highlands Brazilian Highlands

Your Task You will select and study one South or Central American country in depth and create a PowerPoint presentation on it with your group. You will also compare facts about different countries within your chosen role. You will evaluate pros and cons of travel to your destination within your country groups. Finally the class will make general travel recommendations based on the findings of the groups. The Process You may choose your own 5-person group. Warning: You should pick people you know are responsible hard-workers and you will be graded individually based on your efforts within your group. Within your groups you are expected to choose one country in Central or South America to study. If you need any suggestions look at the Countries and Capitals list on the front of this paper. You will study the Internet sites for the focus country and answer the questions on the "Fact Sheet" for your role. Fact sheets should be copied on a piece of paper and turned in to the teacher for review. You will meet with the other students in the class taking your same role. You will discuss what you have found about their focus countries, and begin to make comparisons of the countries and recommendations for foreign travel from your roles' point of view. You will storyboard your portion of the PowerPoint presentation using note cards. Included should be facts to be presented, pertinent graphics, and slide layout. Remember there is a five-slide minimum for each group member's presentation. This is meant to be a guideline, but does not limit you to only five slides. Storyboards should be turned in to the teacher for review.


You should then create your slides, and get together with your group members to compile your work into one large PowerPoint presentation on your country. These presentations will be shown to the class as a whole for peer evaluation. After viewing the country presentations, the class will discuss and make recommendations about the attractiveness of foreign travel to the countries that were studied. The Website

The Roles Benita Bookworm likes to know all the facts and figures about the places where she travels. She enjoys reading encyclopedias. Benita Bookworm will find out: Area and population of the country of destination; major cities; major geographical features; gross national product and important exports. Carlos Culture wants to learn all he can about people and places at his destination. Carlos Culture will find out: What are three cultural sites of interest at his destination; what is interesting about them. Fernanda Fun is the adventurer of the group. The wilder and more exotic the adventure, the more she wants to experience it! Fernanda Fun will find out: what are three activities, sports or natural areas that would fun to see or do at the destination; how easy is it to get to natural areas; shopping -- are there products that are unique to this destination that the group could buy? Luisa Logistics is very organized. She has a budget for her group and plans to stick to it. Luisa Logistics will find out: How much is round trip airfare to the destination; what the weather is like there; what will group members need to pack; what is an approximate per diem (one-day) amount that group members would need to stay at a hotel and eat at the destination; what is the currency of the destination and the rate of exchange? Nervous Nacho is not an adventurous spirit. He wants to make sure his group stays healthy and safe, so he checks out health and safety advisories for his group. Nervous Nacho will find out: if you need shots before traveling to the destination; if country is safe with regard to its political situation/crime rate; if within-country travel is safe/easy.

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