Vision and Mission Statement by P_Gallo


Lourie Consultants' vision is to be a well-respected provider of geotechnical engineering
and geoenvironmental consulting services to selected clients in the industrial, municipal,
and private business sectors. The firm's mission is to provide our clients with quality
services that meet or exceed their expectations and satisfy their project needs.

To realize our vision and fulfill our mission, we are committed to:

   developing and maintaining open lines of communication with clients to promote trust
      and long-term business relationships

   using a combination of proven and innovative problem-solving skills to address
      clients' needs and concerns

   operating with integrity to furnish clients ethically sound and dependable advice and
      to earn the trust and respect of employees, clients, and vendors

   delivering high-quality consulting services that represent value to our clients and
      generate profits for us

   providing opportunities for individual and professional rewards and advancement

Open Lines of Communication

We believe the first step in satisfying client needs is to establish open and effective
communication channels. This leads to building and maintaining strong relationships with
clients. It also helps us to understand, anticipate, and satisfy client needs.

Proven and Innovative Problem-Solving Skills

Lourie Consultants is actively involved in technical, professional, and civic organizations.
This enables our personnel to make contributions to the profession and community as
well as learn a variety of problem-solving skills. In turn, this allows us to bring insights
and solutions to our clients to help them solve the challenges that each project can have

Operating with integrity is fundamental to Lourie Consultants' practice philosophy. We
are committed to conducting all aspects of our practice with integrity. This includes
internal operations with employees as well as external operations with clients and
vendors. To our employees, clients, and vendors, we strive to display honesty, reliability,
and respect.
Client Value and Firm Profits

Client-received value is the true measure of the worth of our services. We strive to
provide services that clients value like mutual workscope development, personalized
attention, cost-effective solutions, and extensive client involvement in decision-making
processes. In turn, we expect to generate a consistently acceptable and sustainable level
of profit. Consistently acceptable and sustainable profits are necessary for the firm's
long-term stability, employee compensation and development, and focused growth.

Individual and Professional Rewards and Advancement

A professional service firm's most important asset is its employees -- Lourie
Consultants is no exception. Individual and professional rewards and advancement are
shared responsibilities. Each employee has a personal responsibility for satisfying the
firm's clients, continuing to develop personal and professional skills, and contributing to
the success of our clients and the firm. The company is responsible for recognizing an
individual's accomplishments and providing appropriate rewards and future opportunities

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