How to Market Your Business, Advertise Online and Profit Faster

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					How To Market Your Business-Advertise Online and Profit Faster
Better late than never. You finally jumped into the arena and started your own business. Super. But you seemed to have misplaced the how-to manual so what's next?

In days gone by folks went about marketing their business a little differently. If you liked having to get the phone surgically removed from your ear, maybe you liked cold calling. Or, if you liked having doors slammed in your face, maybe you tried visiting places of business or homes unannounced to peddle your wares. My all-time personal favorite is the guy who borrowed a lot of money to spend on creating a snazzy advertising campaign for his business that never worked.

Fortunately, you no longer have to do any of this. With the evolution of the internet economies of scale have been created with respect to advertising costs that help the little guy compete with the corporate giants. With internet advertising not only do you make sales faster and therefore make money faster but you can cut your marketing expenses tremendously.

An essential component of your own business is putting up your own website, which is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. If cost is a concern, there are a lot of businesses available today which have their own website and would love for you to join them. Caveat: Even if you join a business with a website, you want to be able to control your own customer lists so create either your own website or your own lead capture page which links to the site.

There is a vast array of advertising methods available online. A number of these are absolutely free. Utilizing some free ad campaigns is strongly recommended in the early days of your business. Find a site which allows you to submit free ads for your business and make sure to include a link to your lead capture page or your own website. Another tried and true method is using banner ads. These are much larger and in general I prefer not to use this method because many people ignore them. However, there are successful people out there who use them frequently.

One ideal way to incease the number of visitors who click on your site is to either give away something for free or give away something valuable for a nominal charge. Writing free e-newsletters will bring more people in for you but you might not like the idea of having to write regularly. How about an e-book? It can be short and informative and you can either give it for free or for a small charge. Of course, you will want to include a link to your lead capture page in the newsletter or e-book.

One of the greatest hidden gems in internet marketing is the use of affiliate marketing. What the heck is affiliate marketing? Once you have your website or lead capture page, you can sign up as an affiliate on other people's sites to refer their product or service to the visitors on your site in exchange for a referral commission. Simply create a link to those other sites on your lead capture page, after you have signed up in the other site's affiliate program of course. Remember there are a number of visitors who come to your site. Some will become your customers and some won't. But you can use affiliate marketing to all those visitors to your site because you have captured their contact information. For those that didn't buy your product at least you are making money from them. And for those that did buy your product, you're simply making more money from them.

No longer do you have to sell your house or your car to fund an advertising budget for your new business. No longer do you have to spend hours on sales calls to people who are not even pre-qualified. The internet, with its global reach, can do your marketing for you. Even if you join a business with its own website, I recommend that you create your own website or at least your own lead capture page. And whether you write free ads for your business online or place free banner ads you are not spending money to advertise. Don't be shy about giving away quality content for free. E-books and e-newsletters will be worth it in the long run by attracting more people to your site. Please don't forget about affiliate marketing. This can be a tremendous boost to your profits at any stage of your business cycle. What are you waiing for? You can get started and begin making money today!

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