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									Marriage is a Sacrament
This letter was written by Beloved Master Kirpal Singh to Jim and Kay Cataldo on July 31, 1969. Jim, who served as the Director of the Sawan Kirpal Meditation Center since the latter part of 1976, passed away on December 1, 1982. During his illness, Kay found this letter to be par- ticularly comforting and encouraging. It is one which can be appreciated by all, and we are grateful to Kay for sharing it with us.

July 31, 1969

Dear Jim and Kay Cataldo, Marriage is a sacrament, in which two souls are drawn together as a result of the past to work out mutual give and take. No one, not even the Master, should be allowed to come in between such a union, whether of two initIates or an initiate and a non-initiate. It is not uncommon for one partner to be drawn strongly to the Path while the other partner is less en- thusiastic. In this case, both should bend towards one another. The one who is strong in the Master should sympathize with and help the other also to become just as strong, for there is nothing more beautiful or satis- fying than for two people to see one another grow spiritually. Similarly the one who is not so strong in the Master should appreciate the striving of his/her partner and should endeavour not to place any obstacles in the way of his/her spiritual unfoldment. The spiritual union between two souls is lasting, while a physical union is transitory and in most cases leaves a bitter taste in the mouth if kept merely at the physical level. When both marriage partners are put on the Way, they have an unrivalled opportunity not only to help one another progress spiritually, but also to lead a most happy life, until both become one thought, indeed as one soul. This sort of relationship can continue even in the Beyond, while most finish at the close of this earth life, becoming as dust and ashes. As already mentioned, the Master should not be allowed to come in be- tween a marriage. However, it should nevertheless be appreciated that it is the Master's task to give right guidance to His children, in order that they may benefit from the gift of holy Naam. In this regard, the Master does advise that chastity is a virtue to be practiced by both marriage part- ners in the larger interests of their spiritual growth, after they have had the required number of children. A man should love his wife as Christ loved the Church. A love which begins and ends at the physical level is not love, but lust. Regarding the maintenance of the spiritual diaries, this is most helpful in making one become aware of their shortcomings. Unless one becomes aware of them, how can they be weeded out? It is true that the contents of the diaries and progress of the child disciple is a matter between the disci- ple and the Master. However, there are so many other things that both partners can share, and even the contents of the diaries become an open book when both really begin to progress spiritually. When two people become as one thought, what is there that one thinks that the other is not aware of? However, it is realized that this takes time, for Rome was not built in a day. In the meantime, each should bend towards the other. I wish you both a happy married life together and desire that you grow closer in every way. This will create a loving, harmonious atmosphere, in which husband, wife and child will blossom forth. It would be beneficial if you both meditated together morning and eve-ning, to develop the inner experience of divine Light and Sound, and make further spiritual progress with the grace of the Master.

With all love and best wishes, Yours affectionately, Kirpal Singh


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