Dubai World Central Transport Planning Study

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					              Dubai World Central | Transport Planning Study
              Dubai, UAE

              Client                                         industrial, educational and tourism             The resulting transport planning study
              Department of Civil Aviation                   industries related to the aviation industry.    aims to define:
                                                                                                             • Public transport network in DWC
              Services Provided                              DWC International Airport, the core of
                                                                                                             • Parking strategy and standards in DWC
                                                             Airport City, will be one of the largest
              • Transport planning                                                                           • Policy tools needed to ensure the
                                                             airports in the world. In the ultimate built-
              • Traffic modelling                                                                              success of the development
                                                             up phase, the airport will have 6 runways
              • Conceptual layout of roads and                                                               • Application of intelligent transport
                                                             serving 120 million passengers per annum
                interchanges                                                                                   systems
                                                             and a cargo terminal with a capacity of 12
                                                                                                             • Traffic impact on the external road
              Dates                                          million tons of freight.
              2006 - 2007                                    Main Features                                   • Cost sharing of transport infrastructure
                                                             Dar was commissioned to assess                    costs
                                                             the magnitude of the travel demand              • Optimal road network configuration in
              The development of Dubai World Central                                                           DWC
              (DWC) is one of the largest projects to take   generated by this development based
                                                             upon the planning parameters established        • Concept layouts of internal and external
              place over the next 25 years in UAE. Spread                                                      road junctions.
              over an area of 140 km2, DWC incorporates      during the formulation of the DWC Master
              an international airport hub along with        Plan, which was also carried out by Dar.
              multiple major urban developments that
              will serve the needs of the commercial,
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