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									Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation
Nurturing Excellence through Research

The Pharmaceutical Industry worldwide constantly endeavors to optimize the drug
development process, by conducting ICH-GCP complied, cost effective, quality controlled
Clinical Trials and compressing the “time to market” cycle.

In India, AHERF is partnering Pharmaceutical Companies in their quest for excellence. This
partnership with AHERF, offering its global standard expertise and infrastructure facilities,
engendering in the process of a new hope for the world has been established in over 9 years.
Vision and Mission:
 Vision and Mission:
To create aaworld respected entity for avenues in Clinical Research, covering activities from
 To create world respected entity for avenues in Clinical Research, covering activities from
drug discovery, development, therapy and marketing to the Pharmaceutical and
 drug discovery, development, therapy and marketing to the Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnology Industry.
 Biotechnology Industry.

Mission : :To ensure the ethical conduct of Clinical Drug Trials ( (allopathic / /non allopathic ) )
 Mission To ensure the ethical conduct of Clinical Drug Trials allopathic non allopathic
according to ICH-GCP Guidelines at the Apollo Hospital’s clinical study sites.
 according to ICH-GCP Guidelines at the Apollo Hospital’s clinical study sites.

“ “The new Patents Act has changed the global perception of India, which is now the preferred
    The new Patents Act has changed the global perception of India, which is now the preferred
destination for Pharmaceutical business. While the Industry is set to undergo aamajor
  destination for Pharmaceutical business. While the Industry is set to undergo major
transformation with focus on discovery research, ititcould expect to gain aarevenue of at least
  transformation with focus on discovery research, could expect to gain revenue of at least
$10 billion in the years to come”
  $10 billion in the years to come”
Dr. William A. Hasseltine
  Dr. William A. Hasseltine
Founder of Human Genome Sciences Inc &&Chairman and CEO of Hasseltine Associates
  Founder of Human Genome Sciences Inc Chairman and CEO of Hasseltine Associates

          $1 billion

       $ million
   $ 320 320 million

   $ 74 $ 74 million

   $ 52 million
           $ 52 million

                              1999           2002           2005            2010
                                   1999           2002           2005          2010
                    Scientific Advisory Committee
Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury   Chairman, Apollo Research Initiative, AHERF Ex-Chairman INCLEN, New Delhi
Dr N K Ganguly               Member, Former Director General, ICMR
Dr Anupam Sibal              Member, Director Medical Services, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
Prof. V. S. Mathur           Member , Former Chairman, Dept of Pharmacology, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Dr. S. K. Agarwal            Member , Sr. Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine
Dr. N. K. Arora              Member, Executive Director, International Clinical Epidemiological Network
Dr. K. Ganapathy             Member, Head, Apollo Telemedicine Foundation and Neurosurgeon
Dr. Satish Gupta             Member, Staff Scientist – VII, National Institute of Immunology
Dr. V. P. Kamboj             Member, CSIR Emeritus Scientist and Former Director, CDRI
Dr. Ajay Kumar               Member, Sr. Consultant, Gastroenterology
Dr. K.K. Talwar              Member, Director, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh
Dr.M.D.Nair                  Member, Consultant to Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. Bela Shah                Member, Sr. Deputy Director General, ICMR
Dr.K.T.Shenoy                Member, Professor and Head, Dept. Gastroenterology
Dr.Sangeetha Sharma          Member, Additional Professor, Department of Psycho Neuro Pharmacology
Dr.Srinath Reddy             Member, President, Public Health Foundation of India,
Dr.Rajni Bhise               Member, Expert in case control studies
Dr.Partha Majumdar           Member, Professor and Head, Indian Statistical Institute
Dr.V.S Chauhan               Member, Director, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Dr.Hari Prasad               Member, CEO Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad
Dr.Satyabhama,               Member, Director of Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
Dr. Vinod Kumar Bhargava     Member, Senior consultant, Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad
Mr.S.S.Narayanan             Member, Central Ethics Committee, Ethicist, Chairman, National Khadi & Rural
                             Development Board
            Governing Board
Dr. Prathap C. Reddy         President
Mrs. Shobana Kamineni        Vice President
Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury   Convener
Dr. Anupam Sibal             Member
Prof. M.S. Swaminathan       Member
Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly   Member
Dr. Mohan D. Nair            Member
Mrs. Preetha Reddy           Member
Mr. A.Ranga Rao              Member

Mrs. Sangita Reddy
Mrs. Suneetha Reddy
Dr. Sathya Bhama
Dr. K. Hari Prasad

Secretary & Treasurer
Mrs. Jayanthi Swaminathan

Mr. C. Narayana Swamy
Human life is at stake here. Hence, the entire complex process of drug development, focuses on a need to pool the
best of medical expertise, experience and infrastructure to test a drug for efficacy and safety before it is introduced
in to the market.

One name is clearly making a qualitative difference to drug manufacture - Apollo Hospitals Educational and
Research Foundation (AHERF). Established in the year 2000, today AHERF is the FIRST and SINGLE
LARGEST SITE MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION in India, coordinating and conducting ethical trials for national
and international Pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

India’s fledgling Biotech and Pharma Industries constitute a modest proportion of their respective global markets
and have now started making their global presence. India has the potential to become a strong player in the next
10 years in the global marketplace; especially in Basic and Translational Research, Clinical Trials and Contract
Post 2005 India stands to gain from direct investment by Pharma Industry in Indian Biotech / Pharma companies, in
Outsourced Research, Clinical Trials and Contract Manufacturing. The prime reason for the surging demand in
investing in the domestic market with the new patent regime is three fold.

- India is a signatory to the WTO providing IPR protection to the Pharmaceutical companies

- Existing huge domestic demand

- The Indian market is ideal for research and validation of new products

-Availability of skilled manpower including clinicians, scientists and dedicated clinical research management

-Access to a large patient base and availability of therapy naive patient pool with different diseases
Apollo Hospitals Group, an integrated healthcare organization, is Asia’s largest private sector hospital group, globally
acclaimed for its medical infrastructure, people, processes and emphasis on quality. The Apollo network covers
hospitals over 50 locations, over 850 pharmacies and over 35 clinics.

Besides the ownership and management of hospitals, the group also has interests in hospital project consulting,
healthcare IT and education, manpower sourcing and placement, medical business process outsourcing, retail
pharmacies and clinics.

Apollo Hospitals Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad , Bangalore and Kolkatta have been JCI accredited and the other
hospitals are in the process .
Advantage Apollo
- Single largest network of hospitals in Asia with over 45 hospitals in and around India.
- Infrastructure facilities for the ethical conduct of clinical trial activities.
- Experience in handling the Industry standard of documentation and audit.
- Large pool of patients and disease of different specialties.
- Huge data base of therapy naive patient population with heterogeneity.
- Lower cost of approximately 50 – 60 % less than other countries for conduct of trials.
- Steady speed of target oriented patient recruitment with high retention.
- Dedicated research team members
- Medical fraternity with global expertise and international experience in Clinical Trials
- Multi specialty tertiary care hospitals with high end equipments and advanced technology
- Multilingual communication skills, especially English
- GCP trained Investigators and clinical research staff
- State of the art diagnostic and therapeutic laboratories
- Research talent in the area of healthcare / Pharma / Biotech/ genetic engineering / stem cell research
- Nationwide network of pharmacies
-IT & Telecom infrastructure, especially on data base, data mining, Clinical Data Management and integrated
medical records management with Hospital Information System
- Easy archival with confidentiality maintenance
-Site Management Organization to coordinate and facilitate the ethical conduct of clinical trial activities of the group,
as per ICH - GCP & National guidelines, providing ONE STOP WINDOW SERVICE to the Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnology Industry.
Responsibilities of Apollo Hospitals Educational and
Research Foundation

To the Sponsor –

- Ensure timely conduct of the study and prepare the site for post trial audit
- Coordination for non disclosure agreement between PI and sponsor
- Feasibility questionnaire accomplishment
- EC application processing
-Documents collation and dispatch to sponsors as per Schedule Y – ICMR /
  GCP / CFR guidelines
-Cost Estimate and negotiation with sponsor
-Provision of Sub Investigators / Physician Coordinators / Clinical Research
 Coordinators / CRA / Social Worker / Pharmacists / Study Nurses. etc
- Coordination, Monitoring and Drug Accountability maintenance
- Maintaining records on Clinical trials, finance and adverse events
- Funds receipt and disbursement with financial tracking logs
- Follow up on DCGI approval
- Customs clearance
- Drugs disbursement to different sites
- Filling of CRF (paper / e – CRF)
- Reporting of SAE
- Diary maintenance
- Translations for the Informed Consent Form and Diary
- Coordination and follow up with the subject for the trial
- Coordination for meetings between PI and the Sponsor
To the Hospital
- Increasing the scientific image

- Meet obligations of regulatory bodies, financial monitoring and patient rights

- Follow ICH-GCP guidelines and ICMR guidelines

- Bridge the gap between the Hospital, PI and the Sponsor

- Help PI to screen potential patients

- Selecting Study Coordinator / CRA / relevant study team members
To the Hospital
- Preparation of cost estimate and finalization
- Assistance in completing feasibility questionnaire
- Assistance in EC application and EC approval process
- Drug accountability
- Filling CRF and diary maintenance
-Assistance in Patient counseling for Informed Consent,
 translation of Informed Consent, Patient Information Sheet,
Diary, wherever needed in local languages
- Money transaction from sponsor to principal investigator
-Liaising and coordination between the courier for collection
 and transportation of blood samples to in-house lab/central lab
- Scheduling patient visits and follow up
- Assisting and maintaining the study file note

- Update patient tracking log to the sponsor company
-Contributing to Hospital Lab Services through Clinical Trial
-Instrumental in imparting advance technical training to the
  clinical trial team through their participation in GCP protocols.
To PI:

-A catalyst to bridge the gap between Sponsor, Hospital, Patient and
other team members

-Assistance to PI in coordinating and facilitating logistics and support
services for ethical conduct of Clinical Trials

-Patient recruitment & retention with GCP compliance at all Apollo
Hospital sites

To Patients:

- Reimbursement as per GCP

-Assistance in counseling on Informed Consent, patient information
sheet, diary, etc.

- Organizing patient visits

-Personal / telephonic follow up of patient visits with experienced Social

- Drug disbursement and follow up with accountability maintenance
Medical disciplines with ongoing
and completed trials at Apollo

 - Cardiology           - Oncology

 - Diabetology          - Ophthalmology

 - Dermatology          - Orthopedics

 - Dental Surgery       - Pediatrics

 - Endocrinology        -Pulmonology

 - ENT                  -Psychiatry

 - Gastroenterology     - Respiratory
 - Internal Medicine
                        - Rheumatology
 - Infectious Disease
                        - Urology
 - Nephrology
                        - Vascular Surgery
 - Neurology

 - Obs & Gynecology
                        List of Apollo Physicians involved in Clinical Research
CARDIOLOGY                              INTERNAL MEDICINE                  OPTHALMOLOGY
Dr. Abraham Oommen – AMH/ATH            Dr. T Devarjan – AFH               Dr. Chandran Abraham — AFH
Dr. Mathew Samuel – AMH                 Dr Shafinaz – AMH                  Dr. Mary Abraham – AFH
Dr. Pramod Kumar Jain – AMH             Dr. Udhaya Balasubramaniam – AMH   Dr. Uma Ramesh — AMH
Dr. P Ramachandran – AMH                NEPHROLOGY                         ORTHOPEDICS
Dr. Rakesh Gopal – AMH                  Dr. KC Prakash – AMH               Dr. Balaji Srinivasan – AMH
Dr. Satyamurthy – AMH                   Dr. Raja Mahesh – AFH              Dr. Madan Mohan Reddy – AMH
                                        Dr. Rajeev Annigeri – AMH          Dr Sajan Hegde – AMH
Dr. Babu K Abraham – AMH
                                        Dr. Subba Rao – AMH                Dr. Suryanarayanan – AMH
Dr. R Ebenezer – AMH
                                        NEUROLOGY                          PEDIATRICS
Dr. N. Ramakrishnan – AMH
Dr. V. Ramesh – AMH                     Dr. V. Arul selvan – AMH           Dr. Jothi Parthasarathy – AMH
DENTAL SURGERY                          Dr. Ganapathy K – AMH              Dr. Radha Rajagopalan – AMH
Dr. Karthikeyan – AMH                   Dr. Paneer – AMH                   Dr. Sucharita Ranjit – AMH
Dr. Prasad Reddy – AMH                  Dr. Prithika Chary – AKC           PSYCHIATRY
DERMATOLOGY                             Dr. Sridharan R – AMH              Dr Bharathi Visweswaran – AMH
Dr. Col A Rajagopal – AMH               Dr. Siddhartha Gosh – ASH          Dr Sabia Sultana – AMH
Dr. Muralidhararajagopal – AMH          Dr. Vani Sivaji – AMH              RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
Dr. Ravichandran – AMH                  Dr. Yogaraj Subramanian – AMH      Dr Ashwin K Mani – AFH
Dr Shivram Bharatwaj – ASH              OBS & GYNECOLOGY                   Dr R. P. Ilango – AMH
DIABETOLOGY                             Dr. Kondammal – AMH                Dr Narasimhan – AMH
Dr V Balaji – AMH                       Dr. Nirmala Jayashankar – AMH      Dr Raj B Singh – AMH
Dr Jaswanth Mal Kathod – AFH            Dr. B. Sarat – AMH                 RHEUMATOLOGY
Dr. G. Ravi – AFH                       Dr. Sangamithray – ATH             Dr. Rajasekar – AMH
Dr Venkatraman – AMH                    Dr. Sumana Manohar – AMH           Dr. Ramakrishnan – AMH
ENDOCRINOLOGY                           Dr. Vasanthi – AMH                 Dr. V. S. Shrileka – AFH
Dr. Vijaya Ganapathy - AMH              Dr. Vinutha Arunachalam — AMH      UROLOGY
Dr. Sivagnanasundaram - AMH             ONCOLOGY                           Dr. Arun Kumar – AMH
Dr. Jayashree Gopal – AMH
                                        Dr. Hemanth Raj E. – ASH           Dr Doraiswamy – AMH
                                        Dr. Janos Stumpf – ASH             Dr. T. Ganesan – AMH
Dr. Ganesh – ASH
                                        Dr. Jose M. Easow – ASH            Dr Murali Venkatraman – AMH
Dr. Malathy – AMH
Dr. Palaniswamy KR – AMH                Dr. M.A. Raja – ASH                Dr. Ramesh – AMH
Dr. Ubal Dhus – AMH                     Dr. T. Raja – AMH                  VASCULAR SURGERY
INFECTIOUS DISEASE                      Dr. Ramesh BV Nimmagadda – ASH     Dr V Balaji – AMH
Dr. V Ramasubramaniyam – AMH            Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra – ASH   Dr N Sekar – AMH
                                        Dr. Shankar Srinivasan – ASH
                   Hyderabad                                                   Delhi

CARDIOLOGY                INTERNAL MEDICINE          ANESTHESIA                        ORTHOPEDICS
Dr. K. Narasa Raju        Dr. J Sreekanth            Dr. Vikram Mahajan                Dr. Havind Tandon
Dr. P. C. Rath
Dr. Seshagiri Rao P       MICROBIOLOGY               CARDIOLOGY                        PSYCHIATRY
Dr. Sudhir Naik           Dr. Ratna Rao              Dr. Balbir Singh                  Dr. Sandeep Vohra
                                                     Dr. Naresh Trehan
CRITICAL CARE (ICU)       NEPHROLOGY                 Dr. Sunil Kumar Modi              RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
Dr. Rajib Paul            Dr. Mehul A Shah                                             Dr. Rajesh Chawla
                          Dr. Ratna Rao
DERMATOLOGY                                          ENDOCRINOLOGY
Dr. Radha Shah            NEUROLOGY                  Dr. Ambrish Mithal
                          Dr. Subhashini Prabhakar   Dr. Sanjay Mittal
DENTAL                                               Dr. S K Wangnoo
Dr. V. Venkatesh          ONCOLOGY
                          Dr. Chandra Sekar Rao      GASTROENTEROLOGY
ENDOCRINOLOGY             Dr. Y Nalini               Dr. S L Broor
Dr. R N Mehrotra          Dr. S.V.S.S. Rao
                          Dr. Srinivas Chakravarty   NEPHROLOGY
ENT SURGEON               Dr. Vijayanand Reddy       Dr. Sanjiv Jasuja
Dr. E C Vinay Kumar
                          PULMONOLOGY                NEUROLOGY
GASTROENTEROLOGY          Dr. Ajit Vigg              Dr. Mukul Varma
Dr. Jagan Mohan Reddy     Dr. Pradyut Waghray
Dr. Subash Chandra                                   GYNAECOLOGY
Samal                     RHEUMATOLOGY               Dr. Sohani Verma
                          Dr. Sarvajeet Pal
GENERAL SURGEON                                      ONCOLOGY
Dr. V. K. Bhargava                                   Dr. Ramesh Sarin – Surgical Oncology
Dr. Raghupathi Rao N                                 Dr. SameerKaul – Surgical Oncology
                                                     Dr. Rakesh Chopra – Medical Oncology
                                                     Dr. P K Das – Medical Oncology
                                                     Dr. Harsh Dua – Medical Oncology
                                                     Dr. G K Jadhav – Radiation Oncology
              Ahmedabad                                                  Mysore
CARDIOLOGY                                         Dr.Sunil Kumar.S               ORTHOPAEDICS
Dr. Hasit Joshi                                    Dr.Keshava Murthy.V            Dr.Balakrishne Gowda.T.N
                          Dr. Sucheta Mudgerikar
Dr. Jayesh Prajapati                                                              Dr.Shree Harsha
Dr. Kamal Sharma          ORTHOPEDICS              MEDICINE
Dr. Rashmit Pandya                                 Dr.K.A.Prahalad                PEDIATRICS
                          Dr. Maulik Patwa
Dr. Sameer Dani                                    Dr.Ravi Puranik                Dr.Harish Kejriwal
Dr. Sharad Jain           ONCOLOGY                 Dr.Harish.M.Nayak
Dr. Subhir Ghosh                                   Dr.Malla Reddy                 UROLOGY
                          Dr. Bhavesh Parekh
Dr. Sunil Thanvi                                                                  Dr.Raghavendran.M
                          Dr. Chirag Shah
Dr. Parag Sheth           Dr. Shirish Alurkar      SURGERY
                                                   Dr.S.M.Ravindranath            DERMATOLOGY
                          Dr. Apurva Sheth
DENTAL                                             Dr.Srinath.S                   Dr.Ravi.S
Dr. Palak Pandya          PULMONOLOGY
                                                   OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY       OPTHALMOLOGY
                          Dr. Viral Shah
ENDOCRINOLOGY                                      Dr.K.S.Sowbhagyalakshmi        Dr.S.S.Lakshmi
Dr. RameshGoyal           RADIOLOGY                Dr.L.V.Vanitha
                          Dr. Neha Shah
GASTROENTEROLOGY          Dr. Sandeep Shah         NEUROLOGY
Dr. Chirag Desai                                   Dr.Somnath Vasudev
Dr. ShravanBohra                                   Dr.Aumir moin

GYNAECOLOGY                                        NEUROSURGERY
Dr. Usha Bohra                                     Dr.Ramesh Ranganath
                                                   Dr.Anil Sangli
Dr. Sangeeta Rewatker                              NEPHROLOGY
Dr. Vinit Shah                                     Dr.Srinivasan.P
Dr. Minal Jain
NEPHROLOGY                                         Dr.Arti Behl
Dr. Asit Mehta
Dr. Kavita Parihar                                 ENDOCRINOLOGY
                                                   Dr.Anish Behl,
            Madurai                            Kolkatta
CARDIOLOGY                 CARDIOLOGY                     PSYCHIATRY
Dr. Madhavan               Dr. Aftab Khan                 Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram
Dr. SubbuRamakrishnan      Dr. Rabin Chakraborty
Dr. Vivek bose             Dr. Suvro Banerjee             PULMONOLOGY
                                                          Dr. Asok Sen Gupta
Dr. T.V. Sekar             Dr. Suresh Ramasubban

Dr. O.R. Kumaran           Dr Sanjoy Chatterjee
Dr. Paul Sudhakar          Dr. Tirthankar Chaudhury

Dr. S. Palanirajan         Dr. Mahesh Goneka

Dr. Bharathi Sundar        Dr. Shyamasis Bandopadhyay
Dr. S. MeenakshiSundaram
Dr. SrinivasBapu
RHEUMATOLOGY               Dr. V.V. Lakshminarayana
Dr. Chella Pandian
VASCULAR SURGERY           Dr. Amitabha Ghosh
Dr. N. Durai Raj           Dr. Sanjay Bhowmik

                           Dr. Arundhati Chaokroboty
                           Dr. Saikat Gupta
AHC                          INTERNAL MEDICINE
Dr. Suma Nair                Dr. B S Ramesh
                                                              Dr. Sumant Mantri
CARDIOLOGY                   Dr. Jagadish C
Dr. Gopi A                   Dr. Jyothsna Krishnappa
                                                              Dr. PS Raghavan
Dr. K B Prasad               Dr. Kalpana Janardan
                                                              Dr. Radhakrishna Hegde
Dr. Krishna Mohan Nair       Dr. Rajeeva Mogar
                                                              Dr. Seema Misra
Dr. Mahantesh Charantimath   Dr. Swarna Das
Dr. Rahul Shetty             MEDICAL ONCOLOGY
                                                              Dr. Sudhir Hebbar
Dr. Ramamurthy Bingi         Dr. P P Bapsy
Dr. Ramesh B                 Dr. K Mohan Kumaresh
                                                              Dr. Deepak Bolbandi
DENTAL                       NEUROLOGY
                                                              Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy
Dr. Anandakrishna            Dr. Ashok Kumar Singhal
                                                              VASCULAR SURGERY
DERMATOLOGY                  Dr. Vikram Kamath
                                                              Dr. Umesh Gupta
Dr. Girish Pant              NEPHROLOGY
                                                              TRANSFUSION MEDICINE
Dr. Umashankar. N            Dr. Ramachandra P
                                                              Dr. Geetha N Goudar
ENDOCRINOLOGY                Dr. Shakuntala Modi
Dr. Menaka Ramprasad         OBG
EMERGENCY                    Dr. Beena Jeysingh
Dr. Venkatesh A N            Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy
ENT                          ORTHOPAEDICS
Dr. Honey Ashok              Dr. Arvind D Patil
Dr. K Kumaresh               Dr. Chandramouli B
Dr. Adil Iqbal               Dr. Geethashree Mukherjee
GASTROENTEROLOGY             Dr. T Rajaram
Dr. Praveen Kumar            PLASTIC SURGEY
Dr. Veerendra S              Dr. Deepak K L Gowda
                             Dr. Gunasekar V
                             Dr. Naveen Rao
Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation
track record
 “ AHERF has coordinated over 540 trials in the past and is coordinating over 160
international and domestic trials. Oncology tops the list with 19.5%, followed by
Cardiology 18.5%, Neurology 12%, Diabetology and Pulmonology 9.0% each,
Nephrology and Internal Medicine 5.5% each, Rheumatology, Pediatrics and
Endocrine Disorders 3% each and other indications comprise about 11.5%. The
international studies are multi centric, global phase 2 & 3 trials, of which, 50 % are for
FDA / European Union Registration” . About 2000 patients have been enrolled in the
studies so far.

The trials are in the fields of Cardiology, Urology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases,
Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology, In vitro fertilization,
Vascular Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Sexual Medicine, General
Medicine and Neurology.

AHERF is associated with notable multinational Pharmaceutical clients like Abbot,
Acardia, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Almirall, Amgen, Andes, Astellas Pharma,
Astrazeneca, Avigenics, Basliea Pharmaceuticals, Baxter, Bayer Health Care AG,
Biocon Ltd, Bioline, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol Meyer Squibb, Cadila
Pharmaceuticals, Cardiogenesis, Cell Therapeutics, Centocor, Cordis (J&J), Daichi
Sankyo, Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Sc and Tech, Govt of India, Dr. Reddy’s,
Eisai, Eli Lilly, Fournier labs, Genzyme, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, GSK, Human
Genome Sciences Inc, Immune Control, Incyte Corporation, Johnson & Johnson
Pharmaceuticals, King Pharmaceuticals, Kowa Research, Kyowa Hakko UK Ltd, La
Jolla, Lundbeck, Meda Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic Bakken Research, Merck,
Millennium, MYOCOR, Newron, Nicholas Piramal, Novartis, Novelo Inc, Onco Rx,
Onyx, Origin and Aventis Pharma, Ortho McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs LLC,
Pfizer, Pharmanet, Pierre Fabre Medicament, Poniard, PPD Asianet, Reliance Life
Sciences, Reliance Research India, Roche, Sankya, Sanofi Aventis, Sanofi
Synthelabo Recherche, Schering Plough Research Institute, Serenex, Servier,
Shantha Biotec, Simbiosys Biowares India Private Ltd, Solvay Pharmaceuticals,
Sopherion, Speedel Pharma, Spherix, Straken Pharma, T S Corporation, Tap
Pharma, The Medicines Company, Thrombosis Research Institute, Troikaa
Pharmaceuticals, UCB Belgium, UCB Pharma, Virchow, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation
track record

AHERF is coordinating trials for leading Contract Research Organizations(CRO)
like Amgen, Asian Clinical Trials Pvt Ltd, Chiltern International, Clini Rx, Clinigene
International Ltd, Clininvent, Clinsys, Covance, GVK, i3 Research, ICON Clinical
Research, IGATE Clinical Research, Kendle, Manipal Accunova, Neeman, Novo
Nordisk, Paragon Biomedical India Pvt Ltd, Paraxel International, Pfizer,
Pharmanet, PPD Pharma, PRA, Progenics, Quantum Research India Pvt Ltd,
Qunitiles, Reliance Life Sciences, Sanofi Aventis, Siro Clin Pharm, Spectrum
Clinical Research, Sristek, Synchron, Vibgyor Scientific Research Pvt Ltd, Xience
India and is in discussion with other CROs for potential trials at Apollo Hospitals
Networking Research Apollo Hospitals
Educational and Research Foundation Sites

With a vision to be a full service provider for a contract
research organization, Apollo Hospitals Educational And
Research Foundation’s activities encompass site monitoring,
coordination and facilitation of Clinical Drug Trials that
support the Pharmaceutical company’s efforts to bring the
drug to the market or registration.

Apollo Hospitals Educational And Research Foundation
coordinates testing on the basis of dosage, period of trial
and the after effects of any drug.

 AHERF will provide on-site contact point with the Institution,
Investigator and the trial patients; will facilitate
communication and streamline information flow among trial
partners and will also ensure timely reporting, data
compliance and trial results.
Networking Research Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation Sites

Patient - Reimbursement as per GCP

Guidelines - Follow GCP-ICH Guidelines and country (ICMR) Regulations

Physicians - Assistance in all trial related logistics, including subject screening and recruitment

Hospital - Meet obligations of regulatory bodies, financial monitoring and patient rights

Sponsor Company - Ensure timely conduct of the study and prepare for post trial audit
The Ethics Committee
“ To monitor all activities, in accordance with ICH-GCP guidelines
and ICMR/revised Schedule Y guidelines, Apollo Hospitals has a
well coordinated Ethics Committee comprising of the Chair person,
Member Secretary, Clinicians, Basic Medical Scientist, Lawyer,
Social Worker, Nurse, Theologist , an Eminent Person from the
Society and an Expert Member as per need”

The Ethics Committee facilitates speedy and judicious approval of
protocols and review of clinical activities.

                                                    Approvals                   Termination of
                                                       with                   already approved
   Acknowledgements               Approvals         modification Rejections       documents

   - Trial Initiative
                                   -Amendments in           -Information to      - Information
   - Periodical review of           documentation            sponsor with          to sponsor with
     trial status                                                                  justification
   -Acknowledgment and
    for amended documents,
    monitoring, serious adverse
    reporting and Trial Closure
                            Central Ethics Committee

To encourage clinical research at group level and make the process of approval of
group research projects simpler and faster by avoiding duplication, Apollo Hospitals
Group has established the Central Ethics Committee at Group level and is
functional from September 2007.
The Central Ethics Committee is constituted to review and approve the research
projects which are planned to be conducted at two or more centres of Apollo
Hospitals. This also provides the opportunity for pharma companies to approach the
sites of Apollo Hospitals which do not have a local Ethics Committee.
The Central Ethics Committee has been constituted as per the GCP guidelines with
eminent experts as members. The Chairperson and Member Secretary and the
secretariat office is based at Hyderabad.
The Central Ethics Committee has reviewed 15 global multi-centric clinical trials and
approved    trials from initiation.
The Sponsor/CROs can contact at the address below to get further information:

       Mr. Gourav Kumar
       Member Secretary
       Central Ethics Committee
       AHERF (Near Blood Bank)
       Apollo Health City
       Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
       Email: cec.ahg@gmail.com
       Phone: 040-23556573
       Fax: 040-23543270
       Mob: +919989671343
                                Road Map for Research
                Initiative by Apollo Task Force on Research (ATFR)

ATFR, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury developed a ROAD
MAP FOR RESEARCH activities at Apollo Group with emphasis on following

Research in Cutting edge technology - Stem Cell Research, Research in Molecular
Diagnostics, Clinical Proteomics and Genomics, Pharmacogenetics, Development of
Leads for New use of Drugs

Clinical Research Including Traditional Medicine - Clinical Trials, Pharmacoeconomic
studies on Cost of Treatment and Diagnostics, Research in Traditional medicine,
Investigator initiated Research

Epidemiological Research – Prevalence of non-communicable diseases, Baseline data
studies from various parts of India, Establishment of Registries, Research on the use of
Telemedicine, Screening study to Identify Biological, Environmental and Genetic causes of
Premature Cardiovascular Disease in young Asian Indians

Developing Human Resources – The initiatives taken up are - (i) core group to
coordinate research (ii) Apollo Fellowship on Research (iii) Apollo Adjunct Research
Associates (iv) Observer ship at Apollo centers
Projects as per Road Map

 Cutting Edge Technology:
 -Stem Cell Research – Stem cell Research on therapy and treatment in cardiovascular, neurological, osteo
 degenerative and hematological disorders – (i) Establishment of CORD BLOOD BANK (public & private)
 at Apollo Ahmedabad in process, (ii) Stem Cell Lab at Apollo Health City Hyderabad to carry out clinical
 trials in stem cell research for a clinical outcome (iii) Discussion with various global organizations for
 collaborative stem cell research in various therapeutic indications at many Apollo centres
 -Research in molecular diagnostics – Research centre is being set up at Apollo Health City Hyderabad to
 carry out laboratory research
 -Collaboration with IIT Madras for basic research in molecular diagnostics
 -Efforts to establish and initiate conduct of Basic and Translational Research in clinical and non clinical
 areas to translate discoveries in basic research to prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, therapy and new drug
 development in collaboration with national / international partners
Clinical Research including traditional medicine:
-Strengthening the Site Management offices through the Apollo network
-Partnership with Multi National Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organization for ethical
conduct of clinical trials in various Apollo centres
-Outsourced post genome clinical trials from multinational pharmaceutical companies
-Establishment of Central Ethics Committee for Apollo Hospitals Group at Apollo Health City Hyderabad
-Training and certification program for continuing education in clinical research for global placement - Post
Graduate Certificate Course in Clinical Research at Delhi from July 2008 and Advanced Certificate Course in
Clinical Trial Management: a Joint Program with Anna University at Chennai from Mar 2009
-Clinical Trials in herbal / homeopathy drugs in the initial stages of collaboration
Epidemiological Research:
–Determination of Reference Interval for biochemical and hematological parameters for Indian Population
-Outsourced Pharmaco vigilance and Pharmaco epidemiological studies
-Cardiovascular epidemiology screening study to evaluate the risk factors for early incidence of coronary artery
disease in young Asian Indians
-MoU with Kasturba Hospital Gandhigram (KHGG) to provide telemedicine consultation, awareness programs,
medical camps and training of KHGG nurses in specific areas
-Rural Health Status Project – Screening camp with data transmission through telemedicine in collaboration
with Apollo Telemedicine Network Foundation (ATNF) & Sony Ericcson
Developing Human Resources
-Core group to coordinate research – A team of Scientists for the research centre to plan and carry out the
research activities is in process
-Apollo Adjunct Research Associates – Initiated with joining of Dr Amitava Ray consultant Neurosurgeon
working on clinical and research

Post Graduate Certificate Course in Clinical Research: 18 months program with 6 months of class room
teaching followed by One Year Internship as Trainee Clinical Research Coordinator at AHERF Delhi
First Batch – Started In July 2008
Second Batch – For Initiation in July 2009


Joint Program between AHERF – AU KBC on Clinical Trial Management & Clinical Research

I) Advanced Certificate Course in Clinical Trial Management: One Year Program with 4 months of class room
teaching at AU-KBC, 2 months of on site training at AHERF, followed by 6 months of Internship as Trainee
Clinical Research Coordinator at one of the AHERF sites of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad,
Madurai or Mysore
First Batch – Started In March 2009
Second Batch – For Initiation by end of July 2009

2) Week-end Certificate Course in Clinical Research: Six months program with three months of class room
teaching and three months of on site training, followed by two weeks of Internship
First Batch – For Initiation by July 2009
Networking Research - Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation

                                          Existing Sites


                                         Upcoming Sites
                                                New Delhi Site office: Dr Rekha
                                                AHERF (Spectra) Apollo Hospital Annexe,      Mysore Site office: Dr. H. C. Krishna
Head Office: Ms Jayanthi
                                                Basement, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital       Murthy
Swaminathan                                     New Delhi - 110 044                          Physician Research Coordinator
Ali Towers III Floor                            Tel: +91-11-26925825                         Apollo BGS Hospitals and Research
                                                Fax: +91-11- 41677024                        Centre
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                                                Mobile: 09810971801                          Kuvumpunagar
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                                                AHERF(Spectra), Near Blood Bank
Ahmedabad site office:                          (Apollo Health City) Jubilee Hills           Bangalore Site office: Dr. G. Yatheesh
Dr. Mary Iby P.                                 Hyderabad – 500 033                          154/11 Bannerghatta Road, Opp. I.I.M.
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                                                Kolkata 700 054                              For any further details, visit
                                                Tel: +91-33-23201739
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