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					                                    Medilux Healthcare Ltd.
                                       Healthcare for the Internet Age

                            The Apollo Hospitals Group
                                  The Largest Healthcare Group in Asia

                                         Over 7,000 beds in 38 hospitals
           Nursing and hospital management colleges, pharmacies and diagnostic clinics
                                  Over 10 million patients from 55 countries

                        Guide for Patients and their Doctors

                                  What patients say about Apollo Hospitals
Mrs L, Leicester, UK. Ankle Arthrodesis: "When I landed in India I had fears and apprehensions about the major
surgery I was to undergo. Thanks to the dedication and support of the Orthopaedics team and staff members I
never felt I underwent a major surgery. Now I am able to walk without any support."
Mr R, Canada, Hip Replacement: “My hip was going bad after years of use as a mountain guide and the
Canadian healthcare system would cover it except you would have to wait 2-3 years to get it done. I wouldnt be
able to work, the loss of wages, depression, the pain you have to live with. Among other things there were places in
Europe and also the United States. But the price at Apollo in India was a third and the quality of service excellent.
Mrs P, UK, Knee Replacement: “I am absolutely pain free now and can do all the things I couldn’t before my
operation. I have got my quality of life back and at a fraction of the cost at Apollo. After a long time I am so relaxed.”
Mr N, Canada, Road traffic accident in Colombo, Sri Lanka, multiple injuries: I lost consciousness very
quickly, when I regained my sense I was in the Critical Care Unit. I just could not believe the facilities that were
available. My doctors were very competent and had studied my injuries and the treatment process had already
begun. Nurses were wonderful, I never felt like I was in a foreign country. I can proudly say that this hospital is very
much on par with or even better than some of the US hospitals I have visited. I will highly recommend this medical
facility to anyone and I am so thankful to all the staff and doctors who got me and my family through these
traumatising moments.
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About the Apollo Hospitals Group
Mission and Vision                                            The Apollo group is much more than Asia's
"Our mission is to bring healthcare of international          Largest Network of Hospitals
standards within the reach of every individual. We            1983 marked the beginning of not just an ordinary
are committed to the achievement and maintenance              hospital, nor even just a hospital chain. It was a
of excellence in education, research and healthcare           landmark year for the healthcare sector in India. Dr.
for the benefit of humanity" Dr. Prathap C. Reddy             Reddy founded the first Apollo hospital in Chennai
Founder and Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group                   (Madras), with the sole objective of giving everyone
                                                              in need an opportunity to receive the best medical
                                                              care the world had to offer.

                                                              A seed sown that would, over the next two decades,
                                                              grow into a sprawling tree covering hospitals, clinics,
                                                              pharmacies, telemedicine, project consultancy and
                                                              operations management, medical BPO services,
                                                              education and research.

The Healthcare Giant with a Heart
In the 1970s Dr. Reddy lost a young patient, who
could not go to the West for critical heart surgery
because of lack of money. It was then that he
resolved to quit his successful practice and set up a
world-class healthcare institution in India.
A dream like this does not build a mere empire, it
builds homes and Apollo has been making a                     Today, Apollo is the largest corporate entity in health
difference ever since to millions of homes across             care in India. It has won almost every accolade in
India, standing for the best healthcare when people           the country and quite a few outside it too. Its
require it. This mission has taken Apollo across              geographic boundaries spill over into centres of
borders, geographically and economically, and today           excellence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana,
Apollo still strives to work with the underprivileged in      Nigeria, Qatar and Kuwait. Further initiatives include
giving them access to what should be a birthright.            South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Yemen, Oman,
Good medical care.                                            Bahrain, Vietnam and Thailand.
Medilux Healthcare Ltd.                                                                  Apollo Hospitals Group

Profile by Apollo Hospitals Group of their Chairman, Dr. Prathap C Reddy
                                       Dr     Reddy’s        His plans for improved accessible and affordable
                                       dream is to           healthcare for millions are an ongoing process and to
                                       make India the        bring country-wide, comprehensive health insurance
                                           Healthcare        scheme to India is now his obsession.
                                       Destination of        The telemedicine technology that has been
                                       the World.            successfully introduced by Dr. Reddy in India will be
                                       Two decades           a key enabler in transforming the healthcare delivery
                                       ago, Dr. Reddy        in India. His blueprint for the nation includes setting
                                       lost a patient        up many rural hospitals. Dr. Reddy is now looking at
who couldn't make it to Texas for open heart surgery.        secondary health centres in semi-urban and smaller
This was the milestone in the Indian Healthcare              cities and has already identified 23 sites for the
Industry. Today people have the opportunity in India         same. The maiden effort in this venture has been at
to receive the best that healthcare has to offer             Aragonda, his native village and Dr. Reddy
worldwide. Driven by a deep urge to create world-            envisages that this centre will serve as a model for
class medical infrastructure in India and make it            all such projects of the Apollo Group in rural India.
more accessible and affordable to a large cross              Dr. Reddy has been a keen promoter of active
section of Indians, Dr. Prathap Reddy opted to give          research and exchange programmes for Doctors at
up his successful practice in the US to return to India      Apollo with leading medical institutions for providing
in the early eighties.                                       excellent opportunities for clinical interaction with
Thus, Dr. Reddy began what was truly the process of          their counterparts abroad and also for constant
revolutionising the path of the Indian Healthcare            update of their knowledge for the optimum benefit of
Industry. Undeterred by initial constraints Dr. Reddy        the mankind.
succeeded in setting up the first centre of the Apollo       Recognizing       his
Hospitals Group in Chennai in 1983. This was soon            pioneering role in
followed by India's first hospital consultancy body -        transforming     the
the Indian Hospitals Corporation - and the                   Indian healthcare
commissioning of two more Tertiary Care Centres in           industry,        the
India. Not only did he set a precedent for corporate         Government         of
healthcare in the country, but the Government of             India awarded him
India soon recognized his enterprising efforts.              the      prestigious
On an upswing since then, today the Apollo                   Padma Bhushan in
Hospitals Group has over 22 centres in the major             February 1991. He
cities of India with a combined turnover of over US $        was             also
100 million.                                                 presented with the Sir Neel Ratan Sarkar Award for
Having steered the Apollo Hospitals Group to a               medical excellence in June 1998. Nominated by
number of locations within India, Dr. Reddy                  Business India as one of the Top Fifty personalities,
embarked on an Asian expansion plan with the first           who have made a difference to the country in the fifty
clinic in Dubai established in March 1999. Now,              years since Independence, the country has certainly
projects in Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh and Oman           recognized his contributions. The Royal College of
are ‘on the anvil’.                                          Surgeons of Edinburgh has conferred the Award of
                                                             fellowship ad hominem.
His newest initiative is to integrate into healthcare,
the digital nervous system that will eventually create       Dr. Reddy firmly believes that the Indian doctors
a virtual Apollo Centre anywhere any time. Apollo's          have not got their true entitlement. He is convinced
major Web initiative, Med Varsity - a virtual medical        that India is not only well poised to meet the
university providing total access to experts in the          healthcare challenges of the millennium, but also
field of medicine anywhere in the world and                  equipped with the talent and strength to contribute in
"MEDNET" - Hospital Systems Management                       further developing the health and economy of the
package are slated to transform the way medicine is          world.
practiced in the country.

Apollo Hospital Group - Medical Highlights
    Largest health care provider in Asia, managing over 7,000 beds.
    Treated over 10 million patients and over 6,400,000 medical checks.
    Over 55,000 cardiac surgeries with over 99% success rate.
    First successful cord blood transplant for leukemia.
    The first successful liver transplant programme in that part of the world.
    Done over 10,000 renal and 15,000 bone marrow transplants.
    60,000 foreign patients from 56 countries in the last five years.
    First 16-slice PET-CT scan in India at Apollo Hyderabad and first 64 slice CT scans at Chennai, Delhi and
    Apollo Delhi – first hospital in India to have Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI).
Medilux Healthcare Ltd.                                     Apollo Hospitals Group

Speciality Departments
Anaesthesiology                    Multi-organ Transplantation
Biochemistry                           Kidney Transplant
Apollo Cancer Institute                Liver Transplant
    Medical Oncology               Microbiology
    Radiation Oncology             Apollo Neurosciences Centre
    Surgical Oncology                  Biofeedback
    Paediatric Oncology                Neurology

Apollo Cardiac Centre
   Cardiothoracic Surgery
   Interventional Cardiology       Nuclear Medicine
   Non-invasive Cardiology         Nephrology
   Paediatric Cardiology           Opthalmology
   Paediatric Cardiac Surgery      Orthopaedics
                                   Apollo Centre for Advanced Paediatrics
                                       Adolescent Medicine
                                       Child Psychology
                                       Developmental Paediatrics
                                       General Paediatrics
                                       Paediatric Endocrinology
Clinical Apheresis                     Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Clinical Pathology                     Paediatric Critical Care
Critical Care                          Paediatric Haematology
Dental Surgery                         Paediatric Orthopaedics
Dermatology                            Paediatric Nephrology
Diatetics and Nutrition                Paediatric Neurology
ENT                                    Paediatric Surgery
Emergency Medicine and Trauma      Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation
Endocrinology                      Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Foetal Medicine                    Psychiatry and Psychology
Gastroenterology and Hepatology    Radiology
                                   Respiratory Medicine
                                   Sleep medicine
                                   Spinal Surgery
                                   Transfusion medicine

Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy          Thoracic surgery
Immunology and Molecular Biology   Urology and Andrology
IVF                                Apollo Surgical Science Centre
Joint Surgery                          Minimal Access Surgery
    Knee replacement                   Surgical Gastroenterology
    Hip replacement                    Vascular Surgery
Medilux Healthcare Ltd.                                                                     Apollo Hospitals Group

Treatment Costs
For a full listing of estimated prices please download the Medilux Apollo International Tariff from our web sites or As well as prices, you will find an indication of the length
of stay required for each procedure. The following are examples of prices for common procedures and include
single room, well furnished with attached bath, bed for attendant, telephone, internet facility (on request), cupboard
and medicine drawer.

Medical Procedures                                              Estimated price (US$)         Estimated price (£)
Coronary Angioplasty (Including one medicated stent)                               6,500                            3,750
Laryngectomy                                                                       3,200                            1,850
Intra-dural spinal surgeries(eg. for tumours & cysts)                              7,600                            4,400
Spinal fusion and decompression & Anthroplasty                                     7,600                            4,400
Deep brain stimulation for Parkinsons                                              7,600                            4,400
Peripheral nerve surgery                                                           3,500                            2,000
Carpal tunnel release                                                              3,500                            2,000
Complex Palliative Radiation                                                       1,100                              650
SRS (X-Knife)                                                                      3,800                            2,200
Surgical oncology – breast cancer                                                  3,800                            2,200
Surgical oncology – prostate cancer                                                5,600                            3,250
Kidney transplant, open or laproscopic (recipient and donor)                      14,500                            8,400
Radical prostatectomy                                                              3,700                            2,150
Vasectomy                                                                          1,000                              580
Knee replacement – single                                                           7,600                           4,400
Hip replacement – single                                                            6,200                           3.600
Hip resurfacing                                                                     8,300                           4,800
Cervical fusion                                                                     5,600                           3,200
Lumbar fusion                                                                       7,000                           4,050
Retinal detachment                                                                  1,150                            670
Glaucoma                                                                            1,100                            640

Cosmetic Procedures                                             Estimated price (US$)         Estimated price (£)
Liposuction – abdomen                                                               1,900                           1,100
Breast augmentation (including implants)                                            3,800                           2,200
Breast reduction                                                                    3,100                           1,800
Face lift (face and neck)                                                           2,900                           1,680
Face lift (face ,neck and upper + lower blepharoplasty)                             5,200                           3,000
Cosmetic rhinoplasty                                                                2,000                           1,160
Reconstructive rhinoplasty                                                          2,600                           1,500

Room, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad     Suite, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad             Suite, Apollo Hospital Colombo
Medilux Healthcare Ltd.                                                                     Apollo Hospitals Group

The Hospitals

Indraprashta Apollo Hospital Delhi, exterior and atrium

Apollo Hospital Columbo                    Apollo Hospital Chennai                      Apollo Hospital Hyderabad

Apollo Hospital Bilaspur                   Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkatta, day and night

International Patient Facilities

Apollo Hospital's International Marketing provides a wide range of services to international patients and their family
members, ensuring them of a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay. These include :

    Airport pick up & drop off
    Travel arrangements (local transportation and sight seeing)
    Coordinating all appointments
    Arranging accommodation for patients and attendants (hotels/guest houses for attendants)
    Visa and foreign exchange assistance
    Cuisine to suit your palate
    Locker facility for all valuables
Medilux Healthcare Ltd.                                                                    Apollo Hospitals Group

Further information

You can download specific information on a number of different procedures at Apollo Hospitals from our websites, or Just follow the links to the Download section and see if there
is extra information available for your desired treatment, along with a complete list of guide prices.
Downloads currently available include the Apollo Cancer Institute, Cardiac Centre, paediatrics, fertility treatment and
knee replacement and this section will be updated regularly with additional information, so it is worth checking
regularly to see what has been added.

Obtaining Treatment at Apollo Hospitals

Medilux Healthcare Ltd.
Medilux Healthcare Ltd. acts solely in a marketing capacity. We provide information on our web sites, for viewing and
download and by direct marketing. We do not examine or diagnose patients, nor are we authorised to commit Apollo
to any diagnosis, outcome or precise costing or to enter into any formal or informal agreement on Apollo’s behalf.
We will not enter into any contractual arrangement regarding treatment at Apollo Hospitals, nor will we be in any way
liable for the success, failure or other outcome of treatment. All medical and financial decisions will be made entirely
by Apollo Hospitals without reference to Medilux Healthcare Ltd.

Enquiries for treatment or prices
Please download the latest Medilux Apollo International Tariff from our
website This contains a list of treatments
available and gives a guide to the likely cost and duration of stay required.
If you wish to enquire about a specific treatment please also download the
Medilux Apollo Patient Assessment Form. Complete this and e-mail it
to: Please do not attach medical scans until
you are asked to supply them.
Your enquiry will be answered directly by a member of the
international patients enquiry team at Apollo Hospitals Group.

Medilux Healthcare Ltd. cannot engage in correspondence regarding specific cases.
We offer an internet and e-mail service only. We regret that we cannot handle postal enquiries.

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