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									                                                        Targeted Relationship Marketing
                                                                     Expand Your Marketing Reach
                                                                     Build Community Relationships
                                                                     Get Qualified Leads
                                                                     Save Time, Effort & Resources

Never heard of a preferred employer program?
                                                                       Learn how the National Preferred Employer
Starting your own preferred employer program?                          Program (NPEP) can generate well-qualified
                                                                       sustainable traffic by building long lasting
Already have your own preferred employer program?                      relationships with your area’s most important
Enroll today and let us create or enhance your marketing strategy!     employers.

Program Overview

 The National Preferred Employer Program (NPEP) is a cost-effective,
 targeted, relationship marketing solution designed to promote
 communities directly to the employees of local and national
 employers through human resource departments.

 NPEP is packaged as a free human resources benefit which employers can offer to
 their employees to help ease cost-of-living expenses. Participating communities
 create and control their own preferred employer discounts for our partner employers.

 This benefit is promoted to employees through a variety of channels including posters,
 flyers, payroll inserts and onsite visits. Community information is distributed each
 month through apartment listings delivered by mail and our website -
Partnering with Organizations

  We partner with, advertise with and join apartment, human resource
  and employee benefit organizations whenever possible to expand our
  marketing reach and build better relationships. Here’s a small
  sampling of the organizations we work with.
  Apartment Associations
                                                                                           We enjoy a special
  National Apartment Association
                                                                                           partnership with the
  Atlanta Apartment Association                                                            Society for Human
  First Coast Apartment Association                                                        Resource Management,
  Property Management Association                                                          Jacksonville – (SHRM
                                                                                           Jacksonville). Our
  Human Resource Organizations                                                             program is included in
  Society for Human Resource Management                                                    their membership
  Chesapeake Human Resource Association                                                    benefits and they are
  Colorado Human Resource Association                                                      encouraged to enroll their
                                                                                           own companies in our
  Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area
                                                                                           program as well.
  Society for Human Resource Management, Atlanta
  Society for Human Resource Management, Jacksonville
  Employee Benefit Management Organizations
  LifeCare – manages all employee benefits for 44 companies including Wells Fargo, Kraft
  Foods and EDS.
  Sparkfly – manages all employee benefits for 37 companies including The Coca-Cola
  Company, Delta Airlines and SunTrust Bank.
     Partnering with Employers

Any employer willing to promote our participating communities to their employees can                                                         Here’s what our employers
join. Their employees are then eligible to enjoy the discounts and specials offered by                                                       have to say about us…
our communities.                                                                                                                             “Your service has been a huge help to
                                                                                                                                             many new employees who have moved
Identifying Potential Partner Employers                                                                                                      to Jacksonville over the last few years.
                                                                                                                                             I appreciate all that you do to keep this
We first identify potential new partner employers by purchasing contact lists of human resource professionals and
                                                                                                                                             service top notch and to continuously
working with local chambers of commerce, human resource organizations and employee benefit organizations. We                                 inform me of the discounts
contact human resource managers through mailings, email blasts, advertisements, calls and sponsorships.                                      available. Thanks a bunch!”
                                                                                                                                              - Senior Human Resources
Enrolling Human Resource Departments                                                                                                         Manager, Information & Display
We offer human resource managers one-stop shopping for apartment discounts and a pre-packaged free benefit                                   Systems (IDS)
program which can be easily implemented. The discounts offered by our participating apartment communities can
result in significant cost-of-living savings for their employees.                                                                            "Thank you for sending us the info. Our
                                                                                                                                             employees really appreciate it. Actually
Building Relationships                                                                                                                       in August I'm moving to one of the
Essential to building relationships with partner employers are regular communications. Employers receive monthly                             apartment complexes that is on our
emails, quarterly newsletters, holiday cards & yearly appreciation gifts.                                                                    -Patient & Staff Services Activities
  We partner with over 90 national employers who have made this          We also partner with over 1,000 local and regional employers.       Mayo Clinic
  benefit available to all employees. This list of employers includes:   A small sampling of this list includes:
  ACS - 40,000 employees                                                 Baptist Health - Jacksonville, FL - 6,700 employees                 “I have used this myself and will be
  AirTran Airways - 5,600 employees                                      Duval County Public Schools - Jacksonville, FL - 14,425 employees   moving to one of the properties at the
  CH2M Hill - 16,000 employees                                           Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, FL - 5,200 employees                    beginning of the month. Thanks for
  Echostar Communications - 20,000 employees                             State of Colorado - Denver, CO - 50,000 employees                   your help."
  J.C. Penney - 300,000 employees                                                                                                            -South Regional Payroll Benefits
  Stanley Associates - 2,300 employees                                                                                                       Specialist,
  Wachovia - 90,000 employees                                                                                                                Whole Foods Market

                                                                                                                                             “Received you clever Spring Gift.
                                                                                                                                             Thanks so much!”
                                                                                                                                             Manager of Administrative Services,
                                                                                A complete listing of all                                    CUH2A
                                                                              employers is available on our
    Promoting Our Benefit Program
                                                                                                                    Reading this online?
                                                                                                                    Click below to see employers who
Once an employer enrolls, we assist the human resource department in getting the word                               link directly to us!
out to employees that this new benefit is available to them.                                                        Duval County Public Schools
                                                                                                                    State of Colorado
Free Program Materials                                                                                              Tri-County Health Department
All partner employers are provided with the program materials such at posters, flyers and payroll inserts they      University of Colorado and Denver Heath
                                                                                                                    Science Center
require to promote our benefit to their employees at no charge. Materials are replenished every year.               TWSCO
Website Linking                                                                                                     Supernus
                                                                                                                    Georgia State University
Partner employers are encouraged link their corporate benefits website directly to our listings at     Certified Financial Planner Board of
Employee Benefit & Vendor Fairs                                                                                     Standards
We host booths at employee benefit fairs to distribute information and listings directly to employees.               Many other employers link to us from
                                                                                                                    their corporate intranets which are not
Easy to Remember Web Addresses                                                                                              available to the public.
Employees can find us on the web at our regular address or our new easy to remember addresses
such as…,, and
Search Engine Optimization
An employee who may be unsure of their benefit can usually find us on the web by using a search engine like
                                                                                                                          Free program Materials
Google to search for their company’s employee discounts.
Inclusion in Benefits Information Packages and Newsletters
We provide our logo and prewritten text to employers such as Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, FL,
Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA, the State of Colorado and Doctor’s Community Hospital in Lanham, MD to
include information about our program in their formalized benefit information packets and newsletters.
    Promoting Your Community

  Enrolling your community is simple!
           1. Complete a one page agreement.
           2. Create your own discount terms or use our standard terms – 5% off monthly market rent & 50% off application fees.
           3. Provide one community picture and up to 250 words of descriptive text.
     We create two types of listings, online listings available 24/7 and printed apartment listings mailed
                                                monthly to employers.
                                                                                                            online listings
  Apartment                                                                                                 text and link to
    listings                                                                                                map locator.
categorized by
 state & city.

Complete list
  of partner
                                                                  Online apartment
                                                               listing - communities
                                Welcome Gift                     are sorted by map
                                  Request                             location.

                                                                                             Printed apartment listings are
                                                                                           mailed to employers monthly and
                                                                                           are also available to print from our
  Tracking Results
                                                                                                   Easily Identifiable Traffic….
We make gauging your traffic simple by delivering leads and leases in a                                                                                                                                 NATIONAL

number of easily identifiable formats and recording results.

Website Page Hits
We record the number of hits your individual listing receives on a monthly basis.

Guest Cards                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Guest Card
When employees call us directly with a general inquiry about participating communities. Guest
cards are faxed and the request is recorded.

Email Leads
Email sent from the website are received by us first to record and redirect to your community.
We follow up with the potential tenant one week later to help ensure the lead is being managed.

Welcome Gift Requests/Lease Verification
One a new lease is signed through us. The new resident can request their free Welcome Gift.
                                                                                                                       Email Lead
We record the lease, fax a confirmation to the community and send the gift!

Monthly Traffic Surveys
Each month traffic surveys, which is also an updated list of employers, is faxed to communities.
Community are asked to report all leads and leases and results are recorded.

Secret Shopper Calls
Periodically we make secret shopper callsto help ensure that all employees have a positive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Traffic Survey
experience and no community loses out on a potential new lease. Results are faxed to
communities.                                                                                               NATIONAL
                                                                                                           PROGRAM     NPEP Shopper Results

                                                                                                     Community Name:
                                                                                                     City:                                                              Date of call:                        Time of call:
                                                                                                     Spoke with:                          Called as Employee from:
                                                                                                       Did the person you spoke with recognize NPEP?          Yes        No
                                                                                                       If they didn’t recognize NPEP, were they able to get the information about NPEP from someon else
                                                                                                       in the office?      Yes       No
                                                                                                       Did they explain the discount or the money you save?          Yes       No
                                                                                                        Did the discount match the discount listed on the NPEP listing?                           Yes           No
                                                                                                        Did they mention the Welcome Gift?                    Yes            No

                                                                 Welcome Gift                        This shopper results card has been sent to you as part of your membership in the National Preferred Employer Program (NPEP). NPEP has
                                                                                                     secret shoppers test call participating apartment communities to ensure that no community loses out on a potential lease and all employees of
                                                                                                     our partner employers enjoy their experience with NPEP. If you have any questions about these results or your membership in NPEP please
                                                                                                     call 1-877-629-6082 or email

                                                                                                    Secret Shopper Results Card
2008 Rates & Terms*

 Single Community Standard Rate
 •   $99 per month.
 •   Initial term six months. After six months may be canceled with a 30 day written notice prior to monthly publication.

 Five Communities Discount
 •   $75 per community per month.
 •   Five or more communities from same management company.
 •   Initial term six months. After six months may be canceled with a 30 day written notice prior to monthly publication.

 Ten Communities Discount
 •   $50 per community per month.
 •   Ten or more communities from same management company.
 •   Initial term six months. After six months may be canceled with a 30 day written notice prior to monthly publication.

 Portfolio Discount
 •   $45 per community per month.
 •   Initial term six months. After six months may be canceled with a 30 day written notice prior to monthly publication.
 •   Requirements:
       – 40 or more communities from same management company.
       – Single monthly invoice for all communities (can be paid by separate checks).
       – Single point of contact with the management company.

                                                                                        *Pricing subject to change without notice.

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