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									Workers Compensation &
Self Insurance
By working closely with you, we can help
you manage complex self insurance issues
                                              Highlights of our                             An experienced team
such as compliance and registration under     recent experience                             Our dedicated Workers Compensation &
the state and Comcare schemes.                We act for some of the largest employers      Self Insurance practitioners are known for
                                              in the manufacturing, retail, defence,        their great service and plain talking. Contact
This partnering approach, combined            agribusiness, resources, aged care and        one of our partners to find out how they can
with our in-house counsel capability          housing, health, labour hire and wine         work with you to get reliable results.
and knowledge sharing practices, also         industries in South Australia. We also
enables us to cost-effectively manage                                                       John Walsh
                                              act for small-to-medium enterprises,
claims outcomes that are directly linked to                                                 Direct +618 8229 0930
                                              government entities, professional advisers
your goals. These objectives may include      and individuals.
minimising the use of redemptions and                                                       John, the leader of our Workers
reducing the length of time it takes to       Highlights of our experience include:         Compensation & Self Insurance practice,
settle claims.                                · defending thousands of workers              works closely with self insurers and
                                                compensation claims for registered and      employers to defend and manage workers
Workers Compensation                            self insured employers                      compensation claims. He also assists
& Self Insurance services                     · successfully representing registered        companies in their transition to become self
                                                                                            insurers under both the state-scheme and
                                                employers and self insurers in
Our Workers Compensation & Self                 thousands of claims before the Workers      Comcare.
Insurance services include:                     Compensation Tribunal and the
· advice and representation in the              Supreme Court                               Karl Luke
  Workers Compensation Tribunal and the                                                     Direct +618 8229 0939
                                              · assisting companies in their successful
  Supreme Court                                                                   
                                                transition from registered employer to
· claim reviews                                 self insured status                         Karl is an experienced litigator who is known
· fraud investigations and prosecutions       · advising clients on the feasibility of      for strategically supporting his clients to
· Comcare self insurance applications           attaining self insurance status under the   solve their problems quickly.
· Comcare self insurance feasibility            Comcare scheme                              He acts as in-house counsel in significant
  studies                                     · advising companies on the audit of self     workers compensation matters. Karl is also
· compliance advice                             insurance licences, and                     a lecturer at the University of Adelaide’s Law
· long-term claims management                 · representing the WorkCover                  School in workers compensation law.
· performance benchmarking and                  Corporation as counsel in many
  improvement planning                          significant cases.                          Belinda Randell
· procedure manuals and guidance                                                            Direct +618 8229 0926
· recoveries                                                                                Belinda is one of the leaders of our
· rehabilitation and return to work plans                                                   Insurance team. She resolves claims
· SA self insurance applications                                                            quickly, cost-effectively and equitably
· SA self insurance feasibility studies                                                     through cooperation with all stakeholders.
· self insurance estimate reviews                                                           Belinda also advises insurers and self
· special projects – workers                                                                insured employers on risk management
  compensation systems                                                                      strategies and occupational health and
· strategic advice on complex claims                                                        safety issues.
· training and education (design and
Quality & efficiency                         Knowledge sharing                              Contact us
Our Workers Compensation & Self              initiatives                                    DonaldsonWalsh Lawyers
Insurance team is supported by a             We regularly share the knowledge we gain       Kings Chambers
                                             through our professional experience, our       320 King William Street
dedicated administrative team and a
                                             participation in industry groups and our       Adelaide SA 5000
proven case flow management system.                                                         Tel +618 8410 2555
This system allows us to continually         development, teaching and assessment
                                                                                            Fax +618 8410 2322
monitor file progress and regularly report   of the University of Adelaide’s workers
on developments and key performance          compensation law subject.            
indicators. The quality of our work is
assured by a peer review system and          To keep you up-to-date, we produce the
supported by our significant investment in   DW Report. This monthly report provides
staff training.                              commentaries and updates on recent
                                             case law, legislative changes, and other
                                             analysis, reviews and news. You can
                                             download copies of this report from

                                             We also:
                                             · regularly host breakfast briefings for our
                                             · conduct onsite training for clients and
                                               industry stakeholders, and
                                             · provide strategic claims management,
                                               rehabilitation and OH&S workshops.

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