The Workers Compensation System by pharmphresh33


									The Workers
Compensation System
What is the Workers
Compensation System?
The WorkCover Corporation has the               The funds collected are invested to
responsibility for managing the                 contribute to keeping the levy on
WorkCover legislation and                       employers as low as possible.
occupational health, safety and                 However, the levy rates paid by
welfare in South Australia.                     individual employers and the
The Corporation administers the                 industry are directly linked to the
Workers Rehabilitation and                      number and costs of the claims in
Compensation Scheme, a “no fault                the industry or at that location – the
system” which covers employers                  more claims your workplace or
and workers in the event of injuries            industry generates, the higher the
and illness in the workplace                    levy rate for the employers in the
The Workers Rehabilitation and
Compensation Act was established                The Corporation is also working
in 1987. Workers and unions agreed              closely with employers and workers
that the right to sue the employer for          in the industry through the Road
negligence in the event of an injury            Freight Transport Industry OHS
in the workplace would be removed               Committee on programs aimed at
                                                reducing the incidence and cost of
In return, employers and
                                                injuries (including deaths) in the
associations agreed that workers
could not be held financially
responsible for injuries and illness in
the workplace                                   How can WorkCover Corporation
If the no fault component of the                help you?
workers compensation system were                FREE INFORMATION – contact
removed, employers would be open                WorkCover Corporation
to litigation from injured or ill
workers. – in other words,                      FREE ADVICE – call the Customer
employers and employees would be                Information Centre
involved in costly legal action                 LIBRARY – visit the library and
without much chance of a                        access the largest range of health,
successful return to work.                      safety, workers compensation and
WorkCover Corporation also                      rehabilitation books, journals,
collects the levy payable by                    videos, CD roms and training
employers to fund the scheme,                   products in this state.
while the claims agents provide                 INTERNET – visit the site and down
compensation and rehabilitation to              load FREE information
injured workers.
The Corporation uses, on average,
eight percent of the levies for                  Customer Information Centre 13 18 55
administrative purposes. The rest of               SA country callers: 1800 18 8000
the money funds the workers                         Interstate callers: 1800 888 508
compensation claims costs. None of                   Switchboard: (08) 8233 2222
the money from the fund goes back                          Fax: (08) 8233 2466
to consolidated revenue
                                                         100 Waymouth Street,
(government or treasury).
                                                            Adelaide SA 5000
                                                The Road Transport Industry’s website:

      All South Australians working together for the safest workplaces

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