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Centramax™ Centrifuge Maintenance Schedule
                  Have you checked your centrifuge lately?
The owner’s manual that you received with your centrifuge recommends checking it regularly
to keep it in its best condition. Here’s what you should be checking for:

        Observe noise.
        Observe vibration.
        Observe temperature of hydraulic system.
        Observe power consumption.

WEEKLY (or every 150 hours)
        Check motors for cleanliness.

MONTHLY (or every 500 hours)
Jan      Feb    Mar      Apr     May    Jun    Jul     Aug    Sep     Oct    Nov      Dec

•   Grease bearings.
•   Check V-belt tension.

YEARLY (or 8,000 hours)

•   Inspect unit for erosion.
•   Replace elastomers.
•   Check vibration isolators.

TIP: Make copies of this page to check off each day.

For more information, consult your O&M manual. If you have any questions or need any help
with parts or service, please call Siemens Water Technologies toll free at 1-800-245-3006. We
can provide you with all your parts and offer Service Contracts to assist you.

           Phone: 616-772-9011 or 800-245-3006 Fax: 616-772-4516 www.siemens.com/water

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