Develop and defend a thesis using three pieces of by pharmphresh33


									                           Literature Circle Literary Analysis:
                 Applying Literary Criticism to Accelerated Reader Selections

Focus on one significant component of your February AR novel. With this element in mind, develop and
defend a thesis using three pieces of literary criticism.

2-3 pages (does not include cover page or references page)
Will address February’s AR book, unless you read Kite Runner
Should use APA style
Directions are crucial: Do the given assignment, adhere to all English department guidelines, write the
required number of pages, etc.
Organize paragraphs around strong topic sentences
Incorporate/combine criticisms into your own ideas/ not your opinions

Literary Research: Find and read a variety of Literary Criticisms. Think of Possible Thesis Statements.
Begin to organize support from criticism and text, ask questions; DO NOT write the paper!

Thesis Development: Propose a thesis by next Wednesday (with organized support—no paper YET!!)

Paper Development: Introduction, paragraphs organized around strong topic sentence, integrate/weave in
appropriate textual support, cite it properly, conclusion

REVISE, REVISE, REVISE!!! We can tell when papers are exploratory and early drafts. Seek feedback
from a variety of sources.

Academic writing reminders: no contractions, no personal pronouns, no defining by saying “is when,” no
advising the reader, show versus tell, read aloud, be concise, use most appropriate over biggest word

Due: March 17, 2008, by your period. If you are absent, e-mail the paper by the period you have class.

Rubric Preview:
Thesis Development: Thesis should allow for specific, focused analysis of one primary idea (Like
Hawthorne’s view of science in…………; Bierce’s style and its ability to create verisimilitude and lead to
the shocking ending)

Paper Development: Quality of introduction, strength and clarity of topic sentences, appropriate
paragraphing, quality of conclusion

Literary Research Applications: Incorporation of criticism, appropriate textual support (including direct
quotes), and own ideas

Quality of research: selection of valid criticism from reputable sources; must be databases or books. You
may use others, but they will be in addition to your three required “real research” sources

Writing elements: Sentence variety and fluency, voice, word choice, grammar, spelling

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