School of Literary Criticism by pharmphresh33


									School of Literary   Look For…                   Ask…
                       -   unusual                 -    Are there any
Psychoanalytic             fascinations                 behaviors/thoughts/actions
                       -   sexual conflicts             that make you (the reader)
                       -   evidence of                  uneasy, scared, sad, or
                           unresolved                   angry?
                           emotions                -    Could you diagnose a
                       -   psychological                character with any serious
                           conflicts                    mental illnesses?
                       -   guilt                   -    Is there evidence of any
                       -   childhood trauma             strange relationships?
                                                   -    Is there evidence of
                                                        extreme emotions?
                       -   fashion                 -    What are the signs of the
New                    -   events                       time?
Historicism            -   hobbies/sports          -    Does the story accurately
                       -   trends(social)               portray/reflect the time? In
                       -   sayings/slang                what way(s)?
                       -   political figures
                       -   stories or              -    What would you classify
Myth/Archetypal            characters or                each character as
                           conflicts based on           (archetype)?
                       -   good vs. evil           -    Do elements of the story
                       -   hero/villain                 parallel those from any
                       -   damsel in distress           myth(s) you have read?
                       -   (use a list of
                       -   signs of
Gender Studies             masculinity:            -    Does each character fit the
                              - powerful                gender mold (according to
                              - dominant                this theory)?
                              - aggressive
                              - strong             -    Do any characters defy
                       -   signs of femininity          their gender role? How?
                              - submissive
                              - passive
                              - weak
                       -   themes                  -    what, in this story, might
Moral                  -   lessons learned              be a lesson that could better
                           that will benefit            its readers?
                       -   how each lesson is      -    how does a prevalent theme
                           represented                  appear? (trace its presence)

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