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What you should have: 5 full-text pieces of literary criticism on The Great Gatsby, complete with
citations for each. Each article should hold some interest for you in what it proposes about the

Read each and find the thesis, and the major points of their argument. You will need to turn in a
paper that lists citation, thesis and examples that the author uses. See example below for an article
we looked at together:


Citation: (Don’t worry about formatting for now, you can copy and paste)
“Fitzgerald's Daisy: The Siren Voice”
Glenn Settle
American Literature, Vol. 57, No. 1. (Mar., 1985), pp. 115-124.

Settle argues that because of Fitzgerald’s concentration on representing Daisy’s voice, she can be
understood as playing the role of a modern day siren to Gatsby’s doomed sailor.

Basic Examples used in Article:
Gatsby as sailor – his adventures with Dan Cody, circling the world
Daisy as siren
   - Settle sets her up by discussing the flower imagery around her
   - He points out the comparison to “Ella Kaye” the woman who deceived Dan Cody
   - Around pg 119, Settle begins discussion of Daisy’s voice: laughter (9 in Gatsby), voice full of
       promise (14, 120), compelling Nick forward (12, 14, 18), her irrational train of thought (18),
       voice as exhilarating (86), charming the heat (118), full of money (120), beauty of her voice
   - He returns to comparisons to other literature
   - Discussion of the end of the novel

THEN, after all five, write a short paragraph explaining how you see these articles relating (or not)
and what ideas or insights they provide you with.

FOR MONDAY (3/19), at the end of class, have all five, and your final reflection completed.
You will have lab time Monday to work on this further, but much of your reading should be done
over the weekend.

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