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Anne Frank: Readings
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl p. 159 Thursday, 16 March 1944

Questions: Why is Anne “shoved from one corner to another”?

What does Anne write that shows that she doesn’t have any privacy?

Anne isn’t talking about World War II when she says the “war reigns incessantly within.” So what is she talking about?

What would cause Anne to be “absolutely stifled”?

Friday, 17 March 1944

Questions: What are some of Anne’s complaints about her living conditions?

Why do Anne and her sister resent the way their parents are treating them?

Do you think Anne can tell her feelings and thoughts to her parents? Why or why not?

What two things does love include according to Anne?

Saturday, 15 July 1944

Questions: Do you agree that “youth is lonelier than old age”? Why or why not?

How is Anne’s belief “that people are really good at heart” ironic?

What words contrast peace and tranquility near the end of this diary entry?

What do you think writing to Kitty provides for Anne Frank while she is in hiding?

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank p. 248
Hannah Elisabeth Pick-Goslar: When did she Hannah spend time with Anne Frank?

What did Hannah remember about Anne’s diary?

Does Hannah’s account of Anne’s relationship with her parents agree with the one that Anne wrote about in her diary?

Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper: When did Janny meet the Frank family?

What did Janny have to tell Anne Frank’s father?

She had been in a concentration camp herself. Why would that make it harder for her to meet the family members of people who died?

Why do you think Otto and Janny saw each other often?

Rachel van Amerongen-Frankfoorder: When did Rachel first know the Frank family?

What effect has Anne Frank had on people?

Why is the visit to Anne Frank’s house so difficult for Rachel?

Bloeme Evers-Emden: When did Bloeme get to know Anne and Margot?

What did she say about Anne and her mother’s relationship?

Why do you think their relationship changed from being in hiding to being in the concentration camp?

What helped the Franks survive as long as they did?

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