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					How to create your own Gmail (Google email)

[] pictured-ebook explained it step by step for you~~ ;-) Brought to you by: m2mdoh @ [] Internet Marketing – All In One, Explained

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Before we get started, here is some legal thing you must read about. Firstly, Thank you very very much for downloading this pictured-ebook, and I strongly suggest that if you think this is useful you should spread the word and share it with your friends or give it away as your bonus~~ :-) But, in case which you paid for buying this ebook, you've been scammed. (Tell me who this person is, and Do not buy anything from that person, ever!) Second, you are prohibited to make changes, amendments or whatsoever actions to this ebook in whatever form or nature. Please respect that this ebook is made by me solely for you, so do not do any mischief, okayyy my Dear? And please do not claim this as your own work, God is watching you~~ ;-) Third, I am not affiliated with Google or earn anything from this free pictured ebook. I love using Google great services. So I created this free ebook, plus I hate pausing and rewinds Youtube videos each time I wanna learn something. LOL X-D There is no guarantee or implication of earnings potential. This is a 'how to' ebook, not you-willdefinitely-earn-money ebook. Results vary from one person to the next, and it might differs from time to time and location. Lastly, all effort is made for this guide to be as up-to-date as possible. (This ebook is created in December y2K9). However, the web changed so fast and Google mail might changes from time to time too. I cannot guarantee that everything in this guide will be exactly 100% the same and relevant when you read this ebook. Thank you for spending your time reading this ebook, so.. Let us begin creating our Gmail~~ X-D

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For starter, go to Google home, click Gmail which is on top of the search engine. Or, just type [] in your browser.

This 2 ways will brings you to one site, Gmail - a Google approach to email.

As a new user, click 'Create an account'

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Here you are, the main page before creating your new Gmail account.

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First thing first~~ Before you start to write anything, I would like you to choose your email language. Selecting one will make your Gmail using that language throughout your email.

By default, your Gmail language is already being set when you click 'Gmail' from your Google page. Say, you click on 'Gmail' in [] and your default email language will be in Japanese. If you click 'Gmail' from [] so your email language will be in Malay. When you're done choosing your language, then we can continue creating our Gmail account. For me, I would like to avoid filling my name first, and just jump to the 'Desired login name' section. Wonder why? I want to check the availability of my login name first. After I'm satisfied with my login name, then I will fill the other information. It is up to you, but I'd prefer to check the name availability first, hehe. :-)

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Login name

What is a Login name? Login name is a unique name where you will use it as your account identity. It's the same thing with login ID, username, ID, user ID, and any other variations. But login name is different with other people and only you will used this name. (This is my blog post of why username is somewhat important)

Creating one sometimes is a pain in the neck, because the name you really want to use (usually) is already used by another person. As no one will share the same gmail login name, the percentage of using your own name (if it is a popular name) is probably zero. So you need to come up with your 'creative' name.

The simplest way to create a unique one is by combining your real name. Take your first and last name and combine it altogether, and that should results a unique login name. You might want to use your surnames, or your nick name, your online name, probably any name as long as that name is not used by someone else. Another way is you may add numbers into it, or using signs such as underscore can make your login name unique. As for me, I prefer strange nickname using only odd-numbered alphabets - for the sake of speed and less typing ;-P

Or, you just use their login name suggestions~~ ;-)

Click the 'check availability' button to check whether your name is available or not.

After you're done with that, than we can continue fills the details in this sign-up form. Enter your first and last name.

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Type your preferred password. Use strong passwords rather than fair, or good ones. Take note with Gmail 'Password strength' bar. From there you are able to know your password strong or not. Strong passwords is more secure than a weak one. (A reminder, because you will be using this email address in your IM routine, I would love to suggest you to read this blog post before choosing your never-meant-to-be-forgotten password). Quick tip, please add numbers, special characters, and a combination of upper and lowercase letters in your password. Re-enter your desired password again.

Stay signed in, Web history Please be caution with this 2 options: 'Stay signed in' and 'Enable web history'.

Only tick the box if you creating this email from your own computer. If you are using shared computers (like in cybercafes, in a library, etc) please uncheck this box, okay? Uncheck this 2 options so that the computer that you are using right now won't store any information about your account. 'Stay signed in' will store your password, and 'Enable web history' lets Google remembers your browsing history.

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Security Question

Like they said, Security Question is a question asked when you forgot your password. You get to choose from 4 Google question, or create your own DIY question.

4 Gmail custom question

Write our own DIY question You can answer probably anything for this Security question, provided you remember that answer in case you were asked later. My trick for this one is, always use the DIY question, and answer it with easily remembered out-of-this-world answer but never related to that question. (It's my primary secure approach) teeheehee X-D

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Secondary email

This optional email address is where Google will sent an email to recover your password. Google will also use your secondary email address to communicate with you in the following instances: You cannot log in to Gmail You are about to run out of storage space Google need to let you know about any unusual activity within your account If you do not provide a secondary email address, Google will not be able to verify your identity and will not be able to contact or help you if there is a problem with your account. Where I get to know this? I clicked the 'Learn more' link~~ ;-) Here is one of my trick: Open a Yahoo! mail, check the availability of your Yahoo ID. If it available for use, use that 'Yahoo! ID' and fill it in the secondary email. But remember to create your Yahoo! Email using that chosen Yahoo! ID. In case which you already have your Yahoo! Mail (or any other email), so use that email address in your secondary email.

Location Choose your country where you live for your location.

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Word Verification Enter the word verification correctly and carefully. Sometimes their verification is so confusing, you might need to do this again. Use only alphabets, no numbers and no capital letters in here. (At writing time, Gmail word verification use lowercase alphabets only, I don't know in future will they change their word verification. Type exactly what you see.)

Terms of Services. Read the ToS a little bit, or skip it. (Just kidding, you might need to print this if you want) ;-)

(Skip this part) ;-P I remembered ol' school email after seeing that 'With Gmail, you won't see blinking banner ads...'. Modern ads won't be that less blinking~~ X-D Double check everything, (you should read their 'Program Policy' and their 'Privacy Policy' and drink some caffeine~~) and after you satisfied, click that 'I accept.' button, yeah~~ :-D

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If.. You see the same form appears again with red notice there, please correct it. Usually, you may encounter this red notice if you enter the wrong alphabets for the word verification. Just correct your mistake(s), and click 'I accept'. When everything is done correctly, you will see a quick Gmail introduction. Click 'Show me my account' and you will arrive at your new Gmail~~ :-D

This blog post and links might be useful for you:1. This is my blog post of why login name is somewhat important — 'Why username or login ID is somewhat important? (with keywords inside)' 2. I would love to suggest you to read this blog post before choosing your never-meant-tobe-forgotten password - 'How to create a strong password for an email? (or any account)' 3. About Gmail. [] 4. What's new in Gmail~~ []

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That's it, my simple baby steps for you to create your own Gmail account. Hope this will help you in any way possible. BTW, no matter what email do you have right now, I would love to recommend that you have your own Gmail. Read more about Gmail and Google and my way of internet marketing stuff in my blog, okay? God Bless~~ ^,^ Thank You very very much~~

( Internet Marketing – All In One, Explained. (^,^)

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