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Siklu Communications delivers carrier-grade milimetric-
wave Gigabit Ethernet radio solutions with paradigm-shifting
price performance. Offering the industry’s lowest total cost
of ownership (TCO), and incorporating on-board networking
capabilities, solutions from Siklu are ideally suited for the both
mobile backhaul and carrier Ethernet business services.

A Clear Market Demand
As subscriber demand for bandwidth increases exponentially, and data services profit margins
continue to shrink, the cost and complexity of increasing mobile backhaul capacity and the quest
to lower cost per bit is leading providers to seek new backhaul alternatives. These concerns will
grow even more serious as providers plan their transition to 4G - LTE and WiMAX technologies.

Packet-based backhaul solutions allow providers to scale bandwidth on a pay-as-you-go
basis – reaching Gigabit-per-second capacity without massive infrastructure investments.
However, traditional packet-based backhaul transport suffers from a number of inherent
limitations - copper has limited capacity, new fiber links are often prohibitively expensive, and
traditional microwave links suffer from spectrum congestion and limited channel size.

Today, more and more providers are turning to cutting-edge standards for wireless Gigabit
Ethernet – in particular to milimetric wave technology in the E-Band spectrum, which offers
large channels of up to 5 GHz in bandwidth to deliver multi-Gigabit data rates.
Gigabit Ethernet Radio with Disruptive Price Performance
Leveraging cutting-edge, Silicon-based Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) system technologies,
Siklu offers carriers Gigabit Ethernet radio solutions with disruptive price-performance.
With a TCO up to 90% lower than existing systems, and negligible E-Band frequency licensing
fees - solutions from Siklu make Gigabit Ethernet radio an attractive, viable, and cost-effective
option for mobile providers.

Using 71-76 GHz regulated E-Band or the 57-66 GHz license-exempt band, Siklu is ideal not just
for carrier mobile backhaul, but also for enterprise and Ethernet service providers. For providers
seeking a viable alternative to last mile out of wireline reach, Siklu offers easily-deployed, low-cost
wireless solutions that deliver the Gigabit bandwidth that clients need, avoiding the sometimes
prohibitive expense of new fiber deployments.

Siklu products were designed from the ground up to be building blocks of next generation backhaul
networks. Interfacing seamlessly with carrier Ethernet services, Siklu solutions integrate cutting-
edge Layer 2 switching and Ethernet OA&M capabilities. Furthermore, the Siklu architecture is
software-upgradable to support future Layer 3 networking and routing capabilities for flat-IP
topologies - enabling easy migration to support multi-Gigabit throughput.

Siklu’s high-throughput solutions, together with advanced adaptive modulation and coding, allow
operators to maintain, prioritize, and verify QoS in all weather conditions. Offering easy and low
cost all-outdoor installation and a small form factor, the Siklu system is also environmentally-
friendly - boasting a small antenna footprint, and especially low power consumption.

Seasoned Management, Solid Backing
Serving providers around the world, Siklu Communications is based near Tel Aviv, Israel. Privately-
held, Siklu is backed by a group of prominent and experienced international investment funds
and private investors, led by Evergreen Venture Partners, DFJ Tamir Fishman and Argonaut Private
Equity. The seasoned Siklu management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience from
the telecommunications, backhaul network, hardware, and software markets. The company's
executives have held high-level managerial positions at Intel, Alvarion, RAD Data Communications
and other leading companies, and have proven success records in the international arena.
Siklu Inc.
7 Shoham St. Petach-Tikva 49517, Israel

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