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					                   Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
                                             Research Proposal (APS / ICP)
 All students planning to write a Master’s Thesis must submit a research proposal for approval before beginning research. Those who plan to submit a
 Research Report are also highly encouraged to submit a proposal, although submission is not required. Submissions should be typed, not handwritten.

 NOTE: Typically, the Research Proposal is submitted when the student registers for Research Project II (2nd Semester); HOWEVER those who intend to
 complete their studies in 1 year (incl. Indonesia Linkage Program) and those in the Contemporary Japan Studies Program should submit their proposal in the
 1st semester, when registered for Research Project I. See the Research Proposal Q&A on the Graduate homepage for details.
    Student ID Number:                  51208000                                              Year of Enrollment:                  2008                Spring Fall
    Name:                               LAST, First Middle Name                                                 Length of Study:                        1.5 year(s)
    (as shown on ID)

    Major & Division / Program:
       Major                                            Division (ICP only)  Select                                             Program (APS/ICP)
        APS                                                                  your                                            Contemporary Japan Studies
                                 International Public Administration (IPA)   length of                                       Public Health Management
                                 Environmental Policy & Administration (EPA) study from                                      Indonesia Linkage
        ICP                                                                  the drop
                                 Tourism Policy & Administration (TPA)                                                       IMAT
                                 Development Economics (DE)                  menu

    Title: Title of my Master's Thesis
    This Thesis will cover the basic hospital management theory proposed by Dr. So-and-so, and its application to a
    small clinic in Beppu.

    1. Abstract and questions about this theory. For example, comparison between the clinic in Beppu and the hospital
    in which the theory was originally based.
    2. Background information on the clinic in Beppu
       a.) When established
       b.) No. of employees
       c.) Departments and No. of patients
    3. Raw Data
       a.) type of questions / surveys conducted
       b.) number surveyed
       c.) possible survey flaws / errors
       d.) evaluation of data
    4. Application of the theory and results
    5. Conclusion

    *Further notes

*The summary should be a brief (concise) outline of your topic. A separate summary may be attached if it does not fit in the above space; however, at the very least a bulleted
 outline must be completed within this form. Please see the example on the Graduate homepage for reference.

Supervisor Name:      PHM Professor Supervisor                          Signature:                                                             Date:             /       /

    Approval                                                 Office Use Only

    Thesis Committee Chair:                                                                     Date:           /        /

    GSA Dean:                                                                                   Date:           /        /
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