Millennium III's integrated library system by pharmphresh31


									Millennium: III’s integrated
      library system
 Innovative is a leader in implementing Java. Java allows
  deployment of only one version of the client software and can be
   run on multiple platforms
 Millennium is platform-independent, libraries have a choice of which
  hardware and operating systems they use.
 Millennium's multi-tiered architecture is a modular and Web-based
  approach to system design. It enables libraries to use data and the
  network more efficiently, allowing for easy adjustment to changing
 Millennium is its own DBMS; no third-party software is required or
  utilized. Millennium may also be implemented under Oracle if the
  library desires.
Standards based

MARC, Dublin Core, EAD, XML (metadata)
EDI (Edifact and SISAC) for ordering, invoicing
OpenURL, CrossRef, DOI
Unicode (ZU and UAEU are bi-lingual, bi-script
Proxy-rewrite, LDAP, Shibboleth
III : 25 years of leadership
    in library community

Thousands of libraries in 42 countries
Rated # 1 in customer service and
Continuous enhancement with user
Completely focussed on libraries; privately
 held company by the founder
 OPAC: the public view of
       the library

Point of access to all information resources --
 print or digital.
Links to databases, attached files, websites
Empowerment options -- view record, request,
Dynamic translation from MARC to HTML
Scope to local level, broaden to all HCT and
 soon all of the UAE
The “BIB” record pulls it

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