The fundamentals for writing research proposal and thesis

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					The fundamentals for writing research proposal and thesis statement.
The human race has become civilized only with the help of the education by which they have developed their knowledge of understanding. It is said
that a person becomes perfect both mentally and physically only by expanding his thoughts and ideas. All this is possible only by means of learning.
Initially the courses offered where very few and it was affordable by all. Also there was no competition among the people. But now the trend has
completely changed, as this is the aggressive and the competitive world. As the fees and all the education structures have been raised the students
who belong to the middle class will not be able to afford. In order to help them there are many companies ready to offer funds. So to receive these
external funds it is necessary to write an extraordinary research proposal. This research proposal will carry all the information about the research that
one is to carry out.

The research proposal must have the full details about the project and added supportive information. When the proposal is evaluated it should be
considered as the best one and it can surely compete with other proposals. The idea of this proposal must be supported with plenty of relevant
literature. The proposal must create a strong confidence in the mind of the reader that the project is innovative and the method is very effective.
Sometime the proposal gets rejected if the proposal writing is very meager so it should be kept in mind that while writing the proposal the quality
should be maintained.

The research proposal should comprise the entire following outline.  A suitable title must be given to the proposal then the short and a brief
summary must be written. The main body of the proposal must clearly reveal that the project will develop the knowledge in the area of research. The
aim and the objective of the proposal must be concise, specific, detailed and focused. A good literature review and methodology also makes the
proposal a good one and will be selected without any risk. We always strive to develop a good research presentation.

Before starting to write a proposal it is essential to write the thesis statement. The thesis statement usually would emphasis on the proposal or an
essay.  The statement focuses on the text that is present in the paper that is proposed.  An important instrument used for the investigation
of the proposal and to find its length whether long or short is done with the help of the statement. The statement should be assertive and develop the
reader’s interest and have enough proof. The reader must get a clear idea about the project directly by reading the statement and the person
should also know the limitations that are placed on the project. An important point that is to be remembered is that the topic selected for the research
must be new and that is to be explored. It should also be helpful to the society and must have new solutions to solve the problem. 

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