Passages Point to Recurring Cultural Themes and Clarify Archetypes by pharmphresh30


									                                      Identifying Archetypes
    (Developed using English Standards of Learning Teacher Resource Guide, 2000 and Write for College)

       In the study of literature and film, you should notice that particular passages and
scenes offer insight into human universal traits, concepts, or conflicts and character

       Choose a movie off the list provided. Map out the hero’s journey on a hero’s
journey worksheet, and identify the archetypical themes and characters from the list
below in a paragraph that gives examples from the movie.

       Keep in mind the definitions of archetype:
       • a typical example of a certain person or thing : Lord of the Rings is a perfect
       archetype of the fantasy genre.
       • an original that has been imitated : The archetypical girl’s doll is Barbie.
       • a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology : Luke Skywalker and
       Darth Vader are the mythological archetypes of good and evil.

Archetypes of Theme
       Man vs Nature
       Coming of age
       The power of love
       The loss of innocence
       Disillusionment with life
       Man vs Machine
       Alienation and isolation
       Good vs evil
       Human ambition, courage, greed, jealousy, loneliness, or happiness

Archetypes of Character
       The hero/heroine
       The faithful companion
       The outsider/outcast
       The rugged individualist
       The idealist
       The innocent
       The villain or power-stealer
       The mother figure
       The misanthrope/rebel

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