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    The Official Publication of the
    California Reserve Peace Officers Association
                                       Summer 2004

ARPOC 2004 in San Jose

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                          will return this year and provide his         CRPOA Directors
                                             special touch to this ARPOC. At the
                                             Friday night Awards Banquet you will
                                                                                           & Officers
                                                                                           Doug Sherman
                                             enjoy the awards ceremony and be in line      President
                                                                                           Chula Vista Police Department (Ret.)
                                             for quite a presentation. Oakland Mayor       e-mail:
                                             (and former governor) Jerry Brown will        James Lombardi
                                             be our guest speaker this year. He will       Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                           Los Angeles Police Department
                                             share his perspectives and views.             e-mail:
                                                                                           Nancy Elam
                                                                                           Vice President
                                             CRPOA Director Elections                      San Jose Police Department
                                                                                           Frank Barnes
                                             My congratulations to directors Chuck         Secretary
                                             Adams, Frank Barnes and Jim Lombardi          Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
                                             All three were re-elected to 3 year terms     Chuck Adams
                                             with CRPOA. All three have been with          Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                           Los Gatos Police Department (Ret.)
by Douglas Sherman                           CRPOA for many years and each fills a         e-mail:
ARPOC 2005 Conference                        vital position within our organization.       Tom Cantrell
                                             Tom Ghyczy also received a large              Director
Chairman                                                                                   Stockton Police Department
                                             number of votes and I look forward to         e-mail:
                                             Tom’s support and his participation in        Charlie Conklin
Welcome to ARPOC 2004                        one of our committees.                        San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

On behalf of the CRPOA Directors and         Thanks again for your support and for         Kimberly R. Kelly Falconer
training staff, I welcome you and your       taking the time to attend ARPOC 2004          San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
families to the upcoming ARPOC 2004          in San Jose.
                                                                                           Darryl Murry
in San Jose. This year will be a little                                                    Director and Magazine Coordinator
                                                                                           San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
something different, with a new location     Doug Sherman is a retired Reserve Com-        e-mail:
and venue. Nancy Elam and her staff          mander with Chula Vista Police Depart-        General Counsel
have planned an event that will be new       ment and will be the ARPOC 2005               Mike Voorhees
                                                                                           Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department
and interesting. With your stay at the San   Conference Chairman. Doug welcomes            e-mail:
Jose Marriott or Hilton San Jose, your       your questions and comments. Send             Legal Counsel
                                                                                           Howard Ekerling
participation in the classes at the San      your e-mails to            Los Angeles Police Department
Jose McEnery Convention Center should                                                      e-mail:
be effortless.                                                                             John O’Brien
                                                                                           Southern California Office
San Jose Police Department is our host                                                     Beverly Lombardi
                                                                                           (Legislation, Insurance, Merchandise)
agency this year and their training unit                                                   Phone: (661) 944-6887
                                                                                           Fax: (661) 944-6887
has been working diligently to provide                                                     e-mail:
some great new classes and instructors.                                                    Northern California Office
You probably noted all the “New”                                                           Janet Adams
                                                                                           (Membership, Finance, ARPOC)
classes offered on your conference                                                         Phone: (408) 371-8239
                                                                                           Fax: (408) 371-1270
registration brochure. At our general                                                      e-mail:
meeting luncheon on Thursday, you will                                                     Legal Service Program
                                                                                           Richard Romanski,
be updated on what changes have                                                            Attorney at Law
occurred during the past year and hear                                                     1-800-700-3783
some news on legislation. Be sure to                                                       “Dedicated to the training and recognition of
                                                                                           California reserve peace officers, search and
attend.                                                                                    rescue members and volunteers in policing.”
                                                                                                       California Reserve
                                                                                                    Peace Officers Association
We will again have an ample vendor                                                                        P.O. Box 5622
area, full of items that should peak your                                                           San Jose, CA 95150-5622

interest. Our favorite Gordon Graham                                                      The BackUp is Printed by Vanard Lithographers
                                                                                         Typesetting by Westerfield Typsetting & Graphics

                    BOARD MEETING UPDATE - JUNE 26, 2004
                                                by Frank Barnes, Secretary

                                                 2004-2005 year as follows:                  for the Association by Community
                                                 President, Doug Sherman; Chief              Safety, LLC.
                                                 Executive Officer, James Lombardi;
                                                 Vice President, Nancy Elam;             •   Adopted a motion authorizing the
                                                 Secretary, Frank Barnes; Chief              expenditure of $1,500.00 to co-
                                                 Financial Officer, Chuck Adams,             sponsor the Piranhas Baseball Club
                                                 General Counsel, Mike Voorhees;             of San Diego as part of our
                                                 and, Legal Counsel, Howard                  community outreach program to
                                                 Ekerling.                                   sponsor youth sports teams.

                                            •    Heard a report from Director Murry      •   Adopted a motion authorizing the
                                                 on the status of the publication of         expenditure of $ 600.00 to support
                                                 The BackUp.                                 a school essay contest in Stockton
                                                                                             as part of our community outreach
                                            •    Heard a report from Vice President          program.
                                                 Elam on the status of arrangements
The following directors attended a               for ARPOC 2004 at the McEnery           •   Discussed the updating of our
meeting in the San Carlos Room at the            Convention Center in San Jose.              membership and recruiting
San Jose Marriott Hotel in San Jose:                                                         brochures.
Adams, Barnes, Cantrell, Conklin, Elam,     •    Adopted a motion approving the
Falconer, Lombardi, Murry and                    purchase of multi-colored cups for      •   Adopted a motion authorizing our
Sherman. General Counsel Voorhees                ARPOC 2004 at a unit cost of $2.80          participation in the Emergency
and Legal Counsel Ekerling and                   each.                                       Response Conference & Exposition
members Steve Williams and Steven                                                            in San Diego at no cost to the
Paulick were also present. Dan Arra of      •    Heard a report from Stephen Oachs           Association in return for a free
Gate Speed and Stephen Oachs of                  of Pixelmation on the status of the         advertisement in The BackUp.
Pixelmation also attended portions of the        update of the Association’s web site.
meeting.                                                                                 •   Heard a report from Chief Executive
                                            •    Heard a report from President               Officer Lombardi on pending
The Board took the following actions:            Sherman on the status of                    legislation that may affect reserve
                                                 arrangements for ARPOC 2005 at              peace officers.
•   Approved the Minutes of the March            the Town and Country Hotel in San
    20, 2004 meeting, as submitted.              Diego.                                  •   Heard a report from Chief Executive
                                                                                             Officer Lombardi on the status of the
•   Received and filed the Chief
                                            •    Heard a report from Chief Executive         Association’s insurance program.
    Financial Officer’s Report of June           Officer Lombardi on the Site
    19, 2004.                                    Selection Committee’s search for a      •   Adopted a motion increasing the
                                                 venue for ARPOC 2006 in the north.          Association’s dues to cover
•   Heard a report from Director
                                                                                             increased costs, effective January 1,
    Cantrell who served as Teller for the
    2004 Election noting the following      •    Adopted a motion setting the venue          2005, as follows: California General
                                                 for ARPOC 2006 to be at the Nugget          Members - $ 81.00 per year; Out-
    vote count: Lombardi, 250 votes;
                                                 Hotel in Reno-Sparks, Nevada.               of-State General Members - $ 54.00
    Adams, 180 votes; Barnes, 176
                                                                                             per year.
    votes; and. Ghyczy, 148 votes.
    Members Lombardi, Adams and             •    Heard a report from President
    Barnes are elected to serve three-           Sherman on the status of ARPOC          •   Noted that the next Board Meeting
    year terms ending in 2007.                   2007 in the south.                          was set for 9:00 A.M., August 25,
                                                                                             2004 at the McEnery Convention
•   Adopted a motion re-electing the        •    Heard a report from President               Center in San Jose.
    existing slate of Officers for the           Sherman on fundraising activities

                         LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’S GUIDE
                             TO MEDICAL EMERGENCIES
                                                            by Jim Holly

As reserve peace officers, we are often         in case of emergency.                         situations that are faced by law enforce-
thrown into circumstances that we are not                                                     ment officers in today’s environment.
altogether comfortable with. In fact, this      The list of suggested supplies shown          Next issue will cover one of the most
is probably part of the allure for many of      below is all non-prescription and should      common circumstances in which peace
us working in the field today. After all,       be easily obtained from any medical           officers are called to render aid; traffic
if we never leave our comfort zone, we          supply store. If you have never heard of      collisions. If you have a specific request
never learn new things. One of the most         an item listed in the table, simply ask a     for information regarding emergency
uncomfortable situations for many law           Paramedic or Emergency Nurse and they         medical care by law enforcement offic-
enforcement officers is that of medical         will point you in the right direction.        ers feel free to send your request to
emergencies.                                    Before purchasing the equipment,    
                                                however, it might be prudent to look into
No matter what area of law enforcement          a donation of equipment from your local       Until next time, remember, sometimes
you are assigned, it’s possible that you        ambulance company, fire department, or        lives can be saved and sometimes they
will be called upon during a medical            hospital. You should have at least one of     can’t, but in all circumstances the public
emergency. The degree that you are              everything in your bag, but if you have       demands that we try...or at least look like
required to perform may depend on               the funds and room in your bag, it’s a good   we tried..
individual agency policy. For example,          idea to have a few extra bandages and that
some agencies respond to all calls for          sort of thing.                                           First Aid Supplies
medical assistance within their
jurisdiction while others leave the first       Next, start looking for a bag or backpack     1. Mouth-to-Mask device or Bag-
responder duties to the fire department.        to store your equipment. Many call this           Valve-Mask (commonly referred to
But no matter how you look at it, if you        a “jump bag” or “first responder” bag.            as an Ambu Bag)
work in the public safety area, you will        When picking a first responder bag be         2. Sterile Burn Sheets
no doubt encounter a medical emergency          sure to consider the fact that you will       3. Sterile Saline for irrigation
from time to time.                              need to have quick access to various          4. Large trauma dressing
                                                pieces of equipment without rummaging         5. Small cotton dressing (a.k.a. 4 by 4)
In the next several articles I am going to      through the entire bag. A bag with            6. Gauze rolls (a.k.a. Kerlix)
discuss the treatment options for just about    multiple compartments is optimal, but a       7. Elastic bandage (a.k.a. Ace Bandage)
any kind of medical emergency. We will          regular old duffle bag from a department      8. Medical Tape
cover everything from heart attacks to          store would due in a pinch.                   9. Triangular bandage
gunshot wounds and everything in                                                              10. Bulb suction device (a.k.a. bulb
                                                Once you’ve gathered your supplies and            syringe)
between. While all reserve peace officers       first responder bag, arrange the
must be certified in CPR and First Aid,                                                       11. Cold Packs
                                                equipment in the bag in a manner that         12. Emergency Blanket
we are going to focus more on the               will let you have easy access to the
interventions that are appropriate for                                                        13. Alcohol based hand gel
                                                critical equipment first. For example, a      14. Latex exam gloves
peace officers during crisis situations.        mouth-to-mask device or bag-valve-
Hopefully, we will cover things in a                                                          15. Trauma Shears or Scissors
                                                mask is used to assist respiration and
simple, easy to remember, manner that           therefore should be right on top since it
can be easily recalled in times of stress.                                                    About the Author
                                                is a critical piece of equipment.
                                                                                              Jim Jolly has been a level one reserve
First of all it is important to assemble        Once you have your first responder bag        police officer with the Visalia Police
equipment that will be needed during a          assembled, stocked, and ready to use,         Department since 1991. His primary
medical problem. Some agencies provide          start keeping it with you while on patrol.    assignment is patrol, but is also called
first aid kits for their officers. In my        If you work in an area of law                 upon for special details such as bicycle
experience, these kits are often sufficient     enforcement that doesn’t afford you a         patrol as well as plain-clothes
to satisfy a policy, but do little to provide   patrol vehicle, then make sure your first     assignments. He worked as a paramedic
you with the supplies needed in an              responder bag is located someplace            for 10 years before going on to nursing
emergency. I suggest that you make your         where you can have quick and easy             school and a career in the emergency
own custom first responder bag. By              access in case of emergency.                  department. He is currently working full
making your own bag, you can take it                                                          time as the clinical educator in a busy
with you while performing enforcement           In future articles I will discuss specifics   emergency department in Visalia.
duties or keep it in your personal vehicle      for emergency medical care in real life

                                                     by James C. Lombardi

                                               to perform general law enforcement du-
                                               ties the same as full-time officers with only   We have always realized that reserve de-
                                               half of the then-basic training requirement.    ployment would shift heavily to the Level
                                               The Legislature realized the inequity of        II category. Experience with existing law
                                               training but allowed the Nolan Bill to pass     has demonstrated that changes or correc-
                                               because law enforcement promised to re-         tions may be necessary. Some concerns
                                               visit the issue in the near future.             that need to be studied are:

                                               In 1993 the Legislature noted that 15           1. Presently, when a Level II graduates
                                               years had passed and that the promised             and is assigned field duties, no FTO
                                               change and restructuring was long over-            program is required. Level I officers
                                               due. With the assistance of POST, we               are required to complete a 400-hour
                                               arrived at a fair and timely solution to           FTO program. Perhaps it would be
                                               present to the Legislature. In 1994                wise to create an FTO module pro-
                                               CRPOA sponsored Assembly Bill 1874                 gram so that, for example, 200 hours
                                               that became known as the Reserve Peace             of FTO time would be required for
                                               Officer Professional Standards Act of              new Level II’s, and if that Level II
                                               1994. This bill stated that Level I re-            went on to complete Module I, he or
                                               serves appointed after January 1, 1997             she would be credited for the 200
I   continue to receive comments on the
                                               would be trained to the POST Basic                 hours against the Level I 400-hour
modular training system. Some people                                                              requirement.
believe that the present modular program       Course. This legislative mandate re-
                                               quired the same training for Level I re-        2. If a Level II works in the field doing
will eventually do away with the reserve                                                          general law enforcement duties for
program and that POST and CRPOA are            serves as full-time officers because
                                               Level I’s work alone and perform the               five years or 2,000 hours and decides
to blame. As I have stated in the past, this                                                      to proceed to a Module I course, is it
is an inaccurate observation. The present      same duties with the same authority.
                                                                                                  really necessary to return to an acad-
modular system was dictated by the Leg-        POST and the law enforcement commu-                emy for a minimum of 340 hours?
islature. POST, along with CRPOA, was          nity ethically must support equal protec-          Perhaps some type of “challenge”
responsible for making it work.                tion of the public in terms of peace officer       course with POST testing would
                                               qualifications. Just as when the hours re-         serve the purpose and enable the
The Legislature was ready to establish one
                                               quired for the Basic Academy increased             Level II to be promoted to Level I.
level of reserve officer. This officer would
                                               over the years, a case was easily made that     3. We need to seriously explore com-
forever be categorized as a “probationary
                                               the combination of training and experience         petency-based teaching methods. If
officer” who would have required “hand-
                                               of then-existing Level I’s obviated the need       an instructor believes that a class is
in-hand” supervision. We have to remem-
                                               for making the increased requirements              ready to test for a 32-hour learning
ber the Legislature’s intent: POST was es-
                                               retroactive. However, POST felt the need           domain at 22 hours, that class should
tablished in the late 1950’s to standardize
                                               to standardize the training requirements           be allowed to do this. A perfect place
peace officer training throughout the state.
                                               for all future Level I’s and full-time offic-      to test for this would be the Module I
This meant that all peace officers assigned
                                               ers performing the same tasks. Increasing          program that carries many “necessary
general law enforcement duties would have
the same knowledge of these duties.            the Level I training requirement was a criti-      redundant” hours.
                                               cal step toward increasing professionalism,
In 1978 there were approximately 16,000        acceptance and respect for reserve peace        Please let me know your feelings on these
reserve officers deployed throughout the       officers.                                       possible changes so that I can discuss them
state, many with very limited training. Law                                                    with POST. Your input is very important.
enforcement did not wish to lose the ser-      Subsequent legislation now allows a             Do not wait to become vocal as a critic
vices of these officers due to inadequate      Level I reserve who has completed the           after the changes are made. Speak up now.
training so the Nolan Bill was introduced.     Basic Academy to supervise a Level II.
                                               Further, the department head determines         I wish to thank you for your vote of con-
This bill categorized reserves in three lev-
                                               what constitutes “immediate supervi-            fidence by re-electing me to the board.
els. Training modules of A, B and C were
                                               sion” for a Level II. Level II’s can also       Our legislative agenda along with every-
established for Levels I, II and III. Level
                                               be deployed as Level III’s without im-          thing discussed in this article will keep
III’s trained under Module A were limited-
                                               mediate supervision and perform sub-            me very busy in the coming year.
authority officers. Level I officers trained
under modules A, B and C were allowed          stantially greater tasks than under prior
                                               law.                                            Stay safe!

        ELECTION                                                          SPOT-LIGHT
      RESULTS 2004                             Something new for our magazine. Each issue we are going to recognize an
      By Tom Cantrell, Teller,                outstanding reserve peace officer, Jesus Diaz is the first in our SPOT-LIGHT.
          2004 Election                                 Please send your recommendations to
                                                                   or mail them to our business office.

                                                                AN EXTRA ORDINARY RESERVE

                                            The reserve ranks in San Diego County continue to shrink at an alarming rate and
                                            future prospects are few and far between. The La Mesa Police Department is no
                                            different. We to are suffering the ill effects of a dwindling organization. How is the
                                            La Mesa Police Department dealing with this situation? We are relying on individuals
                                            who have been with the reserve organization for over twenty years to fill the void.

                                            One of those individuals is Jesus Diaz, affectionately known as “Jay.” Jay was born
                                            and raised in San Diego, California. He moved to La Mesa in 1970 and joined the
                                            La Mesa Police reserve program in January 1984 after spending some time in the
                                            City of Imperial as a reserve officer there. Jay promoted up to the rank of Sergeant
                                            within the reserve organization and is now the acting Reserve Commander. Jay was
                                            also honored as the La Mesa Police Department’s Reserve Officer of the Year for
T he   results of the May 31, 2004          calendar year 2001 and 2002.
election were certified as follows:
                                            Jay has been a member of the San Diego County Reserve Commanders Association
A total of 313 ballots was received. Of     since 2000. He has been their vice president for the last two years. Jay assisted in
these, 33 were not valid. The vote count    the planning and coordination of displays for the 2003 ARPOC conference that was
from the 280 valid ballots is as follows:   held in San Diego, California.

James Lombardi           250 votes          Some of Jay’s highlights with the La Mesa Police Department include assisting in
Chuck Adams              180 votes          the capture of a murder suspect in December of 2003. He has worked with our
Frank Barnes             176 votes          Investigation Division in the execution of search and arrest warrants and undercover
Charles Ghyczy           148 votes          prostitution details. He is a past member of the California Narcotics Officer
With three vacancies on the Board of
Directors, the following members were       Aside from his reserve law enforcement experience, Jay has spent 6 years as the
elected to serve three-year terms ending    president of the La Mesa / Grossmont Optimist Club. Jay’s career has encompassed
in 2007:                                    working for various school districts and the San Diego Metropolitan Transit District.
                                            On a personal note, Jay has been married for 23 years and has two sons, 19 years and
James Lombardi                              17 years. Jay has volunteered as an assistant varsity golf coach and assistant freshman
Chuck Adams                                 basketball coach.
Frank Barnes
                                            The La Mesa Police Department is very proud to have someone like Jay associated
                                            with them. His commitment to the organization and his willingness to give back to
                                            the community in which he lives is something that we are very proud of.

                                            Written by:      Lt. Allen White, Reserve Coordinator
                                                             La Mesa Police Department

                                              Letter To The Editor
              To Those Who Train The Reserves Who Protect and Serve
In September of 1996, I was the proud          cent. These words, like a silver ball in a     “I”, he stuttered. “I don’t have a license.”
recipient of Huntington Park Police            pin ball machine, still reverberate in my
Department’s badge number 108, pinned          head whenever I see a police unit, a uni-      “Hand me your car keys.” His hands
on my chest by my wife. I still have the       form or I slide behind the wheel of Hun-       were trembling as he took the keys out
badge. I no longer have the wife. I pay        tington Park Police Unit 20.                   of the ignition then handed them to me.
my ex $800 a month. HP pays me zilch.                                                         Something was very wrong. The igni-
I’ll take the badge over the wife 366 days     Reserve peace officers sacrifice time,         tion wasn’t punched. I scanned the car
a year!                                        money, relationships, sometimes their          quickly. I didn’t see a screw driver. My
                                               life. It takes months of training, school-     gut churned.
This year I’ll turn 58. I graduated high       ing, applications, interviews, orals,
school back east, in 1964, during the Viet     medicals, written tests, physical agility      I backed away from the Toyota slowly,
Nam War. I graduated by the skin of my         testing and psychological testing to wear      reaching for my Glock.
chinny chin chin. I didn’t care much for       the badge. Then comes the real training,
school but wanted to serve my country,         on the real streets.                           I aimed my Glock at the general direc-
or put on the blue uniform. Because I                                                         tion of the driver, then moved it from
was a bad “actor,” a really piss poor per-     The training begins with the real police       one occupant to the other. I grabbed the
son, I was rejected by both the Marines        officers, the full-time officer. Don’t read    speaker mike. “I want to see eight hands.
and each and every police department           me wrong. My first Field Training Of-          I want to see them now. If you make a
who read my application. Not by choice,        ficer said to me one night, “Stu, some         sudden movement you’re gonna’ get
I became an educator.                          asshole with a gun won’t ask if you’re a       hurt. Show me hands. Do it now!”
                                               reserve or a paid officer before he
Even when screwing up, and I did my            squeezes the trigger and fires a round at      I took a deep breath as one of my train-
share of screwing up and your share too,       your center of mass. He doesn’t want           ing officers had taught me. I looked be-
I had only the highest respect for the po-     you handcuffing him.” I realize that. My       hind me. “Five Tom, roll me a back up.”
lice. As a very young person, my par-          point is many fold. For one, I’m out there     I took another breath.
ents hammered in to my head that if I          to do that which will put a full-time of-
ever had a problem, ever couldn’t find         ficer where the action is, where he is         “Thirty three assist 5 Tom; Miles north
my way home, needed help crossing a            needed. If that means baby sitting a ju-       of Slauson.”
busy street, or a stranger was hassling        venile, directing traffic, transporting a
me, I was to look for a blue uniform and       prisoner, or sitting on a crime scene, so      “Ten four. From Gage and Albany.”
badge. The uniform, the person wearing         be it. I also realize that when I do a traf-
the uniform, could always be trusted.          fic stop, or roll up on a 415 or 459, or       The responding unit was across town. I
The officer was skilled, tough and             back a 273.5, I’m as at risk as a full-        took a third breath. I was calm. The kid
knowledgeable and would always help            timer. This article is written to thank that   had probably taken his Mom’s car. It was
me, protect me.                                full-timer. Let me further explain.            probably as simple as that.

My parents’ strict belief in society’s laws    My girlfriend, (notice I didn’t say wife!)     Maybe I shouldn’t have called for a back
and in the police was strictly reinforced      now a volunteer for HP, was in Unit 29         up. I asked my self, would a full-timer
by my teachers in my Brooklyn elemen-          with me one afternoon on a ride-along.         have called for a back up? I answered
tary school. Ask a Brooklyn elementary         I pulled over four bangers in a dark col-      my own questions. Under these circs, ab-
school kid what he wanted to be when           ored, two door, older model Toyota.            solutely.
he grew up. His answer had to be either
a Brooklyn Dodger or a police officer;         The driver looked young, seventeen,            When back up arrived, we exited the
in some cases both. We had it drilled into     eighteen, not even nineteen. “License,         passengers one at a time; three juveniles,
our brain that the uniform took care of        registration and proof of insurance,           one adult. We searched them, then I
the bad people and protected the inno-         please.”                                       searched the car. Under the passenger

seat was a three-fifty-seven. As it turned    when a full-time officer corrects him or      take to mold us into reserves worthy of
out, the Toyota was an unreported sto-        her, it’s only because he wants the Re-       the badge. We applaud and salute you
len.                                          serve to be the best he can be. The full-     for sharing with us the honor and the op-
                                              timer isn’t giving instruction because he     portunity to Protect and to Serve.
The gun was empty and no one got cute.        has nothing better to do. Trust me, he’s
It didn’t have to be that way. My mind,       got calls to handle, paper to write, cor-                     *******
which should have been one hundred            rections to make to his reports that the
percent on this dangerous, potentially        Watch Commander didn’t approve.               This article is a THANK YOU to all full-
explosive situation, wasn’t. A significant                                                  time officers, to all those within the de-
piece of me was thinking about my girl-       The full-timer wants to go home. The          partment who take the time to train re-
friend who was behind the trunk of the        full-timer wants you to go home. Be-          serves.
car. Field Training Officer’s, full-timers,   sides, one day you might be the full-
have similar feelings.                        timer’s partner and he wants to know you      This story is also a tribute and a dedica-
                                              have his back.                                tion to a very special individual, the late
My late Field Training Officer, Loy, and                                                    Loy D. Cleveland. On my right wrist, I
I responded to a call that “two male His-                  ***********                      wear a silver band. The inscription on
panics, shaved heads,” entered an up-                                                       the band of silver reads: 8/23/53 — Loy
stairs apartment with guns. The complex         Loy was one helluva report writer. I’m      D. Cleveland — 8/10/99. Friend ***
was known for gangs, drugs, weapons           published in my field. Loy could draft        Field Training Officer *** Damn good
and shootings. I climbed the narrow           police reports circles around me. Loy         Cop.
stairway behind my tall, thin Field Train-    could write pithy, succinct reports that
ing Officer.                                  would stand up under DA scrutiny; that        Loy spent countless hours training me.
                                              served its purpose in court, that often put   Over the course of that training, Loy and
When backup arrived, we were halfway          the perp behind bars. I cannot write com-     I became close friend. Round trip, we
up the fight of stairs, the five foot three   pared to him.                                 commuted 140 miles in the same car. We
inch female officer stepped in front of                                                     shared problems, laughter, coffee and ra-
me. After we cleared the call, which          Loy put in long hours after shift, some       dio calls together, Loy and his wife, and
turned out to be bogus, I asked her why       times getting paid, some times not get-       my wife and I spent time together.
she had stepped in front of me.               ting paid to teach me to write clear,
                                              meaningful reports. Sometimes Loy had         Several times I tried to write a meaning-
She responded instantly. “I’m paid.           to overcome my resistance, my frustra-        ful dedication to Loy and his life and his
You’re not.”                                  tion, my fear.                                love of people, police work. Each time I
                                                                                            wrote, my eyes blurred to the point that
My point is often times regular officers      Often times I would find myself at Loy’s      I couldn’t see what I was writing. As I’m
are taking additional risk to train the re-   house for remedial study of the law or        punching keys on the computer, I have
serve officer. It could be that because a     for restraint training or both. Sometimes     tears filling my eyes.
reserve officer is with a full-timer, a po-   Loy would have dinner at my house.
tential situation is defused before the       After dinner it was hit the books. Loy        This anecdote’s on you Loy, just to make
fuse ignites. But it doesn’t have to be       took hours of his own time to make me         you laugh as you crush out that spent
that way.                                     better. He didn’t spend hours with me to      cigarette. It’s just one of the many
                                              impress me with his skills. Loy didn’t        memories I keep beside me in Unit 29
My Field Training Officers stuck their        have to impress me. I was impressed           that helps me remember my training
necks out watching me, teaching me,           enough with Loy skills, demeanor and          when I’m in a difficult situation. I often
looking out for me. Without the addi-         talent; his cool and calm in the face of      ask myself, “What would Loy do if he
tional sweat and work from a full-time        ugly situations. Loy went to special          were here? Then I realize you are here.
officer, who gets nothing but satisfaction,   training, as do all officers, to become a     You’re in my mind, my heart, my
sometimes frustration, sometimes pissed       Field Training Officer.                       thoughts. You’re in my head as I ap-
off at a reserve, we would have no re-                                                      proach that stopped vehicle.
serve officers.                               The bottom line here is and I believe I
                                              speak for most all reserve police offic-
The reserve needs to remember that            ers. We sincerely appreciate the time you

                                          THE SPINAL COLUMN
                                        by Casey J. Terribilini, D.C., FAFICC

                                                Back Pain – Are You at Risk?

Welcome to this issue of the Spinal Column. Now that we have looked at the anatomy of the back, reviewed the most common
types of back injuries and looked at when it is time to seek care, let’s see if you are at risk for back problems.


As we have discussed, the exact reason or cause of low back problems can be elusive. Most times, the symptoms are blamed on
poor muscle tone in the back, muscle tension or spasm, back sprains, ligament or muscle tears, joint problems or disc (shock
absorbers between the bones) damage. Also, it is generally accepted that people in poor physical condition, or that do heavy
physical labor, or sit and/or stand for long periods are at higher risk for low back problems.

Although back pain can be caused by a specific accident, in many cases neck and back pain seem to “sneak-up” on us. Meaning
that many injuries are cumulative in nature, or are a direct result of improperly performed repetitive motions. Prolonged poor or
awkward posture may also contribute to persistent back or neck discomfort.

In most cases of acute back pain, the activity thought to cause the injury was merely “The straw that broke the camels back”.
Some of the common predisposing risk factors to back injury or pain include:

•   Sedentary Lifestyle                  Loss of Flexibility
•   Being Overweight                     Stress
•   Poor Posture                         Poor Conditioning
•   Smoking                              Poor Lifting Habits

Clearly most of the items above can be controlled by taking personal responsibility and making changes in your lifestyle. As a
police officer, you perform tasks everyday that exposes your back to potential injury. Take this quick test to check your level of
risk—the more affirmative answers you check, the greater the risk.

    Yes     NO      I often lift prisoners or equipment without assistance
    Yes     NO      I don’t exercise my back on a regular basis
    Yes     NO      I often start my shift without warming up or stretching first
    Yes     NO      I often have a backache by the end of my shift
    Yes     NO      I often carry more than one awkward or heavy piece of equipment
    Yes     NO      I usually don’t think about my back as I begin a task
    Yes     NO      I sit for long periods of time without a break

If you answered yes to three or more questions, you are at greater risk for back pain or injury.

So, look at you habits and current lifestyle and adjust (chiropractor pun) accordingly to limit your risk of back injury. Remember
if you are injured, the most important goal is for you to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

So till next month – Exercise – Be Strong - Be safe.

Dr. Terribilini is a chiropractor and the owner of San Jose Chiropractic Center. The opinions expressed are his and are not
intended to give specific health care advice to any individual. With more than two decades of experience as a Paramedic and
level 1 Reserve Deputy Sheriff, he combines his emergency services experience with his clinical expertise to provide prevention
and treatment services to EMS workers. You may contact him with questions or comments at / 408-371-0260

                                                       POST NOTES
                                                    POST Launches
                                         Reserve Peace Officer Program Website
                                     The nearly seven thousand reserve peace officers who volunteer
                                     their services throughout the state are an important part of the
                                     California law enforcement community. To improve POST’s
                                     services to these reserve officers and their approximately 600
                                     employers, POST recently launched the Reserve Peace Officer
                                     Program (RPOP) website at
                                     A direct button link to the RPOP site is also available on the
                                     POST home page.

                                     This resource has already proven to be a popular destination,
                                     with 1080 visits recorded during the month of April. A joint
                                     effort of the Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau and
                                     the Computer Services Bureau staff, the new RPOP website
                                     provides direct access to information about the reserve officer
                                     program and the requirements for becoming a reserve officer.
                                     The site includes links to reserve-related significant dates,
                                     legislation, and laws, regulations and procedures. Also
                                     included are Commission bulletins, training, frequently asked
                                     questions, a glossary and other related links.

                                     Questions about the reserve officer program may be directed
                                     to Senior Consultant Frank Decker of the Training Delivery
                                     and Compliance Bureau at 916-227-0471 or by email to

                                     Reserve Training and Certificate Information
        Writers Needed
                                     Do you need to know if you’re in CPT compliance? Do you
     We need writers with articles   want to confirm that all of your certificates are recorded? Either
     of interest to reserves. This   you or your department can obtain a copy of your POST Profile.
     magazine cannot exist without
     material to publish. The        Your department training manager can access the information
     BackUp is only as good as the   electronically at any time. Individual officers can write POST
     articles printed between its    and request the information to be mailed. For complete
                                     information go to the POST web site (, click
     covers. If you know someone
                                     on the FAQs button on the left margin, scroll to the bottom of
     who can contribute, please      the page and click “Profiles” or go directly to
     have them contact us.           faq/profile.asp.

                                     Information for this article was reprinted by permission from
                                     the May 2004 POST Administrative Progress Report and by
                                     interview with Senior Consultant Frank Decker.

                                   LEGAL UPDATE NEWS APRIL 2004
                                      by Paul S. Azevedo, Deputy District Attorney
                                                  County of San Diego

• 911 CALLS and PATDOWNS                      suppress the gun was denied. He pled
FROM VICTIM OF RECENT, SERI-                  guilty and appealed.                            A showup is based on the fact that shortly
OUS CRIME JUSTIFIED PAT-                                                                      after the offense, the witnesses’ obser-
DOWN DESPITE VICTIM’S RE-                     In upholding the detention and pat down,        vations is fresh in their minds making
LUCTANCE TO IDENTIFY SELF.                    the court focused on several factors.           identification more reliable and an inno-
                                                                                              cent detained person would be released
The general rule as decided in the U.S.       • The information from “Domingis”               quickly. When writing a report or testi-
Supreme Court case of Florida v. J.L.             was not completely anonymous, nor           fying about a decision to do a showup, it
(2000) 529 U.S. 266 is that an anonymous          totally uncorroborated.                     is important to keep this rationale and the
call alone, without corroboration, does       •   There was an obvious language barrier       following considerations in mind.
not justify a detention and pat down.             between the victim and the police.
However, a recent 9th Circuit opinion         •   The call was tape-recorded.                 Courts look at several factors in
revealed that sometimes it does not take      •   The call came in on the 911                 evaluating whether a showup was
too much more than that. In United                emergency line describing a serious         improperly suggestive:
States v. Terry-Crespo (9th Cir. Jan. 29,         crime within minutes of its
2004) 356 F.3rd 1170 the court upheld a           occurrence.                                 • The Witness’ Degree Of Attention,
pat down based on a 911 call from a           •   The call was more than just informa-
victim of a recent, serious crime, despite        tion about “general criminality”.           This is often an under emphasized area
the victim’s apparent reluctance to           •   By calling 911, giving a name               of a witness interview. While many vic-
identify himself and indications he did not       (whether it was right or wrong) and         tims and witnesses are unable to explain
want police contact.                              general location under circumstances        this, others, when asked or prompted,
                                                  where the caller might believe that his     can describe why and how they focused
A man called 911 and reported he had              call could be traced, places the caller’s   on a suspect or characteristics. Time
just been threatened with a handgun. The          anonymity at risk.                          frames, distances, lighting, prior contacts
man provided a detailed description of the    •   The call dealt with firsthand               and the like come into play here.
suspect, and the area of the assault. The         information from a crime victim
man identified himself as “José                   laboring under the stress of the recent     • The Accuracy Of The Witness’
Domingis”. Domingis said that he did              excitement.                                 Prior Description Of The Criminal,
not know the phone number from where
he was calling in that he was using           Taking all this together was sufficient to      Often times, greater detail of a suspect
someone else’s cell phone. There was          give the information enough reliability         description can be obtained BEFORE a
some back and forth between the               to warrant the detention and pat down           showup is conducted. When a “suspect”
dispatcher and the man and it seemed to       of the defendant. So, a 911 call from a         is detained for a showup, sometimes
the operator that Domingis did not want       victim of a very fresh or contemporane-         there is a rush to get an identification
to make police contact. Patrol officers       ous serious crime should justify a pat          when time would be well spent to obtain
responded to the area. Minutes later,         down where the type of crime or situa-          a more detailed description. By getting
Domingis called back to report that the       tion suggests a weapon.                         those details, when the subject identified
suspect was in the parking lot of a                                                           matches, there is greater trustworthiness
particular motel and described the scene      • CURBSTONE LINEUPS                             in the identification.
as officers spotted defendant and made
contact. Based upon the information           Occasionally I get a question regarding         • The Length Of Time Between The
from the first call, defendant was            how long after a crime can a “curbstone         Crime And The Confrontation,
detained at gunpoint, handcuffed and          lineup”, aka a showup, be conducted?
patted down for weapons, resulting in         The answer is: It depends. This is not          There is no definite outside time limit.
the recovery of a fully loaded .45 caliber    a popular answer because it fails to cre-       Cases where the showup was within an
semi-automatic pistol. Charged in             ate a bright-line, easily applied, univer-      hour or two of the crime have been
federal court with being a convicted          sal rule. However, an understanding of          generally upheld. However, some cases
felon in possession of a firearm (18          the factors to look at can help avoid an        have upheld much longer periods of time
U.S.C. § 922(g)), defendant’s motion to       overly suggestive identification.               up to 21 hours.

• The Level Of Certainty Demon-               The reality of defining “grave danger”         paragraph may not apply when the
strated By The Witness At The Con-            is that nobody will agree what is and          circumstances involve a mutual
frontation,                                   what isn’t. As such, a scenario where a        restraining order issued pursuant to
                                              TRO holder violates 12031 will be              Division 10 (commencing with Section
This factor is of course impossible to        difficult to completely assess in the field.   6200) of the Family Code absent a
assess until the showup is actually con-      Because generally 12031 violations are         factual finding of a specific threat to the
ducted. However, officers should be           misdemeanors, if there is doubt about the      person’s life or safety. It is not the intent
wary when the witness is uncertain and        adequacy of the “grave danger”, it seems       of the Legislature to limit, restrict, or
other factors suggesting mis-identifica-      reasonable to take enforcement action          narrow the application of current
tion are present.                             for a violation via cite and release.          statutory or judicial authority to apply
                                              However, if the TRO holder has the order       this or other justifications to defendants
Identification by victim or witness           and the contents do suggest “grave             charged with violating Section 12025 or
recognition remains a core part of a          danger”, the officer may want to exercise      of committing other similar offenses.
criminal investigation. Identification        discretion in deciding what enforcement
procedure that is so suggestive as to         action to take. This statute makes sense       Upon trial for violating this section,
create a substantial likelihood of mis-       where a DV victim or other TRO holder          the trier of fact shall determine
identification fails due process and not      is in legitimate danger and fear of a          whether the defendant was acting out
only creates problems for the case, but       violent psycho. Of course, where the           of a reasonable belief that he or she
increases the chances of the wrong            TRO holder is less than completely             was in grave danger.
person being arrested. It is this             balanced, it seems a recipe for disaster.
“suggestiveness” where most challenges                                                       • PHONE CALL RIGHTS
to lineups are focused. Understanding         This is not meant to be suggesting any         REMINDER
the case law regarding lineups will assist    particular department policy or
the officer in making good decisions          procedure. I am just tossing it out there      I received a call about an arrested
about how to handle identification issues     for discussion among department                person’s right to telephone calls so
and testify in court. Also, although it       personnel. The wisdom of informing             thought a refresher might help. There
may seem “routine” to you, pay attention      every T.R.O. obtainer is a prickly issue.      are a lot of qualifying words and phrases
to the basic guidelines for avoiding                                                         within these statutes so read carefully.
suggestive lineups:                           I’d be interested to know if any such
                                              cases have been encountered and what           By statute (PC 851.5) An arrested person
• Don’t say you “caught the guy”; he          the DV detectives, in particular, are          has the right, immediately after
  had property; made a statement; etc.        doing in this area.                            booking and, except when physically
• Don’t use the word, “suspect”.                                                             impossible, no later than three hours
• Use an admonishment form or                   Cal Pen Code § 12031 (2004)                  after arrest, to make at least three (3)
  otherwise tell witness:                                                                    completed telephone calls. . . . The calls
• The detained person may or may not          §12031. Felony or misdemeanor of               must be allowed immediately on
  be the person                               carrying loaded firearm in public              request, or as soon as practicable.
• The fact this person is detained (or in     place or on public street; Exceptions
    custody) does not mean it is the same                                                    The Penal Code defines booking as ...
    person                                    (a)(1) A person is guilty of carrying a        the recordation of an arrest in official
•   Don’t discuss identification with other   loaded firearm when he or she carries          police records, and the taking by the
    witnesses                                 a loaded firearm on his or her person          police of fingerprints and photographs
                                              or in a vehicle while in any public place      of the person arrested, or any of these
• TRO HOLDERS AND GUNS                        or on any public street in an                  acts following an arrest.” PC § 7 (21)
                                              incorporated city or in any public place
Penal Code § 12031(j)(2)             [and     or on any public street in a prohibited        It is a misdemeanor to willfully deprive
626.9(c)(3) on school grounds] permits        area of unincorporated territory.              an arrested person of the right to make a
an affirmative defense when the party                                                        proper call.
obtains a TRO and the contents of the         (j)(2) A violation of this section is
TRO show they are in “grave danger”...        justifiable when a person who possesses        Juveniles have the right to make two (2)
“because the circumstances forming the        a firearm reasonably believes that he or       completed telephone calls upon being
basis of the current restraining order        she is in grave danger because of              taken to a place of confinement and,
...”pose a threat to life or safety”. My      circumstances forming the basis of a           except when physically impossible,
opinion is that this situation is an          current restraining order issued by a          within one hour after being taken into
“affirmative defense”, therefore the          court against another person or persons        custody. W&I § 627.
burden would be on the defendant to           who has or have been found to pose a
demonstrate these facts if charged.           threat to his or her life or safety. This

            LEGAL UPDATE NEWS MAY 2004
              by Paul S. Azevedo, Deputy District Attorney                                    WE NEED NEW
                          County of San Diego                                                 MEMBERS. . .
                                                                                           There are two areas where we re-
• ARREST/DETENTION OF FOR-                                          th
                                              (2001) 89 Cal.App.4 1426.)                   ally need your help: The first is
EIGN CITIZENS-LAW ENFORCE-                    However, recently the California             for each non-member to consider
MENT DUTIES PER PC 834                        Attorney General has requested tighter       our Legal Services Program. Find
                                              compliance with this statute. The reason     out just exactly what you have now
Since 2000, Penal Code 834c has               is there has been some litigation by         through your Department. You
imposed certain duties on law                 DEATH PENALTY PRISONERS (54                  may have no coverage at all. If you
enforcement when a “foreign national”         including 27 in California) trying to use    have coverage under some other
is arrested or detained over two hours.       this statute to avoid imposition of their    plan, get a copy and read the fine
In general terms, law enforcement has         sentence. You may have read about a          print. See how our program com-
the following obligations:                    recent Oklahoma case. It would be a          pares. CRPOA Membership in-
                                              shame to void a successful capital case      cludes Legal Services, Disability
1. Advise the subject “without delay” of      investigation, prosecution and conviction    Insurance, Life Insurance, legisla-
the right to communicate with an official     because of non-compliance with this          tive support in issues that affect us
from the consulate of their native            statute.                                     all and training and recognition for
country.                                                                                   the hundreds of hours you spend
2. The arresting officer will notify the      • EVADING A        PEACE OFFICER             volunteering each year.
department official responsible for
making such notifications and that            A reoccurring issue over the years has       The second is for all members of
official will make the appropriate            been the problem of articulation of all      CRPOA to assist your directors in
notifications to the consulate in             the elements of a failure to yield as        our membership drive. We need
accordance with federal and department        required in Vehicle Code section 2800.1.     to continue to grow in order to pro-
procedures.                                   Sometimes, this oversight spills over into   vide the type of support that re-
3. The official in charge of the custodial    court and the prosecutor also fails to       serves throughout the state deserve.
facility where the foreign arrestee is held   elicit all the required elements. This       I ask each member of our organi-
will ensure the arrestee is allowed to        happened again recently in the reported      zation to spread the word about
communicate with their consulate.             case of People v. Shakhvaladyan, 04          CRPOA. Through the years you
4. Some countries, listed in the statute,     Daily Journal D.A.R. 3900, resulting in      have seen the diligent work and leg-
must be notified of the arrest of one of      a reversed conviction. I think because       islative achievements that the As-
their citizens, regardless of the subject’s   the elements seem so obvious to the          sociation has provided. Let your
request. (Note: Mexico is not one of the      officer and prosecutor, it is easy to        fellow reserve officers know about
countries listed.)                            overlook them sometimes. Remember            these achievements, and recruit
                                              to include, however obvious it might be,     them as new members. Pick up an
This is a statutory enactment of the 1963     the following elements in your reports:      old copy of “The BackUp” maga-
Vienna Convention on Consular                 •  the police vehicle exhibited a visible    zine or go to our website and copy
Relations, Article 36; a U.S. Treaty          red lamp to the front,                       the membership form and go out
signed with a number of foreign               •  the siren was activated,                  member-hunting. As our member-
countries. The statute also requires that     •  the vehicle was distinctly marked,        ship grows, our legislative power
these requirements be incorporated into       and,                                         grows, ensuring that we will con-
policy and procedure as well as training      •  the vehicle was operated by a peace       tinue to be a real force in represent-
materials. So far, the courts have ruled      officer wearing a distinctive uniform.       ing reserve officers throughout the
that a violation of the provisions of the                                                  state.
Vienna Convention (and, presumably)
this statute will not result in the                                                                               Jim Lombardi
suppression of any evidence. (United
States v. Lombera-Camorlinga (9th Cir.
2000) 206 F.3rd 882; People v. Corona

                                       Law Offices of
                                Mastagni, Holstedt and Amick
                                 A Professional Corporation
        •      Social Security
        •      Personal Injury
        •      Retirement Law
        •      Labor Law and the General Practice of Law
        •      Workers’ Compensation
        •      Criminal Defense of Peace Officers
        •      Family Law / Wills / Probate

        Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up
        to five years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud,
        whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.
                                                            Managing Workers’ Compensation
                                                                        Attorney John Holstedt

    1912 “I” Street, Suite 102, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 446-4692 • Toll Free (800) 852-7581
 Chico: (530) 895-3836, Stockton: (209) 948-6158, San Jose: (408) 292-4802, Fresno (559) 486-5580

                                          The City of San Jose Welcomes

                                     The California Reserve Peace Officers
                                                 Association to

                                                   ARPOC 2004
                                                   August 26 – 28, 2004

                                                    At the
                                    San Jose McEnery Convention Center,
                                            San Jose Marriott and
                                         Hilton San Jose and Towers

          Join the California Reserve Peace Officers Association
  The California Reserve Peace Officers Association           rately or in a group. While interested agencies may               The association actively monitors legislative devel-
(CRPOA) is a corporation organized by and for reserve         pay dues for all of their members (a number of police          opments in the state capitol. CRPOA officers appear
peace officers pursuant to the General Non-profit Cor-        and sheriff’s departments do so), no agency can itself         and testify before committees of the legislature regard-
poration Law of the State of California.                      become a member of CRPOA. Dues are payable an-                 ing pending bills that could affect the status of reserve
                                                              nually on the anniversary of the membership.                   peace officers. Through these activities, the associa-
PURPOSES                                                                                                                     tion has become the recognized voice of reserve law
   CRPOA’s purposes are to raise the standards of re-         GOVERNING BODY                                                 enforcement in California.
serve peace officers throughout the state, to improve            The activities of the association are governed by an           CRPOA also works with the California Commission
the quality of services rendered to the people of Cali-       elected board of directors. Directors are elected by vote      on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) in
fornia by reserves, and to maintain and improve coop-         of the general membership for three-year staggered             matters regarding the training of reserves. Officers of
eration, participation and interaction between reserves       terms. One-third of the board stands for election each         the association have served in various capacities with
of all agencies in the state.                                 year. The board elects its officers each year, usually at      POST committees and subcommittees. CRPOA enjoys
                                                              the June meeting. All meetings of the board are open to        an excellent relationship with both the POST commis-
HISTORY                                                       members. Members are encouraged to attend.                     sion and staff.
   The association was founded in 1974 by a group of
seven reserve officers from several agencies in South-        ACTIVITIES                                                     BENEFITS
ern California. These officers became aware of the                The association offers a number of activities for its         There are many benefits of membership in the Cali-
need for communication and interaction between all            members. Board meetings are normally held bi-                  fornia Reserve Peace Officers Association. Primary is
reserves in order to improve reserve standards and            monthly. The annual meeting is held during the An-             the ability to participate in the activities described
the quality of service to the community. Beginning with       nual Reserve Peace Officers Conference (ARPOC).                above. Association meetings and the annual confer-
this small group. CRPOA has grown to include mem-             The meetings are hosted by law enforcement agen-               ence provide opportunities to learn and to exchange
bers throughout the United States.                            cies at different locations throughout the state on a          information with other reserves from other parts of the
   Over the years, CRPOA has become increasingly              “have meeting, will travel” basis to bring the meetings        state as well as to meet new friends. The BackUp is a
active in monitoring and supporting legislation and           to members. Meeting dates and locations are an-                medium for the exchange of views as well as the re-
regulations that would affect reserves. Officers of the       nounced in The BackUp. Members are encouraged to               porting of news. And all reserve peace officers, mem-
association have appeared and testified before vari-          attend meetings in their areas whenever possible.              bers and non-members alike, receive the benefits of
ous bodies of the state legislature and commissions in        Agencies interested in hosting a meeting should con-           CRPOA’s legislative activities and participation with
support of laws and regulations that would benefit re-        tact the association office.                                   POST. Finally, there is the CRPOA insurance program
serve peace officers.                                             CRPOA presents the Annual Reserve Peace Offic-             outlined below.
   CRPOA has also become involved in presenting the           ers Conference. This conference, first held in Stock-
statewide annual reserve peace officers conference,           ton in 1978, takes place on a weekend in the autumn
                                                                                                                                CRPOA offers a unique life and disability insurance
thus ensuring the continuity of this important meeting.       and generally alternates locations between northern
                                                                                                                             program to its members. It provides an accident in-
As a result of these activities, the association has be-      and southern California. Conferences have been held
                                                                                                                             demnity weekly benefit in the event a member is in-
come known to political and law enforcement officials         in Stockton, Irvine, Santa Clara, San Bernardino, San
                                                                                                                             ured while serving as a reserve peace officer, search
as the organization that represents the interests of re-      Diego, San Jose, Culver City, Los Angeles, Bakers-
                                                                                                                             and rescue member or volunteer in policing. (see
serve peace officers.                                         field and Costa Mesa. Hosting organizations have in-
                                                                                                                             Policy provisions and exclusions). The cost of this cov-
                                                              cluded individual departments, groups of agencies and
                                                                                                                             erage is included in the annual dues and is applicable
MEMBERSHIP                                                    CRPOA chapters.
                                                                                                                             to all CRPOA General Members.
   There are two classes of memberships in CRPOA.                 CRPOA also publishes The BackUp, a magazine
General Members, with voting privileges, are those who        that reports activities of the association as well as other    NEED MORE INFORMATION?
are reserve peace officers, search and rescue mem-            issues of interest to reserve peace officers. A subscrip-         Ask any director or member in your area or contact
bers or volunteers in policing. Regular full-time peace       tion to The BackUp is included in the dues. Our maga-          the CRPOA office at: California Reserve Peace Offic-
officers may become Associate Members without vot-            zine is also sent to all sheriffs, chiefs of police and        ers Association, Post Office Box 5622, San Jose, Cali-
ing privileges. All memberships are in the names of           reserve coordinators. Members are invited to submit            fornia 95150-5622, or call 408/371-8239 or e-mail us
individuals, regardless of whether dues are paid sepa-        letters and articles for publication.                          at

                                                                    MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                                           CALIFORNIA RESERVE PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION
                                               POST OFFICE BOX 5822 SAN JOSE, CA 95150 - 408.371.8239 FAX 408.371.1270

NAME ________________________________________________________________ DOB _____ / _____ / ______                            SOCIAL SECURITY NO. _______ - ____ - ________
        FIRST NAME                   MI            LAST NAME

STREET ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY ______________________________________________________________________________________ STATE ____________ ZIP CODE ____________ - _________

PHONE: HOME [             ] ______ - ___________ WORK [               ] _________ - __________ EMAIL __________________________________________________________

AGENCY NAME _______________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE CHECK: Mew Member ■                                              Renewal ■

CA Reserve Peace Officer                   Legal and Ins. Benefits Incl.       $78   _____         Full-time Officer                 No Legal or Ins. benefits           $30 ______
CA Volunteer in Policing (VIP)             Legal and Ins. Benefits Incl.       $78   _____         Retired Reserve                   No Legal or Ins. benefits           $30 ______
CA Search and Rescue                       Legal and Ins. Benefits Incl.       $78   _____         Non Sworn Support                 No Legal or Ins. benefits           $30 ______
Out-of-State Res. Peace Officer            Ins. Benefits Incl.                 $50   _____         Full-time Officer-Res. Coord.     No Legal or Ins. benefits           $30 ______
METHOD OF PAYMENT: Check                   Master or Visa Card                 Note: Credit card applications may be faxed to 408.371.1270

CREDIT CARD NUMBER _______________              ______________        _______________          ______________        EXPIRES __________ / __________ / ______

PRINT NAME ON CREDIT CARD ______________________________________________________ SIGNATURE _________________________________________________

ITEMS AND PRICES                                                                CRPOA MERCHANDISE ORDER FORM
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Reserve Poster .................................................... $    8.00                  (Include color & size)
Metal Framed Poster ........................................... $       35.00
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CRPOA Pin ......................................................... $    3.50
ARPOC Collector Pin ......................................... $          2.00
CRPOA Lined Windbreaker- Blue w/new logo .. $                           28.00
CRPOA Lined Windbreaker-
    Blue w/trademark logo ................................ $            28.00
CRPOA Trademark Logo Patch ......................... $                   5.00
Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover - Grey w/new logo .. $                      28.00
Denim Shirt w/new logo ..................................... $          20.00                                  Subtotal                      $
CRPOA T-Shirt ................................................... $     10.00   Member #
                                                                                                               Sales Tax 8.25%               $
CRPOA Black T-Shirt w/trademark logo patch .. $                         12.00
CRPOA T-Shirt Navy Blue ................................. $             10.00   Telephone #                    Shipping & Handling           $
CRPOA T-Shirt Black ........................................ $          12.00                                  TOTAL                         $

  Sizes available for shirts and windbreakers are M, L,                         Name
XL, and XXL. Please add $2.00 for XXL size (not all
sizes in each style). E-Mail to check
sizes and styles.                                                               City                                       State                 Zip
  Shipping and handling: $2.00 for orders up to $3.00;                          Check payment type:
$4.00 for orders $3.00 to $10.00; and $5.00 for orders                          ■      Check   ■     Credit Card: VISA            ■ or MasterCard ■
over $10.00. To order a patch or decal just send a
stamped, self-addressed envelope.                                               Credit Card No. Exp. Date

  Orders should be sent to the address on the order form                        Cardholder Name (print)
with a check or money order payable to CRPOA. Or-                               Signature
ders charged to MasterCard or VISA may be faxed.
                                                                                MAIL TO: CRPOA MERCHANDISE, P.O. BOX 5622, SAN JOSE, CA 95150-5622
   Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.                                 PHONE: (408) 371-8239                                    FAX: (408) 371-1270

                                  CRPOA                                                                                                             Prsrt Std
                                  Post Office Box 5622                                                                                            U.S. Postage
                                  San Jose, CA 95150-5622                                                                                        Permit No. 1889
                                                                                                                                                 San Diego, CA


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