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									                                                               ...when time is money
                                                                                       PayPunch 4000®

 Mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors result in average overpayments to employees of 4.5% of a
   company's monthly payroll, according to an article published in Paytech (American Payroll Association's monthly magazine).

 Supervisors spend an average of 4 minutes checking each time card & payroll staffers average 2 minutes entering each card's
   data into your accounting or payroll program. (Paytech magazine)

 PayPunch 4000® eliminates the human errors and the data entry and makes it much faster for supervisors to check employees' hours.
 PayPunch 4000® pays for itself within just a few months.

       PayPunch 4000®                                      ENTER your monthly payroll:                  $155,000
             ROI calculator                                ENTER your # of employees:                       35

   In your company…                                                 
                                           you can expect savings        $6,975.00                 each month
            Currently, your supervisors are spending about            9.3 hours/month              checking timecards
    Currently, your payroll personnel are spending about              4.7 hours/month              entering timecard data
   * Assuming 4 timecards per employee per month.                                                     (416) 663-4341                              

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