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									                               SALES GROWTH CALCULATOR
                           Business Development Factors for Sales Growth
This Automated Sales Process Management (ASPM), Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator will help a business define the advantages of
implementing an ASPM program in their business. Please answer all the questions (yellow shaded) as accurately as possible to develop a clear
picture of what you can expect to receive from your situation. Comment balloons will help you along the process.

The IMPACT of Increased Sales and Marketing Productivity                                                                      YOU
1.) % increase in new business if your sales team followed the sales process consistently.                                      10%

2.) % increase if prospects and customers were sent regular communications.                                                     10%

3. % increase if introductory communications turned cold calls into warm calls.                                                  7%

4.) % increase of from following up every prospect inquiry with an automated sales system.                                       7%

5.) % increase if "Top of Mind" awareness was established with valuable key customers.                                           7%

6.) % increase from follow up with qualified prospects who don't buy immediately.                                                7%

7.) % increase if salespeople received action notices to remind them to follow up on customers.                                  7%

8.) % increase in new business if salespeople doubled presentations to interested prospects?                                    65%

The IMPACT of Better Sales Management
9.) % increase if sales management received real time sales activity reports identifying problems.                               7%

10.) % increase in new business if you could attract and retain better salespeople.                                             10%

11.) % increase if YOU had more time for sales and could cut salesperson turnover in half.                                      10%

12.) % increase if your entire company was following the best practices of sales.                                                7%

Subtotal Increase in New Business Sales Activities from Prospects                                                              154%

The IMPACT of Cross Selling, Up Selling and Referrals
13.) % increase if you educated every customer about other products or services offered?                                        20%

14.) % increase if you contacted your existing customers more often.                                                             5%

15.) % increase if you asked every existing customer for referrals?                                                             10%

Subtotal Increase in New Business from Existing Customers                                                                       35%

Percent Increase in New Business before Referrals from New Customers                                                           189%
The IMPACT of Referrals
16.) % increase in new business if you asked every new customer for referrals?                                        5%

Total Increase in New Business                                                                                       194%

17.) What percent of sales are from new customers?                                                                    10%

18.) Please enter your annual gross sales                                                                           $500,000

19.) What is your projected sales growth rate this year?                                                              7%
Estimated Additional New Business Revenue                                                                       $       97,000

The IMPACT of Customer Retention Strategies
20.) Average Customer Loss per Year                                                                                   10%

Baseline Revenue for Next Year                                                                                  $     450,000

21.) Percent Lost Due to Customer Neglect                                                                             70%

22.) % of sales you expect if you could prevent customer defection from your efforts with ASPM.                       7%

Additional Business From Retaining Customers                                                                    $       35,000

Baseline Revenue with Customer Retention Campaign                                                               $     485,000

The IMPACT from Regaining Lost or Inactive Customers
23.) How much sales would you gain if you could attract 10% of your lost or inactive customers?                 $       50,000

Sales Growth
Sales Revenue with Automated Sales Process Management (ASPM)                                                    $     632,000
Total: projected increased sales when you add everything up                                                     $     132,000
Actual Sales Increase Percentage with ASPM                                                                            26%
Profit Contribution
24.) Gross Margin on Sales                                                                                            35%
Profit Contribution from Increased Sales                                                                        $       46,200
25.) Selling Magic Project Implementation estimate for your business.                                                $9,000
BOTTOM LINE - YOUR First Year Return On Investment (ROI)                                                             513%

We hope this ROI calculator gives you an idea of what your sales increase possibilities are. As with any profit or
saving calculator, your results will depend upon your implementation and input calculations to this worksheet. While
we believe these formula's are accurate, we assume no liability for their accuracy in your situation. The important
thing is to recognize the opportunities ASPM can provide you. If you would like more information on how an
Automated Sales Process Management solution will impact your business, give us a call. We will be happy to show
you the benefits and provide a web demonstration followed by a customized proposal for your review.

                                                 This worksheet was prepared by Steve Martinez, Selling Magic on February 22, 2006

                        Selling Magic - (951) 277-0080

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