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					Accessibility Resources Available Online for Individuals with
Visual Impairments
Access 20/20

A provider of practical and innovative Braille services and products.

AD Information & Communications Co., Ltd.

This site offers paper that talks! ADI&C introduces VOICEYE and its Player using AD
Code technology for people with blind/low vision that can give them an access to printed
information. The VOICEYE solution is simple and low in price compared to Braille or
audio books.

Adaptive Technology Services

Adaptive Technology Services is a leading provider of computer technology services for
people who are blind and visually impaired. It provides the highest level of on-site
training, technical support, evaluations, configuration and scripting; delivering the best
service to every individual using adaptive technology to achieve professional and
personal goals.

Ai Squared, Inc.

Ai Squared is a worldwide leader in computer access software for the visually impaired.
Its flagship products, ZoomText, is the industry standard for combined magnification and
screen reading.

American Foundation for the Blind

Information and referral resource for people who are blind or visually impaired, and
the organizations and individuals who serve them. Publisher of professional
materials on blindness and low vision.
American Printing House for the Blind

Promotes independence of blind and visually impaired persons by providing special
media, tools, and materials needed for education and life.


Mobility products for the blind & visually impaired.

American Thermoform Corporation (ATC)

American Thermoform Corporation manufactures and distributes products for the blind:
Braille embossers, graphics heating machines, Braille & print embosser, and a talking
tactile tablet.

Applied Human Factors, Inc.

AHF develops products for computer access, assisted typing, augmentative
communication, and learning disabilities (especially spelling/writing). Products include
REACH with Smart Keys, REACH with Smart Lists, REACH Sound-It-Out Phonetic
Keyboard, Smart Speech, and REACH Tablet (off-the-shelf tablet computer with AHF
software), SoothSayer Word Prediction, ScanBuddy, Mouse&Caret Buddy (for low
vision), and more.

A. T. KRATTER & Company, Inc.

Leading provider of adaptive technology for people with visual and reading disabilities.

Bierley Associates, Inc.

Bierley manufacturer high quality, low cost, hand held CCTV magnifiers including the
MonoMouse, ColorMouse USB. Its ergonomic products are ideal for reading
newspapers, magazines or books, checking utility bills, reading mail, labels on boxes,
bottles and packets and much more, and displaying sharp, clear images.
Braille Jymico, Inc.

Scientific Braille Production (Nemeth code). Tactile Graphics, Literary Braille
Production, Music Braille Production, Personalized Braille Cards and electronic text (E-

The British Computer Association of the Blind

A self-help group of visually impaired computer professionals and users.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

A private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization providing rehabilitation and library
services to blind, visually impaired, and deaf blind persons across Canada.


CLARITY manufactures auto-focus video magnifiers for the visually impaired with
innovative, modular designs, making this technology flexible, portable, easy to use, and
ideal for distance viewing.


Tactile and low vision maps. Interactive computer maps. Low vision software for
creating immediate large print documents (individualized for low vision students) for


CODE FACTORY, S.L. is the leading developer of software solutions for the blind and
the visually impaired.
CompSolution Assistive Technology

Producer of the technology products for persons with vision and multiple impairments.
Originator of the Portico accessible, mobile computing solution that features the
portability and affordability of a note taker and the power of Windows XP desktop
computer. Offers the Pundit, a whisper-quiet bookshelf computer workstation.

Computer Application Specialties Company

The home of Braille2000: an easy to use but comprehensive XML tool for Windows, for
both the non-Braille-reading teacher and para professional transcriber, working in
English, Spanish, or French.

Dancing Dots

Dancing Dots: developing and adapting technology to benefit blind musicians and those
who educate them since 1992. Scan printed scores, listen to results or convert to Braille
music notation. Play your musical ideas into your PC. Convert to print notation, Braille
score or audio CD. Braille music courses/educational resources.

De Witt & Associates

DeWitt & Associates is a full-service consulting firm that can provide training,
assessment, curriculum, software and technical support for the full range of assistive
technology for the blind & visually impaired.

Dolphin Computer Access, Ltd.

Featuring award-winning Supernova software for both blind and low vision computer
users, with a unique combination of magnification, speech and Braille output.

Duxbury Systems, Inc.

Duxbury Systems, Inc. has developed software for Braille since 1975-used by
professionals, transcribers, students, teachers, publishers and Novices. DBT Win supports
literary and math for many languages, with graphics. Mega Dots also support

Enabling Technologies Company

Enabling Technologies has been producing Braille production equipment for over 30
years. It is the world's leading manufacturer of a complete line of computer interfaced
Braille Embossers which include the ever-popular Romeo and Juliet models.

Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Vision is the leading developer of innovative products designed specifically for
people who have macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

En-Vision America, Inc.

En-Vision America is an internationally known manufacturer of products for people with
vision impairments.

Freedom Scientific Blind/Low Vision Group

Freedom Scientific Inc. emerged as the largest manufacturer of software and hardware
for people with vision impairments in the United States.

Freedom Vision

Specialist in low vision video magnifiers offers the new Quick Look mini readers, and
new Profile LCD flat screen desktop CCTV, as well as its unique Prisma mini desktop-
style CCTV camera, and Liberty Color 7" and Liberty Solo 12" battery-operated portable
CCTV models.

GH, LLC is a leading assistive technology company that helps people with visual
disabilities access information, whether the source is a textbook, publication,
standardized test or website. Using a content-independent media conversion process, GH
offers a full range of accessible media formats and software applications, including the
GH PLAYER 2.0, the Accessible Testing System, Digital Talking Books, Braille, Large
Print and Tactile Graphics. These products help the print disabled improve their
educational experience, become more competitive in the workplace, and lead more
enjoyable lives.

Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.

GW Micro

GW Micro is a provider of accessible hardware and software for blind and visually
impaired individuals.

Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH

Handy Tech is one of the world leading producers of technology for the blind, located in

Henter Math, LLC.

Virtual Pencil is assistive software for students that are blind, motor-impaired, or learning
disabled. It displays arithmetic visually and audibly on the computer, while the user
interacts with the problem, going through each step, working towards a solution. Help
messages and tutoring information are available, as well as the test mode.

Huge Print Press

Enlarges books in fonts ranging from 16-44 for the low vision community.
Human Ware

Assistive technology for people with visual and learning difficulties.

Independent Living Aids, Inc.

ILA offers an extensive line of magnifiers, electronic vision systems, talking items of all
types and daily living aids.

Interactive Braille & ASL Guide

KGS America, LLC

KGS, the world's leading manufacturer of Braille cells.

Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.

Kurzweil Educational Systems: The industry leader and innovator of reading, writing and
learning solutions for people with learning disabilities (Kurzweil 3000), and people who
are blind or visually impaired (Kurzweil 1000). The company provides assistive
technology that enables people with disabilities to lead more independent lives through
improved reading and writing abilities.


LS & S is a leading national provider of products for the blind, low vision, deaf and hard
of hearing community. Products range from daily living aids to high tech software and
electronic adaptive aids.

MagniSight, Inc.

Offers the Manual Focus, Custom Focus, and PC Compatible video magnifiers.
Maxi-Aids, Inc.

Maxi-Aids is a special needs Superstore that carries over 6000 high-tech and low-tech
products for the Blind/Visually impaired Deaf/Hearing impaired and physically
challenged. Featured products include; the Tadi talking diary with over 5 hours of
recording time, the Handy-PC, a complete computer in a keyboard and the Reizen
amplified telephone and much more.

Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.

Voice math using either Dragon Naturally Speaking or Microsoft® Speech Engine.
MalkTalk™ allows user to voice any math--pre-algebra/algebra/trig/ calculus/statistics/
graphing. User learns Math Talk easily/quickly using different levels of math Training
Modules, Initial Commands training, and Help Modules. Can translate math into Braille
in Duxbury Braille Translator. Voice arithmetic using MathPad by Voice.

National Federation of the Blind

Nippon Telesoft, Co. Ltd.

Specializes in hardware and products related to "Braille" and offers three types of "Quiet
Braille Printers." Gemini printer can print Ink and Braille simultaneously on the same

Optelec USA, Inc.

Optelec is a leading provider of magnification products for the visually impaired. Their
revolutionary Clear View families of products feature instant focus, one-touch zoom,
position locator, three different viewing modes and image contrast adjustments (some
models include more advanced features
OPTRON Assistive Technologies

OPTRON ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES PCT sets a new standard in video
magnification devices. Its design is innovative and highly adaptable to the user's
individual needs.


OVAC, Inc.

Portable CCTV's, assistive devices for the blind & visually impaired.

Parrot S.A. Company

Voice recognition organizer for the blind and visually impaired.

Pulse Data HumanWare (Refer to HumanWare)

PDH specializes in productivity tools for people who are blind or visually impaired
including BrailleNotes, BrailleNote PK and Voice Note, Brailliant Braille terminals;
revolutionary auto-reader technology, my Reader, the all new Color PocketViewer, and
Smart View video magnifiers.

RL & Associates, Inc.

Specializes in both equipment for blind or vision-impaired persons as well as accessible
network computing solutions for agencies, businesses and education.

Sighted Electronics, Inc.

Braille Displays, Braille Embossers, Optical Braille Character recognition, Braille
notebook computers. Products that enable blind children to learn and blind adults to work
Technologies F/T Visually Impaired

Adaptive devices for the blind & low vision reading machines, Braille Computers, Braille
Printers, Screen Readers Etc.

Telesensory Corporation

Manufactures video magnifiers, scanner, and screen magnification products for low
vision and blind people.

Times Corporation

Times Corporation is a leading developer and marketer of innovative, high quality and
affordable magnification solutions for the visually impaired.

Vision Technology, Inc.

Vision Technology, engineers, designs, manufactures, & services all CCTV systems
within our 54,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Louis, Missouri provide the easiest to use high
tech, highest quality, full-featured systems in the industry.

Visuaide (Refer to HumanWare)

VisuAide is presently designing the next generation of GPS-based orientation and
mobility product for the visually impaired: Victor Trekker. Victor Reader, the digital
talking book player’s line developed by VisuAide, allows reading of talking books
recorded in digital format, meaning fast, easy navigation through the structure of a book.