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					How I make $400 every week, working 1 hour a day
I was so badly looking for a method to make some real money online with minimal effort and I came across a method that help me to make $400 every week working only 1 hour a day. I will teach you how I achieve it and what the method is. I advice you to follow and understand this method very carefully in order to make $400 every week. What is involved? This method involves unique content. Mainly unique articles. I have shown you how to get unique articles without any cost. What are the requirements? At least 1 hour a day And a Paypal account to get paid! Step One So, this is the very first step of this method. The very first step is to find some PLR articles. You can find thousands of FREE PLR articles from the net. Just search on Google. After finding some PLR articles, go to the “Content Creation” section in DP and look for a re-writer. When you find a re-writer, ask him if he could re-write one PLR article you’ve got as a sample. Most of the re-writers will re-write an article as a sample. So, if you find 10 re-writers and give each re-writer one article to re-write, you’ll get 10 unique articles. Step Two Now, go to the “Content” section of Buy Sell or Trader forum in DP and sell your articles. For 10 articles, you should at least get around $30-$40. You didn’t pay a single cent for the articles but you’ll have $30-$40 by selling those articles. If you are happy with the re-writers, give them more articles to rewrite. Normally, re-writers charge you around $2.50 per article re-write, and you can sell that article for $5. You can re-write those PLR articles if you can, that will save you money If you don’t want to pay for a re-writer, you can use this article re-writer. Copy and paste your PLR article into the re-write engine and it’ll create a unique article. However, it’ll not create a professional article, you’ll have to edit some errors. It is recommended to proof read the articles after rewriting using the re-writer.