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                                             . ii

“ Mike,

I gave my daughter just one idea from this ebook, and she's made $200 in two
days, not bad for part time work.”

                                                              Hazen Hoffpauir

“ Mike Johnson,

I’ve always been a hand-crafting maniac, my friends were sometimes making
fun of my hobby… but I had no idea I could actually make good money doing it!
Now it’s fun – and some extra spending cash!

It’s genius, thanks Mike!”

                                                               Anna Finnegan

                                     . iii
Ever wondered how some people manage so marvelously easy to prompt situations from which
they can earn some extra money? I bet you fancy they are exceptionally experienced or even
gone professional with some of the means of making money fast. Truth is that, while for some
people professionalism and fast made money go hand in hand, there is no one saying that their
ways cannot be approached by others as well.

All you need is a resolute attitude and a mind attached to practical, money-generating
circumstances, and, of course, a guide to explain to you some of the simplest ways at hand of
meeting such circumstances.

Consider the following situation: Louisa Dapper works as a dishwasher in a restaurant. It’s been
about four years since she’s been working here. The owner is a kind man, aged sixty something.
The manager is also OK. But lately – for about two weeks – she keeps hearing them talk about
how the restaurant business is dangerously falling on a downslide. The atmosphere has been
tense ever since, and the number of the clients come to enjoy a good meal keeps decreasing.

One night, arrived at home, Louisa is met by her teen son. He is very keen on talking to her
about his ideas of running his president of the class campaign. From a map he draws a bunch of
stickers, in various colors and shapes to ask his mother for advice: which one would be

It is then that the thought crosses Louisa’s mind. She could very well build her own campaign of
promoting the restaurant where she is working. After helping her son to decide on which sticker
would go best, she asks his help, in her turn.

The next day, after work, she makes a small change in her customary circuit toward home and
buys her own stickers – not too big, and in various colors. Back home, her son has already
prepared the printing machine. They decide together to first print about one hundred stickers:
“AA’s Delicious: Best Meal & Music in Town, Newark Avenue, Jersey City. You cannot miss

The next day, before getting to work, Louisa Dapper takes half of the stickers with her. The other
half remain in her son’s care. By the end of the day, all of them have been placed anywhere
possible, even in parks and bus stops. She knows not to rush over the conclusions on her
advertising project.

The next day she prints two hundred more stickers; they are really inexpensive and it’s all done
for two good causes: keeping the restaurant in business and also keeping her job. The two
hundred stickers are once again spread all over town.

After two days, Louisa notices that the owner is a bit more relaxed. “Amazing, things are getting
a little better”, he says to the manager. Finally, the next day, Louisa decides to print another two

hundred stickers. At work, she hears the manager: “Somebody’s been making a genuine
advertising campaign for us.”

Of course, no need to be too modest about it. It was a very clever idea, so she sees it best to take
advantage of it. In any case, the point is that for only three days of spreading stickers around
town, Louisa is rewarded $200. Now that’s an extra profit… and she also keeps her job, since the
restaurant is practically back in business.

Moreover, since she has gotten quite good at this, she decides to promote her small “sticker
business” to other businesses as well. A small bookshop accepts her terms and in a short while,
with very little effort, Louisa has found another source of extra money.

So you see there’s really not too big a thing about it. It is only a matter of finding a way – an
inexpensive and fast way – of setting an idea in motion. At times, someone else’s mere need of a
piece of advice is necessary to trigger the practical thought. Then what you need is some
determination to go with the thought until its commonsensical conclusion.

Anyway, the point with these fast money ideas is that you may need to permanently look for
alternatives. At times, some ideas get exhausted, in the sense that even our Louisa might reach a
stage where her small business tends to either develop more or develop into something else. You
should never say: “That’s it. I found it and I will only stick to this idea.” On the contrary, the key
is to be versatile and ready to accept new potential dimensions.

In what follows we will see various ways of making some extra money. Remember: practical
ideas are the best tools. Even if some of them could enter some minor conflict with legal issues, I
will only recommend them as potential starting points, in the sense that you should get informed
on them, and then consider legal alternatives to them.

Also, you will see that most of the money-making designs in this book focus on finding clever
ways of helping others – for a financial reward, of course. And keep in mind an old saying: rich
or poor, it’s good to have money.

Extra money will never be unwelcome, under any circumstances. As someone was writing at the
beginning of the 20th century, money is the sixth sense which enables you to enjoy the other five.
So, it only depends on you how you employ your sixth sense… and on an entire inventory of
suggestions I am about to provide.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 23

                         Children Clothing on eBay
There’s one rule each mother knows: children’s clothes are replaceable on a constant basis. They
will either tear clothes apart (think about just how many holes in the knee of new pairs of jeans
you tried to patch) or they are developing at such an incredible speed that in a short while the
expensive jeans come to be worn as shorts.

So you should look for inexpensive clothes; however, you don’t want to risk have your child
look like some child too poor to have his own clothes. On the contrary, if you browse through
what eBay offers, you will find children clothing at affordable costs.

This is one enterprise which is beneficial both for parents and sellers (of children clothing).
Consider this: a pair of jeans for a child of 10 or 11 years old could go up to $50. However, same
quality jeans can be purchased for as little as $10.

Equipped with patience, a seller will know to pick such affordable pairs of jeans and then place
them at auction on eBay. It is mothers’/fathers’ turn now. Generally, stay-at-home mothers find
this manner very profitable, since they can save money.

You can see how mothers could take advantage of eBay children clothing at:


Most of the times, the seller will work on a non-returnable basis, i.e. once parents have opted for
and purchased a pair of jeans or a T-shirt, they cannot return it. In any case, it’s preferable to
consult each seller’s return policy. Some of them make returns possible.

In the case where sellers won’t accept returns, it’s good if you are extremely careful about the
size of the clothes. They could be a bit larger, but in no case should they feel smaller than your
child’s body.

In any case, when it all comes down to considering the profitable aspect of this form of children
clothing selling/buying, two conclusions are reached. On the one hand, mothers/fathers are well
aware they have saved money. On the other hand, sellers could make a profit of more than $20
for an initial investment of only $5-$10.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 24

   Charity Lotteries: Raise Funds and Keep Your Share
If you are able to obtain the assistance of a charity organization, you can embark on charity
lotteries. Since you will be the one promoting the lottery and going from person to person to
make it known, you can be certain you will have your significant share from the end revenues of
such fund raising.

However, do pay attention to legal terms; you don’t want to enter a conflict with them.

Generally, you can take advantage of two public types of charity lottery:

1) There are the small lotteries which regularly take place during events like bazaars, dinner
dances, or sporting events. There is no limit to the value of donated prizes. Also, lottery tickets
should only be sold at the event.
Raising funds at small lotteries is generally preferred, because small lotteries stand for the easiest
way of charity fund raising: the charity organization doesn’t need to register the lottery with the
local authority.

2) The situation is different to what concerns society lotteries. As compared to small lotteries,
they need to be registered with the local authority. Any individual can buy society lottery tickets.
The lottery is amply advertised, because the necessity is to raise as many funds as possible. You
could get involved into such a charity event, with the guarantee that out of selling a hundred
tickets for $4-$5 a piece, the sum raised reaches at least $400.

Of course, a part of it goes to the charity organization, but you will still have at least $100 in
your pocket when all is said and done. And keep in mind that you will most probably sell more
than one hundred tickets.

Therefore, don’t be tempted to fraud such lotteries, i.e. don’t try to sell charity lottery tickets
when in fact they are far from being charity or far from being lottery. I have no doubt about it:
scams have been set in motion, but it’s too risky and it’s really not worth it.

In the end, it’s better to stay on the safe side and simply get the help of a charity organization; it
may be a bit difficult to get it (in the sense that you will have to set in motion some of your
persuasion qualities), but this is definitely a job which is worth the effort.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 25

                        Green Belts in Need of Water
Have you ever hiked, walked or cycled along green belts? Such activities are simply inspiring for
those people who love a bit of diversity in their urban routine. But can you imagine how hot it
can all get during hot summer days? You would pay just anything for a drop of refreshing water.

Unfortunately, you will often come across (in the most demanding circumstances) the lack of
water supply along urban green belts. This doesn’t happen with all green belts, but the
phenomenon is present in certain circumstances.

Now, I am not suggesting you should do research on where you can find such waterless green
belts (when I say “waterless” I mean that water along them is either missing or it is not
drinkable). Well, if you really want to embark on such investigations, there’s no one stopping

But you might have heard a friend or a neighbor talk about such situations. Or you may have
undergone a similar experience yourself. In such cases, it’s time to take control of things – a fact
which will result in two parts enjoying its benefits: the thirsty hikers, walkers or cyclists, on the
one hand, and, on the other hand, you.

OK, I think we can all see the solution: a water stand. The single issue now is trying to install
such a stand. You will have to either gain permission from the local authority to place your stand
somewhere along the trail or gain permission from one of the homeowners who have their house
situated here. The second alternative appears easier to put into practice, since it won’t take too
much trouble or too much time.

Of course, the homeowner will want his share of the profits. It’s OK; you can offer him even
50% of your total gains. You could sell one bottle of water with as much as $1. Your small
business will soon turn highly profitable, especially if in time you get to install more than one
water stand along the belt.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 26

                              Business and Honesty
Even though it may sound implausible, you can work a profitable business out of actually
trusting people. This is one particular manner in which your benefits will practically come to you
without you embarking on too great efforts. You small business will practically run itself; it will
work on its own.

You will have to install a stand. One such example was offered by a special fruit and vegetable
stand simply left on the sidewalk to run itself. There is a special box where people pay for the
fruit or vegetable they want to buy. They weigh up the desired amount of fruit or vegetables.
And after having paid for the things bought, customers just leave.

And that’s all. Isn’t it                                                  wonderful? Yes, it
could be risky, but you will be amazed at how reliable people can be. In the end, this whole
business is working on a common sense and honesty basis. And you won’t even move a finger,
except for the times when you have to install the stand and to refill the supply of fruit and
vegetables. Of course, this is one business which will turn out very profitable if you are able to
grow your own vegetables and thus earn benefits from your own garden.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 27

                           Zero-Risk Betting System
Picture this: wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way through which you could bet on both
sides of a sporting event? In this manner, irrespective of the result, you walk away with a
guaranteed won bet. Well, this is the precise definition of
arbitrage betting.

Owing to the numerous bookmakers who offer online
services, this arbitrage clever move is developing, providing
increased chances of claiming guaranteed winnings on a daily

And you know what the best thing about it is? It is in
complete agreement with any kind of gambling law.
Moreover, it is not a too demanding activity. The moment you

start on this path, you have every opportunity to get the guarantee of fast money – it is there
waiting                          for                        your                          bets.

OK, let’s see what the dynamics behind this zero-risk betting system is. It is, in point of fact, an
incongruity in the overall market (this is not restricted to sports events, it can also be applied to
stock marketing or bank domains) – where, for instance, due to a number of asymmetries, the
same product or service is charged at various prices in various areas.

Now, if we apply this definition to sports betting, an arbitrage opportunity emerges when
different bookmakers list different odds for different end results of a certain event.

The most significant thing (and the core of this entire theory) is that we are free to place bets, so
that we actually bet on each outcome with different bookmakers; we earn back more than we
invested for each time we place bets in this manner. Doesn’t it resemble a method of safe
investment? You are able to appreciate your potential return before the games actually begin.

However, don’t start picturing that arbitrage returns are extraordinarily high – they will provide
you with 5% to 10% profit each time you bet. But think about it: for the extra money you need,
this is actually more than okay.

How do you approach sports arbitraging? Well, it’s actually very simple: the custom is to keep
updated on the daily lists of sports events and invest (i.e. bet) on as many as you afford, without
emptying your pockets, of course. Once again, it is a safe investment opportunity which
shouldn’t be missed, especially if you are a sports fan.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 28

                                      Run Errands
People can’t wait for weekend days. The reason: they need to do something else but work. This
means they want to watch TV, play, walk in the park… In other words, people need to relax in
their spare time. But suddenly they realize that they have forgotten one demanding aspect: the so
called errands which need to be run; they are mandatory.

Wouldn’t people pay for someone else to do this supplementary job? Actually, they would. You
can charge up to $20 for an hour of running errands. Dry-cleaning, trash picking and throwing,
letter posting, there are so many of them that they seem to fill up all that’s left of that precious
spare time.

Promoting your services is once again a matter of handing out flyers. Mention your fee and also
stress the fact that you are an excellent organizer. Also, make sure you know how to be such an
exceptional planner. Have an agenda with you, so that your customers should be able to see that
you are truly working on a structure basis.

In this manner, you can start by picking the trash. It’s the first logical move to do, because it will
generally wait for you right outside the house. Then cover dry-cleaning delivery; it may take
longer than other errands. So it’s best to start with what will cover more of your time and then
continue and end with less time-consuming activities. Food buying should be next on your list.
Also, if there are letters to post, do it after taking care of the food, if the letter is not a matter of

Don’t forget to pick up what you took to dry cleaning, on your way back to the homeowners.
You will find them relaxed; they have already enjoyed a marvelously relaxing day while you
were running the errands. Be certain you have run them as appropriately as possible. It is one
safe way of securing other customers as well.

Yes, truth be told, you are occupying a lot of your spare time on running other people’s errands.
But think that at the end of several hours of errands work, you will go back home with fuller
pockets. Then you can enjoy a breath of spare time. And, if you come to think about it, you can
assume these errands only when you feel like it: there’s no one pressing you to do it, irrespective
of your will.

Case study
A young man, aged only 17, manages to earn some honest money by doing what
others are supposed to (they are even compelled by the local law to do it): he
wheels his neighbor’s city provided trash cans back to their houses.

Since his neighbors don’t always have the time to accomplish this task themselves,
they would rather pay this young man $5 per month – a modest fee for them, but
enough for the boy to cover some of his needs – and not risk paying a fine 40 times
bigger than the boy’s charge.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 29

                                  Cleaning Services
You can charge $40-$50 for expert car cleaning. You can charge the same sum (or even offer a
discount of 10%-20% from the previously mentioned fee; homeowners will grow instantly
interested in your complete services) for an hour of cleaning windows and doors in a house.
People are likely to accept your fast services because they don’t have the time to complete such

Let’s see what you need to do in order to clean the interior of a car efficiently. Start with clearing
out larger trash pieces and other useless articles from the inside of your car. Make sure you clean
the spots under the seats and double-check for larger items before bringing the vacuum in the
picture. Don’t forget about the ashtray. Get the car floor mats out of the car and remove dust and
other smaller debris by shaking them well.

After all these operations are completed, you can give the vacuum the chance to play its role.
Vacuum the already shaken mats – it’s not an unnecessary operation; on the contrary, it
guarantees that the floor mats are as clean as they can be – the floor and, finally, the seats.

Next, with carpet cleaner and a stiff brush you should scour the floor, “hunting down” any stains
on the floor mats. Then let them dry out.

With some window cleaner solution and a pack of paper towels you can efficiently remove dirt
and stains from the car windows. Don’t forget about the car doors and the dashboard. Take extra
care: make sure the solution you are using will protect vinyl areas.

Now combine your car cleaning offer with cleaning doors and windows in the house. Your
service promotion flyer should focus on this aspect as well. If you are already involved in one
cleaning activity, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t accept a second one: it is, in point of fact,
the same thing.

Therefore, your next services will center on offering the hiring homeowners the shiny windows
and clean doors they want for their house. A glass cleaner, a gentle rag and, of course, a
squeegee are the most appropriate “helpers” in window cleaning.

Be careful: it is advisable to wipe the rag horizontally against the window, so that dripping is
stopped. As compared to the rag, you will move the squeegee downward against the window; so
avoid horizontal moves with it.

With a towel, dry the window surface. Then start a small brush vacuum procedure so that smaller
pieces of dirt are removed. If you perform this job in the afternoon, before the sun sets, the
results are perfect: there’s no risk of streaks caused by direct sunlight.

Case study

In New Jersey, a man manages to earn some fairly significant sums of money by
only practicing weekend jobs.

He places ads in local newspapers in order to advertise cleaning services. More
precisely, he cleans windows for retail stores. One job takes him about 15 minutes,
for a large shopping mall. Equipped with a bucket of water and with the customary
window cleaning squeegee, the man charges $20 for a job well done.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 30

                                    Home Repairs
Maybe you already work in a home repairs domain. If you are really skillful at it, then why not
take advantage and use your experience in your spare time? It is true: it’s like doing extra hours,
but it could also be a reliable source of extra money.

Offer your services for a charge of $30-$60/hour (your fee will be
adjusted according to the degree of difficulty of the job). In this
manner you can earn an impressive sum of $300/day. Now, isn’t that

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you can carry
the entire required job up to its completion. So ask details about
what you need to repair and then make your own investigation of the
situation. You can charge even for the diagnosis. It’s your right,
since you have actually told them (the homeowners) something they
weren’t aware of.

Consider and weigh up the consequences of each step that will be
involved in the project; for instance, if the homeowners want to get
rid of the flashing around their chimney because it is leaking and
replace it with another one, you must know that getting up on the
roof and working up there is a must. Look at the roof: is it kind of
steep or very high? Then safety measures are also a must.

Then consider what tools you need: tool belt, hammer, nails, and so on. Is there a chance that you
may need a nail gun? Be careful in wall repairs: you frequently come across wires. Once again,
safety measures are your ally.

Of course, prior to actually getting a job, you need to make your services known. So, again and
again, remember the exceptionally useful flyers. Don’t forget to leave a contact telephone
number and to outline any potential discount: there’s a good chance you will grab increased
interest in your services.

Case study

A man in New Jersey has come up with an idea of helping widow or single
women. He knows that regular, uncomplicated home repair jobs, which would
normally be accomplished by a husband, are not the favorite of single women.

Subsequently, he has thought about placing an ad in local newspapers where he
makes known his home repair services. As a result, he is the working husband
these women lack and he gets to be paid for it as well.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 31

                                   Singles Mingle
“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match” – if I remember well enough, these were the
verses of the song. Single people are generally rather skeptic with ads where other singles look
for their match. No matter where these ads are posted (newspapers, web pages, magazines),
there’s really no telling to just how the individual posting the ad truly is.

Well, you can take advantage of this apparent lack of trust and establish your own matchmaking
agency. In other words, you will offer your house as a place for singles’ parties where singles
can meet face-to-face in public circumstances. You will provide for the drinks and snacks at the
party. Singles will pay up to $80 for the place and for the drinks and snacks.

There is an old saying: “marriages are made in heaven”. Even if singles are not necessarily
looking to get married after a first meeting, you can provide the appropriate, pleasant
circumstances where future solid relationships can be built. So, what are you waiting for?
Publish your ad and start making that extra money you need so much.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 32

                                Mystery Shopping
The customers are the most important. The commonsensical consequence: their appreciation of
the services offered to them is the one bearing the most significant implications on the
development of a certain business. Customers have the power to make you; on the other hand,
they have the power to bring you to ruin.

Mystery shopping comes with a practical alternative for analyzing customers’ expectations and
reactions to the manner in which their expectations are met. What’s the basis? There is need of a
few individuals playing the role of customers and shopping.

In point of fact, they keep a close eye on every aspect that could turn out as significant from the
customer’s perspective. They analyze everything in a shop, from the degree to which cleanness is
satisfied to the manner in which customers are served.

This is one approach guaranteed to bring you profits. Visit, for the beginning, the next site:


The best thing about it is that you actually get paid for shopping. And the best of the best aspects
is that mystery shopping is a domain developing favorably and profitably (for the mystery
shoppers) even as we speak. All you need is some keen observation skills and the disposition to
spend as much time as possible in shops.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 33

                           Crime and Moneymaking
OK, don’t get alarmed over that title. I will simply suggest two manners in which you can exploit
less desirable neighborhoods. My first suggestion is a bit less demanding. The other one requires
listening to the police radio station and acting immediately that you hear about an incident
resulting in broken windows and doors.

So my first suggestion covers a form of advertising. More precisely, you will have to make a
deal with bar/restaurant/disco owners and get to be paid for spreading posters advertising their
services or various events (concerts) that take place in their bars/discos/restaurants.

The downside is you will have to go through less desirable neighborhoods to post such ads. If
you go by car, then it’s faster. Also, generally you need an approval from local authorities to post

My second suggestion; you need a good reception of the local police
radio. You will act mostly at night. Be prepared with repairing tools. Each
time that you hear – on the police radio – a crime took place and a shop
was broken into, you should hurry to the place and offer your services to
the shop owners.

You will offer temporary repairing of doors and windows. You can charge
– depending on the things you use to do the repairing - $40 for such a job.

Case study

A man in Saint Louis wanders the streets at night in his truck. He is equipped, first
of all, with a radio tuned to the local police radio frequency. His truck also carries
an array of repair tools.

There are moments – and not few of them – when the police band radio lets him
know that a burglary has taken place. These are the times when he must act. He is
swift in getting at the place of the crime and in offering his temporary repair
services to the owner of the store or any other kind of business affected by the

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 34

                                       Save Money

The great scientist Albert Einstein once said that "It takes a genius to see the obvious." It is very
easy to explain what he meant and namely that sometimes the simplest things in life are the most
powerful ... but due to the fact that they are so plain, we have a tendency to pay no attention to
them,     and      not     let    them      exertion     any     positive     actions     for     us.

One of the simplest but most powerful money making ideas is this: Keep a daily record of
everything you spend. Go to the dime store and buy a little note pad. Take it with you wherever
you go. Put down every cent - each single cent - you spend every day. It is very simple to do and
needs no special efforts.

If you do so, you will find something magic happening in your financial life in just a few weeks.

There is something incredibly powerful about writing down all your expenses. It makes the
stream of money through your life more real and precise. It illustrates you simply and clearly just
where you are spending your money, on what and why. Once you know the way they go away
you try to liquidate that gap and it becomes much easier to control your spending.

Many people who have taken up this practice have not only learned something about themselves
which they never knew before, but they are often amazed.

For example, one woman realized through examining her note pad that she in fact spent nearly
$2,000 per year on diet soft drinks, snacks and candy bars! Since her job as an office clerk
brought her a scant $12,000 per year, she realized that one-sixth of her entire income was being
wasted on things she could live without very easily.

The woman gave up the snacks and drinks, and found she had enough money to afford health
insurance – plus has $400 left over. If you could choose
snacks or health insurance, which one would it be?

The point is the following, it was her daily expense
register that helped her achieve the insight and clarity she
needed to get control of her finances. That's what a
simple spending record will do for you - it will give you
control over your spending, and consequently over your
financial life. There may be nothing but a 75-cent note
pad and a pen between your life of financial welfare and

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 35

Invest your money and make it work at multiplying itself. Saving money in a savings account is
important as we said above, but the 2.3 percent interest rates most banks give you are not even
enough to keep pace with inflation.

You must do more than save your money -- you must invest it. That means financial vehicles
with super-high rates of return, such as mutual funds and stocks, or the more risky commodity
markets. A $5,000 investment in commodities can return you 10 times that amount -- $50,000 --
in just a few weeks, although you could easily lose it as well.

The bottom line is you should also take a portion of your savings and put them in high interest or
high risk investment plans. That's the way to really get ahead fast.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 36

                          Invest in Positive Thinking
Imagine wealth and profusion day by day. Is the suggestion that you apply some sort of airy-
fairy mysticism that will make you into a "money magnet"?

Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows, but trying is a worth thing especially
in the case when you lose nothing. The fact is that behind every wealthy
man and woman is a positive attitude toward money. Here's a quick

(1) Person Number One with a negative money attitude has daily
    thoughts which go this way:

     "Ooh! $20 bucks is hard to come by! I seem to work so hard and get
     so little for it. Money just slips through my fingers. It is astonishing
     how much money you have to earn to just get through the days. I'm
     never going to be able to afford that new car on my limited salary, but
     this job is still the best thing going for me right now. It's easy for
     some people to make a lot of money, but I'm not one of those people
     ..." and on and on.

 (2) Person Number Two with a positive money attitude has daily thoughts which go this way:

"You know, I bet if I invest some extra energy in my job I can get a raise next month, and then
I'll take half of the extra money I gain and put it in a savings account. There must be a 100 other
ways I can bring in some extra cash. Money is not all that hard to earn if you work hard, watch
what you’re spending and save a little at a time. There is enough wealth for every one who
needs it in this country, and I easily get my share and more ..." and on and on.

Which person do you think will have a better chance of achieving a better position? You don't
need to think much about this question in order to see how Person One is exhausting himself
with his thoughts, and how Person Two is giving himself a fighting chance.

Look at it this way: it costs nothing one way or the other to have either negative or positive
thoughts. So why not have positive thoughts?

There have been many studies done on the thought patterns and the frames of mind of some of
the richest most successful people in the world. The one thing they all had in common was a
positive     attitude    toward      money      and    their     ability    to    earn   it.

Case study

The case represents the situation when with positive thinking a person can obtain
wealth. One should be just an optimist and a realistic person in order to earn a
living. The optimist feels his windfall is general proof that he's a success in life. He
may sometimes even give the event more weight than it truly merits.

But to the pessimist, it's just an isolated case of luck. With a bad event, however,
the tables turn dramatically. Optimists dismiss each as an isolated occurrence,
while for pessimists a bad event casts a dark, depressing shadow over their lives.


Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 37

                    Take Advantage of Your Hobbies
If you are planning on beginning a business, your best bet is to start out part-time while you are
still earning a full-time income at your present job. If you are like most people who are living on
a payday to payday basis – you don't have a lot of money to invest in a full-time business. Just
use your favorite hobby as your business base and grow from there! There's no telling where
you'll be at 2 or 3 years if you go on developing your hobbies into a business.

Perhaps you can even tell your present boss to keep his job and do it himself.

Using your present hobby or favorite pastime as your business base has many benefits. Because
if you like your hobby you will search all possible ways in order to obtain a higher income from
what you like, but even if you do not succeed at the beginning, you will be
infected by a spirit which will make you fight for your hobby and in this
way you will stat to achieve your goals.

The more work you will have the better you will feel and no matter how
much you will work you will be very pleased with the results.
Everybody perhaps knows the feeling of doing a job that we hate to
do. There is no way we can give it 110% of our abilities because
we procrastinate getting through it and just want to get it over with.

That's why it is vitally important to dearly love the product or service you have
chosen to build your business around.

Do you love cooking? Start a recipe newsletter for others who like the same thing and sell your
recipes by publishing a simple brochure. Do you enjoy making crafts? Sell them through mail
order (be sure and mark up the price for shipping and handling). Do you enjoy working on cars?
Print and distribute flyers in your neighborhood listing your prices. Offer a coupon discount for
the customer to use on their first auto repair job.

Do you enjoy writing? Write a small booklet or how-to manual and sell it through mail order or
to multi-level enthusiasts. Do you enjoy computer programming? Write a program and sell
through shareware groups or even to mail order computer owners.

Yes - just about anything you love doing can be magically transformed into a business
opportunity. Some items may only sell well in your neighborhood, while some products and
services do well in mail order. If you decide to distribute through mail order, all you need to do
is write a simple ad and have it typeset. Start out with a smaller 1-inch, 2-inch or 3-inch ad. Ask
the customer to send a "first-class stamp" for more information.

When they write you, include an A4 sheet detailing your prices. Make sure you have a small
order form to make it easy to order your product or service.

And of course, include a cover letter stating that you appreciate their inquiry and look forward to
doing business with them in the near future. You'd be surprised how many sales have been lost
because a business didn't take the time to write a cover letter and personalize the mailing. Also,
start educating you by reading and researching other home-based businesses and home business
ideas magazines.

Although you may find there are plenty of full page ads filled with hype (claiming to make you
millions) they are often very good. Don't spend too much for information in the beginning of
your business though, because if a company is legitimate you should be able to call them and
discuss the opportunity over the phone with them.

Businesses that claim to put you in business overnight should never demand a large amount of
money from you. On the contrary, legitimate businesses have nothing to hide and will not charge
you more than a few dollars in postage to learn the "whole" story behind their claims. Instead use
these publications, as well as books from the library on starting a business to further your
knowledge of the world.

A good move is to invest a few hours by attending meetings sponsored to help small businesses
in your area. They are free and the valuable information you obtain from actual people who have
been in business before is something that will be extremely valuable in the months ahead.

Yes - it's that easy! Of course, this is only the beginning. As with any hobby, it will take time
(probably many months) to realize a profit but think of it this way: Most people that have a
hobby know they have to spend money to take part in their hobby. It only makes sense to invest
money in advertising your hobby to others so you can eventually make some of that money back
in sales for your own business!

Case study

84 year old Marjorie is a widow who lives on her own in Gloucester. Seven years
ago, her son-in-law was relocated by his UK firm to USA for two years, and
Marjorie decided to get online so she could keep in touch with her daughter and
grandchildren via email.

She had a hobby and namely drawing. Soon she found out how to post her pictures
online, and she understood that it is a profitable way of making money.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 38

                   Farmers and Ethanol Production
The following money-making idea was presented at a conference sponsored by Successful
Farming magazine.

The goal of the conference was to provide farmers and ranchers with "a head full of practical
money-making ideas, an eye open to yet other opportunities, and the spirit to explore them."

The ideas described in this and other reports can help Wyoming farmers and ranchers add
supplemental income to their own operations.

Grain alcohol for fuel (gasohol) is an old idea that comes and goes
with the price of oil. The technology is available, but production
costs are usually not low enough to compete economically with
relic fuels.

However, one of the money-making ideas adds a new twist to the
use of gasohol and many excellent pointers for Wyoming
entrepreneurs. Also, many farmers have asked about gasohol in
regard to the value-added study conducted by the University of

As grain and livestock farmers, the Mapel farm partners were
buying a lot of fuel and protein supplement before they started
producing ethanol in 1979. They felt if they could make some fuel
and have a good feed left over, they could help their cash flow.

Now, operating at full capacity, they produce 100 gallons of 185-proof ethanol per day. They use
the ethanol in a 100,000-Btu, fuel oil-fired space heater (with minor changes) to heat the
production facility. Also they can use it in two farm pickups and a tractor.

About three years ago, they started using it to light charcoal grills and fires in the fireplace.
Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel and an excellent fire starter.

In 1984 they formed a family corporation, MFE Inc., to produce, package and distribute ethanol
and ethanol-related products. Two of these products are charcoal lighter and fireplace starter. A
manually operated bottling machine is used to fill the charcoal lighter and fireplace starter in a
32-oz. PVC container with a child-resistant closure. Then each bottle is labeled and coded by
hand and packaged 12 to a case, ready for distribution.

Starting a business like this is totally different from farming. Most people have a well formed
conception about the farmers; it is easy to define what a farmer is and what his products are like.
When he takes his crops to the market, someone tells him what price he will receive.

In the starter fuel business, Mapel said he can set his own price. However, in trying to sell a new
product, you not only have to sell it, but also to distribute it.

When MFE started they wanted to keep control of their operation, so they distributed to the
stores themselves. During one of their first trips, a store owner told them he did not buy from
"vendors." So MFE arranged an appointment with the store owner's warehouse man and started
over with him.

The warehouseman appreciated MFE's desire to maintain quality control, and MFE got the order.
The Mapels do not have to give a percentage of the profit to a warehouse or broker age firm and
they still maintain that personal contact with the stores.

MFE found the most important thing to develop with a new product is recognition and exposure
to make the public aware your product is better than some that of a competitor. Knowing that
you have good products and that they answer all the demands is practically nothing; the most
important thing is to convince the public to purchase your products and to recommend them
further to their relatives and friends as reliable stuff.

In the beginning they used radio advertising and newspaper ads. Later they decided that "in-store
promotions," such as demonstrations at the point of sale is the best method. You must catch the
shopper's eye and get him/her to buy your product. They set up tables in the stores, showed their
products and talked with the customers.

The idea is as follows: you need to place yourself and your product in a positive light, in the
stores; they used pictures to show how the products are used. Even though this takes time, it may
be well worth the effort.
You should know the good points of your product and use them to your advantage, underlining
all the benefits this product may bring.

Why use ethanol? Because it is a renewable product, clean burning, easy to use, and made from
corn, of which there is plenty. There is no petroleum-smelling smoke when lighting your grill or
a petroleum taste in the meat you are cooking.

Mapel Farms Ethanol, Inc. buys the ethanol at $1.30 per gallon from the farm partnership. The
farm can produce 2.5 gallons of ethanol (or 10 quarts of lighter fuel) from a bushel of corn.
Selling charcoal lighter at $1.40 per quart and fireplace starter at $2.50 per quart grosses about
$14 and $25 per bushel of corn, respectively, instead of the $1.30-$1.77 per bushel they usually
get for corn.

Costs to MFE include alcohol purchased from themselves, bottles, caps, labels, denaturants,
boxes, freight, insurance and delivery.

In the end, their costs for a case of 12 quarts are about $13 for both products. These costs will
vary depending on availability and location from suppliers.

In a professional manner your production may develop a rather good reputation with the stores
and costumers.

Why sell the two products at a different price if they cost about the same to produce? The
fireplace starter is a slower moving item on the shelves than is the charcoal lighter, which also
has several competitors. So they charge more for the fireplace starter.

But when you figure the cost to use the fireplace starter at about $0.20 per start and the charcoal
lighter at $0.35-0.45, the fireplace starter is cheaper.

Case study

The idea above is a typical example of a family business. As in all business there
are a lot of risks because of the need people. The Maples decided to create their
own farm and to produce fuel. The ideas described in this and report can help
Wyoming farmers and ranchers add supplemental income to their own operations.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 39

Don't underestimate the importance and the good aquaculture because you like aquariums and
have good intentions. The idea is to turn your preferences into a profitable business. The first
thing to do in considering commercial production of fish is some homework.

First, familiarize yourself with your chosen fish's requirements. Probably the best thing one can
do is to read some publications on the subject. Moreover that they are available anywhere in each
shop and not mentioning the online sources.

All of these publications will give you an idea of the complexity of the subject and lots of ideas
for equipment, techniques, and so on. Aquaculture is not, and never will be, a get-rich-quick
scheme where you make a stocking of fish into a pond, stand back, and wait for people to throw
amounts of dollars at you. It cannot be a casual operation to make substantial or even modest.

In the case of trout, after you have read the books and the magazines, the next thing is to get
some water. Not just any water will do, either. One hundred thousand gallons per day is nothing.
This water must be a spring for a producer to make money. Water which costs money, such as
pumped well water, will consume your entire profit margin. Therefore, spring water is

Two cubic feet per second (900 gallons per minute or 1,296,000 gallons per day) should be
considered as a minimum spring for aquaculture purposes, unless you're interested as a hobbyist,
in which case you should buy an aquarium.

Having found your spring, the next cheap investment before plunging into the business is a
water-quality testing laboratory. You must establish that clean, clear cold water actually contains
oxygen, for one thing.

Also, what is its temperature in August? What is the temperature in January? What is the flow in
August or in January? What is the dissolved nitrogen-gas saturation level? Does it supersaturate
following a cold rain? What is the Ph of the water at those times?

So you need good spring water, low iron, oxygen levels of 8 or 9 ppm all the time, a temperature
which never gets over 60 degrees F. our below 39 degrees F. for extended periods, maintains
flow regardless of drought, doesn't pour tons of mud through your hatchery following a 2-inch
rain, and has a Ph of 7 to 8 all of the time.

One way to find spring water is Aquaculture magazine. This magazine contains advertisements
of people wanting to sell their springs. People may buy the farm or just the spring and enough
room to build ponds.

Where is your market for these fish, which might cost you $1.45 to produce? The big producers
of Idaho are marketing dressed butchered fish for $1.40 a pound, delivered. That should make
you now realize that you cannot compete in the butcher market.

Consider this story. An innovative family that had some capital to invest wished to diversify their
farm operation and broaden their economic base. Realizing that marketing was the key to
profitability, they decided undetectable for drinking water would be enough to give you serious
handicaps in raising fish, since ammonia is their principal that the most reliable market for live
fish was themselves.

They, therefore, set up a fish hatchery in a state which had affordable spring water of good

Then they established a trout fish-out pond, which is essentially a retail outlet, near a large
metropolitan area. The fish-out pond area charges a fee to fish and $2.40 a pound for their
rainbow trout, which is above the butcher market price. The customers have the fun of catching
the fish, and they are apparently willing to pay the price.

For a small fee, the owners will butcher the catch for their anglers and ice them down. They rent
poles, they sell bait, and they are open virtually year-round, since some of their clientele will buy
butcher fish and pay the premium for fresh-killed fish. It is interesting to see the Lincoln
Continentals and Cadillacs in their parking lots with fishing rods in the back seat.

This family, therefore, has built in their own buffers against chance, since their wholesale
operation has a guaranteed market. And if the hatchery is marginal in profitability because of
unforeseen costs (the death of a lot of fish) the retail operation can help cover it by increasing
fees. The end result is that Grandma, who waste product of nitrogen metabolism. Any ammonia
value over 0.09 should be a concern.

In the case of the bass, you still must read the publications. The market in this case is for live
fish. With the appropriate experience, a producer can sell as many as he can provide to the
market as fingerlings, or as six- to eight-inch fish, or as any size adults.

You should have already figured out that it is not that easy to raise and deliver these fish, or the
market would already be glutted. There is only one way to provide six- to eight-inch bass to the
market in any quantity, and that is by intensive culture. This involves producing fry bass in
ponds (brood stock will be needed), trapping the fry, bringing them into a building, and training
them to feed on artificial diets.

This phase is critical to profitability. The greater percentage of fish that convert to feed, the
greater the number that can be put out in ponds and fed to the desired size (six to eight inches),
which translates directly into the amount of money to be made.

At every step of the way, stress on the fish must be minimized and the health of the animals
protected. The two biggest obstacles in production are failure to convert to a pelleted diet, and
columnar is disease.

Some farmers have done this diversification into large-mouth bass production, and it now
occupies a major portion of their time, along with fathead minnow production, hybrid.

One key point about aquaculture is that it is very important to approach this enterprise very
slowly, do a lot of research, and invest in it slowly as you learn the skill of raising the fish. You
can kill them all in 40 minutes with a wrong move.

The successful ones tend to expand into new species and more ponds as their aquaculture
knowledge and profitability grows.

It is important to remember this point about aquaculture: Each and every fish farm, each and
every spring, each and every pond is a separate body of water.

But surely, it's highly profitable if you know your business, and if you've developed your market.
You must know where your markets are, and what their needs are! If you develop a restaurant
market, you must be a big enough producer that you can keep that restaurant supplied. That
restaurant needs fish when it needs fish. You must be able to meet their needs.

You're going to have to contact people in your area, because you don't want to be hauling fish
clear across the country. Contact the conservation departments in your state, or private fish
dealers in your area. These private fish dealers are often not producers; they are jobbers, or

They'll buy from hatcheries at a wholesale price, and then they will retail them off their truck.
You need to contact these people, because they might be interested in buying from you.

Case study

All that was written above can give an idea of the complexity of the
subject and lots of ideas for equipment, techniques, and so on.
Aquaculture is not, and never will be, a get-rich-quick scheme where
you make a stocking of fish into a pond, stand back, and wait for
people to throw amounts of dollars at you. It cannot be a casual
operation to make substantial or even modest.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 40

Some literature is available and should be referred to in order that some knowledge of the bees is
attained prior to getting the bees.

The greatest misconception of beekeeping is the idea that the bees are simply installed in the
modern beehive and that is the end of the work. Actually, that is the beginning of the work.
Keeping bees is a lot of work if their keeping is to be a success, and there is no substitute of
mechanism to do the manual labor. Each colony must have individual attention throughout the
season, which may involve only minutes each time, but during the months of May and June each
colony should be visited on weekly basis.

Getting a good understanding of bees and observing their progress can be quite rewarding and a
diversion from routine activities. With adequate knowledge of the honeybee itself, beekeeping
can be quite a successful enterprise.

It is likely to be the only hobby that, with some effort would pay its way rather than be a liability.

                 Beekeeping: A Hobby Turned into an Extra Money Activity

Beekeeping may be the only agricultural enterprise in which most of the product is produced by
sideline or hobby beekeepers rather than by those who are commercial or full-time beekeepers.
About 55% of all honey produced in the United States is produced by sideline and hobby

The hard work of the season is the removal and processing of the honey. The surplus honey
supers, when full of honey, are extremely heavy and the supers containing the combs of honey
must be handled with care. At the same time, some caution must be taken to keep the bees as
quiet as possible as there is need to examine each colony at this time to make sure they are
provided well with winter stores.

Additional equipment is necessary for the processing of the honey. Honey must be handled under
sanitary conditions even though bacteria does not thrive or grow in honey. Honey produced and
processed properly will sell well on the market.

Case study

There are two prescribed ways to begin beekeeping. First, you can obtain
equipment used in caring for the bees through manufacturers' houses, assembled
and packaged. The bees can be ordered from beekeepers in southern states in April.
This affords a great experience in beekeeping.

The second method of beginning is to obtain bees from some beekeeper who has
established colonies. The latter can be accomplished easily, but caution must be
used in judging their condition so some sort of value can be placed on them.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 41

                                 Change Packaging
This is one of the most under-utilized methods of building your business, but it is a very clever
idea. If you go to, you’ll end up at the site of a
company that makes and sells cleaning equipment – essentially, it’s a site that sells vacuum
cleaners. That’s not a big deal and it’s probably fairly difficult to excite people about the idea of
buying a vacuum cleaner at all. But on the left hand side of the page is a link to “start your own

This simple idea launches Rotovac into the stratosphere of vacuum sales. Why? Well, the basic
idea is that they don’t sell franchises or some multi-level-marketing scheme. Instead, they simply
market their vacuum cleaner to entrepreneurs, along with some basic business-building and
marketing literature.

It’s the same vacuum cleaner, but the packaging is different. This turns their equipment from just
any vacuum into a money-making business (and they advertise online with “business
opportunity” keywords!). It’s a very clever idea to sell more vacuums.

Case study

The report states: If you have an idea and you feel that it can work and bring you
money: sell it! A boy from Russia sold his idea to Linux and got $100.000.000,
000 for it and 10% from all the sales of his software. So thinking is a good way of
investments and money obtaining.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 42

                               Original Workshops
If you have expert knowledge in a particular field, or if there is something that you do well
which others would like to learn, why not teach them? People are always searching for
knowledge that will help them in some way or another. You can earn a steady flow of money by
charging a fixed amount for each seminar.

Think of it as a manner of organizing workshops, out of which participants get out more
enlightened on certain procedures. If you know, for instance, how to build doll houses, advertise
your skill. You will be amazed at how many mothers who stay at home are interested in such

You could charge $15 for an hour of such original classes. And keep in mind: it will take more
than one hour to teach someone to build a house – be it a doll house.

Case study

A young woman in New Jersey considered she could earn money staying at home
without additional preparation. So she figured out she could teach knitting lessons.
She had learnt knitting from her grandmother. So all she did was to take a sheet of
paper; then she wrote an attractive advertisement, she posted it in the local

newspaper and online and soon she had several moms as her diligent students. And
she didn’t even have to provide for the material, because each mom brings her own

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 43

There are many ways to make extra money by using your typewriter. Many college and
university students need to have their assignments typed or proofread. Most of them can't afford
the services of professional typists.

Writers and professors who are working on book manuscripts are another source of work. If
you're fairly good in typing, get in touch with them and offer your services. You can put notices
on school bulletin boards, that you can type their thesis, term papers and manuscripts for a
reasonable fee.

When you begin to use your computer, you will quickly see the advantages you have over a
standard typewriter. You can easily check your spelling and grammar, set your margins and type
face as you wish, and make universal changes throughout the document without retyping the
entire thing.

Because of these extensive features, your computer saves you time and effort when typing
documents and you can pass those savings on to your customers. With your computer, you can
easily input a document, proofread it, give a draft copy to the customer for approval, make
changes, and then print a final version--all in less time than it would take a standard typist to type
a single copy.

This is one of the easiest businesses to run once you master your word processor because all you
need to know is how to type, no other talents are required. If you have a modern (telephone
hookup) for your computer, you can even send documents across the country or around the world
just     as     easily      as    you      can     deliver    them     across     the     street.

Your main concern in this business is finding customers who need typing done. Here are some
customer suggestions and tips on how to get in touch with them:

Writers: There are literally thousands of people in this country who enjoy writing either for a
hobby or as a source of extra income. By running an ad in one of the many writers’ magazines
(such as Writers Digest or The Writer) you will get responses from writers all across the country
who want their manuscripts typed.

Professionals: Small businesses often cannot afford the luxury of
a secretary. Larger businesses sometimes have large projects to
type but do not wish to hire someone extra. In either case an
outside typist can be a valuable service.

Students: Many high school and college students don't have the
time to type their own papers even if they do have the ability to.
Especially during mid-terms or finals, a typing service can really
make money at a school. Post flyers in every classroom and
every       bulletin      board         you        can       find.

The only requirement you need to stick to in this business is accuracy. No matter who you are
typing for, they will stand for less than 100 percent perfect documents. Always check, double
check, then triple check your work before you send it to your clients.

This is an idea that can bring you a good way of earning everyday. All you have to do is to have
a good speed of typing and to have free time.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 44

                                  Home Inspection
Most buyers need to know what repairs are necessary to the functioning of the house before they
decide to buy it. If you have a sound understanding of construction and property regulations, a
place in the Home Inspection field may be waiting for you. You can find clients through lawyers,
bankers, and insurance companies that handle property deals.

Fast Extra Money Practical Formula No. 45

                      Get Physical: Exercise Classes
Regular exercise is essential for good health. Most people, particularly, the overweight adults do
not have the discipline to do exercise regularly. They would prefer to attend exercise classes.
Starting an exercise class can be a profitable venture, and for the person who loves to be in good
shape, it can be enjoyable too. You can start your own exercise class based in the community
where you live.


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