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                                             . ii

“ Mike,

I gave my daughter just one idea from this ebook, and she's made $200 in two
days, not bad for part time work.”

                                                              Hazen Hoffpauir

“ Mike Johnson,

I’ve always been a hand-crafting maniac, my friends were sometimes making
fun of my hobby… but I had no idea I could actually make good money doing it!
Now it’s fun – and some extra spending cash!

It’s genius, thanks Mike!”

                                                               Anna Finnegan

                                     . iii
Ever wondered how some people manage so marvelously easy to prompt situations from which
they can earn some extra money? I bet you fancy they are exceptionally experienced or even
gone professional with some of the means of making money fast. Truth is that, while for some
people professionalism and fast made money go hand in hand, there is no one saying that their
ways cannot be approached by others as well.

All you need is a resolute attitude and a mind attached to practical, money-generating
circumstances, and, of course, a guide to explain to you some of the simplest ways at hand of
meeting such circumstances.

Consider the following situation: Louisa Dapper works as a dishwasher in a restaurant. It’s been
about four years since she’s been working here. The owner is a kind man, aged sixty something.
The manager is also OK. But lately – for about two weeks – she keeps hearing them talk about
how the restaurant business is dangerously falling on a downslide. The atmosphere has been
tense ever since, and the number of the clients come to enjoy a good meal keeps decreasing.

One night, arrived at home, Louisa is met by her teen son. He is very keen on talking to her
about his ideas of running his president of the class campaign. From a map he draws a bunch of
stickers, in various colors and shapes to ask his mother for advice: which one would be

It is then that the thought crosses Louisa’s mind. She could very well build her own campaign of
promoting the restaurant where she is working. After helping her son to decide on which sticker
would go best, she asks his help, in her turn.

The next day, after work, she makes a small change in her customary circuit toward home and
buys her own stickers – not too big, and in various colors. Back home, her son has already
prepared the printing machine. They decide together to first print about one hundred stickers:
“AA’s Delicious: Best Meal & Music in Town, Newark Avenue, Jersey City. You cannot miss

The next day, before getting to work, Louisa Dapper takes half of the stickers with her. The other
half remain in her son’s care. By the end of the day, all of them have been placed anywhere
possible, even in parks and bus stops. She knows not to rush over the conclusions on her
advertising project.

The next day she prints two hundred more stickers; they are really inexpensive and it’s all done
for two good causes: keeping the restaurant in business and also keeping her job. The two
hundred stickers are once again spread all over town.

After two days, Louisa notices that the owner is a bit more relaxed. “Amazing, things are getting
a little better”, he says to the manager. Finally, the next day, Louisa decides to print another two

hundred stickers. At work, she hears the manager: “Somebody’s been making a genuine
advertising campaign for us.”

Of course, no need to be too modest about it. It was a very clever idea, so she sees it best to take
advantage of it. In any case, the point is that for only three days of spreading stickers around
town, Louisa is rewarded $200. Now that’s an extra profit… and she also keeps her job, since the
restaurant is practically back in business.

Moreover, since she has gotten quite good at this, she decides to promote her small “sticker
business” to other businesses as well. A small bookshop accepts her terms and in a short while,
with very little effort, Louisa has found another source of extra money.

So you see there’s really not too big a thing about it. It is only a matter of finding a way – an
inexpensive and fast way – of setting an idea in motion. At times, someone else’s mere need of a
piece of advice is necessary to trigger the practical thought. Then what you need is some
determination to go with the thought until its commonsensical conclusion.

Anyway, the point with these fast money ideas is that you may need to permanently look for
alternatives. At times, some ideas get exhausted, in the sense that even our Louisa might reach a
stage where her small business tends to either develop more or develop into something else. You
should never say: “That’s it. I found it and I will only stick to this idea.” On the contrary, the key
is to be versatile and ready to accept new potential dimensions.

In what follows we will see various ways of making some extra money. Remember: practical
ideas are the best tools. Even if some of them could enter some minor conflict with legal issues, I
will only recommend them as potential starting points, in the sense that you should get informed
on them, and then consider legal alternatives to them.

Also, you will see that most of the money-making designs in this book focus on finding clever
ways of helping others – for a financial reward, of course. And keep in mind an old saying: rich
or poor, it’s good to have money.

Extra money will never be unwelcome, under any circumstances. As someone was writing at the
beginning of the 20th century, money is the sixth sense which enables you to enjoy the other five.
So, it only depends on you how you employ your sixth sense… and on an entire inventory of
suggestions I am about to provide.

Fast Extra Money Practical Formula No. 1

                          Flyers and Gutters
There’s one thing home owners will always pay for: gutter cleaning. It is not a difficult job to do,
but they just hate all the fuss about spring or autumn gutter cleaning. At times, they even need a
third cleaning of the gutter throughout a year, especially if their homes are located near wooded
areas. One typical job, for houses which don’t go above one story, lasts less than an hour.

Think about it: you could do it during weekends or whenever you have some spare time you
don’t know how else to use profitably. Generally, gutter cleaners charge around $60-$80 for a
house gutter cleaning. If you come with an offer of $40-$50 and you get to spend at most four
hours on four houses, you will gain around $160-$200 in one single day! Isn’t that truly

Your question now is probably focusing on the manner in which you are going to let people
know about your gutter cleaning services. One cheap way of doing it is by spreading flyers. They
are a sure way of grabbing the homeowners’ attention and also a way of promoting your image:
think of it as an efficient manner of advertising.

In point of fact, with such flyers you are selling your image. Try to include in them as much
information as necessary, but don’t make it too long. You only have a few seconds to grasp
somebody’s attention, so be concise and make your point.

Also, don’t forget to mention your name and some contact details – most frequently a telephone
number is all people need to reach you. In the end, your flyer should look something like this:

John Firestone, expert gutter cleaner. You won’t find anyone better and more
affordable in NJ. If you are interested in cleaning your gutters, you can contact me
at the number: (866) xxx- xxxx. The costs can be discussed: great opportunity of
getting a 10%-20% DISCOUNT. Have a nice day!

John Firestone (866) xxx- xxxx
Now that you covered your small “advertising campaign” (please, notice that the most significant
details in your flyer need some kind of special outline; so put an accent on what type of services
you are covering and on your charge advantages), you need to know how to clean a gutter.

The job is really not very demanding. Of course, you will need to climb a ladder, but that’s not
too great an effort.

So, you will first need your ladder in order to have access to the roof of the house. After
climbing the ladder you start pulling out fallen leaves from the gutter. You can do it either by

hand or by using a gutter scoop. They will come out without you putting too much effort into the

However, leaves are not the single thing you have to clean from the gutters. In time, dirt is
practically attaching to the gutter. Don’t hurry to remove it as it is. You may bring damages to
the gutter; and these damages are regularly more difficult and more expensive to repair. Instead,
have a bottle or a bucket of water nearby so that you can wet down the dirt. After that, it will
come out pretty easy if you use the same gutter scoop you use for removing the leaves.

OK, so now you have a lot of small fragments of trash from the gutter. What are you going to
do? I’ll tell you what: have a plastic bag at hand and put any sort of debris in it. Then you can
easily throw it down on the ground. Think that your carefulness for gathering all the trash will
favorably impress the homeowner, a fact which could contribute to an increase in your payment
at the end of your service.

Finally, you will have to verify the downspouts: they might be filled with dirt. Once again, with a
hose, you can introduce water in the opening of the downspouts, but be cautious; gutters are
rather “sensitive” to water pressure, so you should do it gently.

Don’t worry that you might be wasting time; on the contrary, you are using it for your own
benefit. And if you hurry, you could cause damages which will later on be covered from your
end payment for the job.

There you have it: four small steps to clean a gutter efficiently and quickly. After you finish your
job, both you and the homeowner will come out satisfied. The homeowner is rid of one task he
isn’t too keen on accomplishing. You have your extra money safe in your pocket.

Fast Extra Money Practical Formula No. 2

                               Air Conditioning Services
My second suggestion concerns once again services brought to homeowners. One of the burning
issues with which homeowners are frequently confronted is some malfunction in their air
conditioning system. Most of the times, you will notice that window air conditioners are the ones
which raise most of the problems.

Generally, professional investigators of air conditioning issues will charge around $80-$90 for a
job well-done. In point of fact, you can do the same job in your spare time for less money: it’s
your source of extra money. You can even do it for half of the regular price.

Once again, start with a flyer. Don’t forget to outline the most significant details in your flyer, in
the same manner we mentioned with our previous extra money procedure. Therefore, stress the

nature of your services and the amazing discounts you are offering. Also, do remember to
mention a contact telephone number.

What will happen? Basically, your customer will give you a call to complain that he doesn’t
know what to do any longer: his air conditioner just doesn’t want to cool the air. Customers will
usually tell you they did everything they knew, but didn’t accomplish anything in the end.

Also, pay attention to one aspect: they might ask you for some references, just to have the
guarantee that you are somehow qualified for the job. Be prepared with an appropriate answer in
the case where such a situation occurs. You could mention some friend you have once done a
favor, or maybe you have done a good job right in the neighborhood from where you receive the
call for air conditioning help. In any case, the point is not to let such questions catch you

Now let’s see what you will have to do. First of all, each common window air conditioner is
equipped with a front grill. Remove it when you start what you’re “repairing”: it is in fact just a
cleaning procedure. Don’t forget to unplug the thing. Then move it gently – the homeowner
could help you here, if the apparatus is heavy stuff – on a table.

After that you need to do another removal: the mesh filter. Have at hand some warm water with
some detergent in it. You will wash the front grill and the mesh filter in it. After washing them,
you need to find a spot to dry them, somewhere in the same room maybe or even in the kitchen
in a dish drain.

Next, look carefully at the evaporator coils and their fins. There may be a fin or two bent. The
problem can be quickly solved if you have a fin comb to comb the fins. It’s not expensive and it
can be purchased from an appliance shop. Don’t forget the condenser coils, at the back of the air
conditioner. They need to be brush vacuumed.

Also, the condenser coils is equipped with fins, in its turn. Once again, scan the area for bent
fins; if you spot any, comb them up. The fan blades will also need brush vacuuming. Finally,
crevice vacuum the inside of the air conditioner, to remove any dirt located there. In the end, you
place the air conditioner back to its original place – once again, solicit the homeowner’s help, if
the machine is too heavy – put back the mesh filter and the front grill and plug the machine in to
see if now it works.

Your efforts will be nicely paid back by the confirmation that you are a skillful air conditioner
repair man and by the financial reward from the satisfied homeowner.

Fast Extra Money Practical Formula No. 3

                                      Driveway Money
I got this idea one morning when I was leaving home for work. A big oily spot was reigning
unabashed right as I was leaving the driveway. First I said: “I’ll have to take care of that” and
then the thought crossed my mind that other homeowners must meet the same problem and don’t
know how to deal with the situation. It’s really not that difficult, it only requires about 4 hours of
work. But they are four hours which could bring you up to $150.

Once again, advertise your services by means of flyers. You should offer to clean the stains and
to seal the driveway. But pay attention: the oil stains you are going to clean aren’t supposed to be
too old; they tend to get really “attached” to any concrete driveway if too much time passes until
someone thinks about giving some attention to the driveway as well. In other words, the older the
stain, the tougher the cleaning job.

Otherwise, when the oil stains are fresh, they can be removed even if you use some dishwasher
detergent; you will need to pour a small quantity on the stained surface; let 10-15 minutes pass
and then pour hot water. Be prepared to scour the area with a rigid brush; a hose would be useful
in the end in order to properly rinse the area.

Then let the place dry and be prepared to apply the concrete sealer. (One small parenthesis here:
if you don’t trust a dishwasher detergent – a more powerful one – then you can resort to a
specific concrete cleaner you can purchase from an appliance shop).

Going back to the concrete sealer, be careful: you don’t want to apply it unevenly, so use a paint
roller, it really makes the job easier. Also, the seal layers should be thin, otherwise you risk
having a patchy final result. After that, make sure you inform the homeowner he should wait for
the spot to dry before driving on the area again.

Case study

In New Jersey, two men have found a manner of exploiting their creative
endeavors and actually obtaining a profit out of their artistic activities. They
offer driveway painting services. More precisely, they paint college sports
team murals for homeowners who are eager to express in some highly visible
manner their enthusiasm for certain teams.

It doesn’t take them a lot of their time: they only paint such art jobs in
weekends. They charge at most $400 for a job well done, but the fee also
depends on the size of the concrete painting.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 4

                         Door Peep Holes Installation
In order to do this job successfully, you will need to do some prior research work “on the field”,
to say so. What you are looking for is a house the front door of which doesn’t have a peep hole.
You may be surprised at how keen people are to have a peep hole installed.

Therefore, this is again a job you do in order to help a lucky homeowner who can benefit from
your services.

Why do people want to have peep holes installed? Well, there’s nothing simpler than the answer
to this question, because the key is in the purpose of peephole installation: identifying who is on
the other side of your door, on your porch or on your driveway. A peep hole is a tool which
increases the feeling of security in your own home.

Surprisingly enough, there are houses the doors of which aren’t equipped with such useful
instruments. You need to spot a neighborhood where there are more houses of this kind and then
offer your services.

You could promote your services either by means of flyers or by going from door to door and
talking homeowners into having a peep hole installed. This may be a more difficult task to do
with some homeowners, but generally a cut-down price will be just the right thing to attract them
into accepting your services.

So, what do you need? After estimating the houses that need peepholes, you need to purchase the
number of peep holes you think appropriate. Also, have a drill at hand. If you want to make your
job easier you can opt for getting the doors out of their hinges – but this might not be enjoyed by

Don’t worry: installation is not that difficult. You should only measure the appropriate peephole
level (somewhere between 56 and 66 inches high) and then work a hole with the drill at the level
you have agreed on with the homeowner.

Pay attention: the drill hole should match the diameter of the peep hole; you don’t want to make
it larger. Then, from the part of the door facing the exterior of the house you should fix the
peephole sleeve. OK, don’t hurry, now you have to go inside and fix the other part of the peep
hole in the sleeve. And there you have it.

To what concerns your reward, you can charge up to $20 for such a job. It won’t take too long
(half an hour max) and the price for a regular peep hole won’t go above $7-$9. So you can make
a profit of at least $10. And if you find five or six houses that need peepholes, you have secured
an earnest earning of at least $50 in one day.

Of course, for more expensive peepholes, you can charge more, but you should find a way to
check the preferences of the homeowners for such peep holes. You could charge even up to $40
for such a job.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 5

                    Small Cracks for Quick Money
Driveways don’t suffer only from oil stains; weather conditions and various rough contacts with
surfaces in motion (cars, stones) frequently lead to cracks in the concrete driveways. While large
cracks require a little more patience and some special skills, smaller ones can be handled quite
easily if you are equipped with the right set of tools.

So, first pick a neighborhood and hunt down driveway or even sidewalk cracks. Then, by means
of door-to-door “advertising” or by the so often mentioned useful flyers, you will promote your
concrete repairing services.

Such a job can be done for $40-$50. Generally, homeowners will agreeably greet such services,
since they are not very keen on seeing small cracks getting wider and deeper. They simply don’t
make a good image for the house in front of which they appear.

It shouldn’t be very difficult to persuade people to accept your services, especially if you
mention that from your usual $50 charge you will let them hire you for a 10%-20% discount.

Start with a chisel in order to pull out broken or detached fragments of concrete. Very thin cracks
in the driveway must be widened in order to fill them in. for this you should have at hand a
grinder. With a garden hose wash the surface; it needs to be clean before filling it in with grout.
Finally, you let the place dry and then gently pour grout in the cracks, so that what results should
be uniform and not very different from the rest of the driveway.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 6

                               Advertising Circulars
You don’t necessarily have to be part of a great business to have a decent income. A small
business of your own is enough to level off your personal economy. You don’t have to be
discouraged by the fact that starting any kind of business implies the risk factor. It is not always
the case.

A small business implies a low degree of risk and it is up to you to choose you activity according
to the level of risk you can handle. Keep in mind that your current financial state doesn’t reflect
your money making potential.

For instance, delivering advertising circulars for a newly opened mall or for seasonal events is a
way to attract cash. There is no investment needed. In fact, it can be considered a way to save
money. Owning a bicycle is enough to get you started in the right direction. You get rid of your
expensive bills to the local fitness club and you gain money instead of spending it.

For the time spent at a fitness club, you make profit instead of loss, while you still keep fit. There
is always a demand for such services in towns that are large enough to draw constant investment.
So if you live in such a town, why not exploit the circumstances?

The method of spreading flyers can easily be made more efficient by using a personal bicycle or
by working in groups. You increase your credibility when advancing your services to a company
if you get a friend to join you. It is also a good thing to establish a method by which you deliver
your flyers in the quickest time.

Blocks of flats are preferred, because you make a lot of deliveries without having to travel that
much. The figures are impressive: examples show people that have made profits of $700 or $800
in the course of two months. The delivery rate is around 700 flyers a day. Finding clients isn’t
that hard. The advantage is that it is a very cheap way to advertise. Radio commercials or
television commercials cost far more.

The potential for quick and easy profit is visible once more. The maximum cost for 1000 flyers is
$40. The flyer doesn’t have to advertise only at a time. Sharing the space with other businesses
is appealing. The price is low for the client and all of your printing space is used. A business that
agrees to work with you should generate $15 of profit for you. Twenty clients would generate

But that is a small figure, if you live in a densely populated area. The price of $15 the client has
to pay for 1000 flyers is very cheap. Their distribution in a crowded neighborhood is very fast. A
thousand flyers can be easily distributed only in one day. Usually the local businesses will not
limit themselves to only a thousand customers. They want to expand and cover more territory.
They will want more flyers because they will find it very cheap to advertise this way.

Case study

In Chicago, a modern couple found a manner of staying fit and making some extra
profits simultaneously. Their idea combines originality and sound sense. Their
service approaches flyer distribution.

What’s the original turn they gave to this apparently dull activity? Well, they
distribute flyers by bicycle. That’s one noteworthy procedure! The flyers are
fastened with gum bands to doorknobs in an area of more than 5 square miles.
Food marts, restaurants and retail merchants are their primary customers.

By bicycle, they manage to distribute even up to 1,000 flyers per day. In this
manner, they made a profit of almost $1500 in a time interval of only two months.

Yet in another city, namely in San Francisco, a company gives businessmen the
opportunity of having their advertisements posted in more than 300 locations in
and around the city. This is a truly impressive number of places; one can only
imagine the business opportunities such an ample advertising exposure bears.

The company charges around $40 for posting business or event advertisements in
more than 100 of these potential locations.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 7

                                  Small Brochures
Delivering brochures is another way to make money using quick and cheap printing. It’s about
the same thing as with flyers. The difference is the way you use your paper. You fold a piece of
paper until you get eight squares, for example. The way you fold your paper isn’t that important,
as long as you get even squares. You cut them out and, with the help of a stapler, use them to
make a booklet.

If you fold a piece of paper in order to get eight equal squares, the size of one brochure is just
right for the essential information it must contain. Three pieces of paper will produce a 22 page
booklet, including front and back covers. The design of the booklets is up to you. It is
recommended you use bright colors and an interesting font. Make sure you highlight the piece of
information that is most important. You can use a large font, underline the important words, use
italics etc.

The content is simple: the name and the location of the business, a telephone number if it’s the
case, the value of the coupon (special offers or giveaways) and the date it expires. Given that the
cost of one piece of paper is 3 cents, one booklet costs 9 cents and a thousand booklets cost $ 90.
Now that you have the basics, try to find some local businesses that are interested in spreading
brochures around the neighborhood. This won’t be too difficult. Remember you have a very
good ally: the low cost of your services.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 8

                      A Drive Home for Party People
A growing new business involves satisfying a simple need of a certain kind of customers, the
kind of people that usually aren’t taken very seriously. The focused category is that of the person
who needs to get home after the party is over, but he or she is too drunk to do it. Transportation
is no problem, because the car is already parked outside. The problem is drunks can’t drive.

There is always the easy solution of calling for a taxi. But people aren’t usually very happy to
leave their car somewhere far away from their home. It is a risk no one likes to take. Still, drunk
driving is even a greater risk. The answer is someone to drive them home in their own car.

The situation isn’t a rare one. In fact, it is quite a common one, especially on Friday nights and
Saturday nights. Most people like to have just a drink or two, not necessarily get drunk. But this
simple pleasure is taken away from them if they have to drive back home. Your services will

provide a safe return home using the client’s own car. It is like being the personal chauffeur for
one night. Remember you have to move quickly if you want to make more money.

The advantage for the possible customer is that he has a driver at his disposal. He or she can
leave at any chosen time. If your services prove to be reliable, this will encourage people to use
them more often and to recommend them to more people. The tricky part is finding what your
own means of transportation is.

A folding motorcycle is your answer. It is small, light and it occupies very little space when
folded. This is very practical, because it will fit in most trunks. It is a perfect answer to your
needs. The price for one of these is around $ 2000.

You will be able to purchase it in a pretty short while after you have driven different people safe
home. And keep this in mind: if your services are excellent, chance is that by word of mouth
your assistance will be appreciated as a necessary and very useful one.

Case study

Here’s a supplementary manner of keeping an eye and an interest on other people’s
cars. In Philadelphia, a man picks up and delivers cars that need mending or some
kind of maintenance to a car service garage. After the car has been successfully
dealt with, the man picks it up from the service garage and brings it back to its
owner, wherever this one is. Depending on the time interval it takes to cover such a
job, this man charges between $50 and $80/job.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 9

            Find an Original Way of Collecting Money
Have you ever considered the possibility for other people to give you money willingly? They
will give you money even if you don’t do anything on the spot. All you have to do is to think of a
manner (an original and practical manner), a situation they will be glad to get rid of if they can
pay for the opportunity of avoiding it.

Let’s picture the following context: you are a 30 something woman. You have two children in
kindergarten. And you are in capital need of $100-$200 during the next two or three weeks. You
pick your brains out in order to find a way of making the money you need. Suddenly, you look at
your children.

Then you think of the many circumstances which stopped you from picking your children after
kindergarten hours. You remember how worried you were and wondered if your husband or
some friend had the time to go pick them up. Then you think that other moms may be in the
same situation.

So you make a list with the parents you know best. The next step: knock at their door and explain
them you want to summon a parents’ meeting in order to establish something like a schedule for
parents helping one another: some care must be given to children after kindergarten classes.

This is how you should do it: you will basically exploit the parents’ care for their children. But
don’t dismiss just yet this method: it’s not like you didn’t care for your and their children. You
have simply found a way to soothe your worries: both the financial and the children-loving ones.

You knock at the first door; one of the parents (if not both of them) will certainly invite you in, if
they are at home. Try to choose a moment of the day where you are sure you will find them at
home. Maybe some afternoon hour is the most appropriate. Next, you are probably invited over a
cup of coffee or tea. The conversation is relaxed, so you should dare make your point.

“This is what I wanted to talk to you about: our children. Don’t you think we should take turns
into bringing our children home when kindergarten hours finish? I mean, do you always have the
time to do it?” The most probable answer to your last question is “No.” “Would you agree then
to assume the responsibility of taking home two or three more kids apart from your own once a

Now you have mentioned one heavy notion: responsibility. It is very likely that many parents
don’t actually want to assume such a responsibility. On the other hand, some may have no
problem with such an issue.

In the case where parents don’t agree with such a responsibility, you could then submit a
suggestion: “Then what do you say of constituting a payment basis for those parents who are
ready to assume such a responsibility? They will also take care of your children, of course.”

Now that you have suddenly come up with an idea of removing the burden of responsibility from
their shoulders, parents might just find your last proposal highly acceptable. In the case where
other parents choose to help you, then you will split your profits. It is only commonsensical to
act in this manner.

Therefore, don’t start on the assumption that no parent is going to be able to assume the
responsibility. Rather you should bet on their eagerness. However, you should also consider that
busy parents don’t always have the time necessary to pick up their kids at the proper moment
(i.e. the moment that they exit the kindergarten building). It is something like a small care
business you run in your spare time.

The profit you aim at won’t fail to appear. And you will share it with other parents, because
without them you couldn’t deal with all the children in the neighborhood. Remember: you first
suggestion concerned two or three more children apart from your own. What will you do about
the rest of the children? Will you just leave them wait for their parents for the next hour? Of
course not, and this is why other parents are a necessity.

Subsequently, the method described above is a practical blend of love, care, responsibility and
financial need. These are four ingredients which will guarantee the success of your enterprise.
Also, keep one thing in mind: you are not deceiving your neighbors or friends. You will be doing
the job for the money they gather. It’s not like they paid you and then you disappeared into the
thin air.

Also, don’t be tempted into deceiving them: there are ways for them to find you and ask their
money back. And remember that most frequently hey are your neighbors or close friends: your
children are probably going to a kindergarten right in the neighborhood. In the end, this method
is safe as long as you are truly responsible for your suggestions and their setting in motion.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 10

                     Get Creative: Purses and Cigars
Now what could be the key to the intriguing title above? I am certain that by now you have
already heard about purses made from cigar boxes. But have you ever wondered if they really
have a market? It will only take a few minutes to verify this, over the Internet. Just take a look at
the many sites which promote such creative enterprises. I will enumerate just a few of them


You are probably wondering how profitable such an enterprise is. Well, consider this: usually
you pay $10-$30 for a common cigar box. Reselling it as a purse could bring you more than

If you keep in mind that you will probably need $20-$30 more in order to buy some eye-catchy
material and colors for covering the interior and exterior of the cigar box, you could make a
profit of $40 out of selling a truly smart looking, original purse.

Women are great fans of unique purses and if you have the time and the material to design more
of such fashionable articles, you can be certain they will sell. Your sole concern should be

But I am certain that you are “equipped” with the necessary creativity that will attract a quite
impressive number of customers and, subsequently, pretty significant rewards for all of your

Below you can see a variety of cigar boxes; however, I cannot even begin to imagine just how
many types of cigar boxes there are.

I am sure you will be able to imagine ways of dealing with any of the cigar boxes pictured above.
Velvety or silky materials, shiny or not, transparent or opaque: it all depends on your choice.
Also, you should try to adapt your cigar box purse patterns according to the many types of
women out there.

Place yourself in their shoes: what would you like most? Something simple or something more
sophisticated? In point of fact, you will have to provide both simple and more sophisticated purse
articles, because your customers will certainly not be built according to the same pattern of

Finally, do this in your spare time. It is a pleasant activity and it will really set your mind and
imagination in motion. And believe me: your imagination will really work only on the prospects
of the fast extra money you can obtain after you sell your creations.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 11

                                        Trim Trees
The appearance of a tree is not the single problem when the branches are no longer what they
used to be – when a branch is diseased or even dead, it needs to be removed. Such branches can
get detached from the tree and bring damages to property or even to people. When the affected
branch is situated too high, people would rather summon the assistance of some qualified tree

This is where you enter the stage. Generally, trimming a tree is rather demanding for people who
don’t know how to do it. Subsequently, for an hour-an hour and a half of trimming you could
earn up to $100, depending on how high up the damaged branch is situated and on how big the
branch is.

What do you need to do? First promote your services. I have already suggested several manners
of services promotion (flyers, brochures, door-to-door “advertising”). Then, when your services
are hired, you look for the place where the branch is attached to the tree. With a saw (a pruning
saw) cut the branch at about 10-12 inches from the place where it is attached to the tree. This is
the first cut you will make.

A second cut is necessary – the first one was done only to make the job easier, especially if the
branch was a heavy one. After the first cut you are left with a stub: it must be removed because
stubs are places facilitating the development of tree diseases. So you cut the stub, just above that
area where the branch is attached to the tree. Be careful: this spot mustn’t be harmed; it is part of
the tree’s immunity system.

Case study

In Georgia, three men have come up with a profitable design of distributing
firewood. It is a job that doesn’t take too much of their time. They only do it in
weekends. And they don’t even take the trouble of actually cutting the wood.

On the contrary, they buy already cut firewood. You may wonder: how expensive
is that? Well, in point of fact, comparing the profits with the costs of purchasing
the firewood, the investment is not at all too demanding.

The catch (of course, there is a catch): they buy firewood in the country, where it is
cheaper to purchase it. Of course, when they re-sell it, they do it with an increase in
the firewood price: up to four times as compared to the initial purchase costs.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 12

                                Rain after the Movie
It happened to me more than once: I entered the cinema when it was all sunny and cheerful
outside and when the movie was over and I exited the cinema hall, it was literally pouring down.
Of course I hadn’t thought about bringing an umbrella with me. So I got soaked to the bones
while desperately wishing I had had an umbrella with me.

Well, such a situation can be successfully exploited if you are spontaneous: this means you
should act on the spot, without hesitation. If the weather turns really bad, you can make a safe
investment in purchasing several umbrellas – let’s say ten of them – from the $1.25 store. You
will pay a maximum of $13 on them. Then wait for potential customers outside the cinema hall.

You can sell an umbrella with $5-$6; people will take it without arguing about its price, because
they are in need of it. In the end, out of re-selling 10 umbrellas you will make a profit of at least

Of course, you could venture into purchasing more umbrellas, but make sure that you are going
to have customers. You don’t want to remain with an armful of umbrellas. One suggestion would
be to get interested in the kind of movie running at the moment. Or you can always ask for a tip
from the ticket seller to see whether it’s worth to make a larger investment.

Case study

In New York City, a man wanders along daily crammed byways with a 10-inch
telescope. The man could be considered a thought-provoking (at least) apparition:
dressed in a typical white laboratory coat, he is a genuine “professor” to what
concerns the things people are about to see through his telescope.

The service is offered to tourists and locals as well, but the tourists are those who
usually stop to listen to this interesting man and to look through his telescope. And
all is done for a donation of only $1.

In another location, namely in San Francisco, a homeless man has found a way of
getting donations for actually doing something. His services are also mainly
targeting tourists. He sits at the entrance door of hotels and he offers, for a
donation (as significant as the customer wants it), directions. The directions are
generally concerning some of the most searched for tourist’s locations which can
be reached by cable car.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 13

                         Free Magazine Distribution

This job is similar to flyer and brochure distribution. You only need to find a free magazine
publisher who needs to hire somebody in order to distribute his free magazines. Believe it or not,
even free magazines come with a cost – this time, for the publisher. Generally, such magazines
concern either some form of advertisement or some event, entertainment occasion, and so on.

In point of fact, you could have such a job on a full time basis. It’s not very difficult and it turns
even easier if you have a bicycle or other means of transportation. You will be amazed at what
profits you can make, especially if you offer your distribution services to more than one
publisher. You could earn up to $500-$600 a week. But this will happen only after you get some
experience in the field.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 14

                                 Practice Wait Skills

Students probably know best what extra money could bring them. All right, you have a part-time
job on the campus, but it happens frequently that you need extra money to have some fun or to
buy a pizza for your friends or maybe even to buy some book you’ve wanted for a while now. If
you are more daring, you could try this trick. It kind of blurs the legal limits, but you will only do
it once or twice and only if you are used to the restaurants or bars in your area of activity.

Basically, you will be impersonating a waiter. It is relatively easy to get a t-shirt or a shirt similar
to those of the waiters in a restaurant. After this is done, you will have to do a bit of acting and
take the customers’ orders. Then do some acting when placing the order to e bartender. And then
do some final acting when you charge the customers. They may even tip you if you served them

It is a temporary source of money and I wouldn’t recommend to be done twice in the same bar or

Case study

A man has found another way of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by
restaurants or bars. First he looked for some really good looking and well-
mannered women. They are the key for the success of this extra money business.

Then he got them some good looking outfits, to match their beautiful posture. And
then he gave them baskets filled with flowers.

He bought the flowers from a flower nursery with less than ¢25 a piece and then
the women sold one piece to people at tables in bars or restaurants for as much as
$2. he managed to make a profit at least $1.25 per piece of flower, because he also
took care of his women helpers, whom he paid with ¢50 per flower sold.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 15

                               Collection Auctions
This is actually rather unbelievable. Did you know that there are people eager to buy collections
of pictures of popular movie or music stars cut from magazines? I found it pretty difficult to
believe when I first ran such a search on eBay.

I had an entire big box (the box in which my PC was delivered to me) of such pictures. Some of
them looked a bit old: I had had them for more than two years. And yet there are people
passionate about collecting such things; they are so passionate that they will even bid for them.

Imagine my surprise when I posted a collection of Justin Timberlake pictures (once again, I had
cut them out from entertainment magazines) and several customers began bidding for them. You
can get even $100 for more than a hundred clippings in which Justin appears. So start cleaning
your attic or order your papers and see if there are any magazines out of which you could make
some profit.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 16

                                       Car Parking
Let’s go back to our party people we mentioned in our eighth suggestion chapter. Well, we saw
how we can drive them back home in the case where they had some drinks and aren’t able, nor
allowed to drive afterwards. What about their cars when they get to the party?

If you have some friends, relatives or any other kind of acquaintances in the catering domain,
you might ask them for a tip as to when potentially profitable parties (profitable for you) are
scheduled to take place.

Glamour parties, wedding parties, it does not really matter: all that matters is that the guests are
many and need their cars parked orderly, and then brought to them on time from the parking lot.

Such a job will require a whole night of work. However, the tips are significant and you get to be
paid by the car parking agency as well. But generally, parking assistants work for tips and only
tips. If you act promptly and you are constantly seen among the parking helpers at such parties,
you could develop connections so that your services will be required on a constant basis.

Case study

Theater and cinema premiers, high class parties, concerts and other important
events in California are offered a helping hand by a man and his group of students
working on an honest extra money basis.

The man I am talking about has come up with the idea of establishing a car parking
valet service. And it was not a bad idea; not at all. The students helping him bring
his offer to a favorable, satisfying conclusion are paid on an exclusive tip basis.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 17

                            Plan a Plasma Donation
Are you familiar with the notion of “plasmapheresis”? If your answer is an affirmative one, then
you have probably donated plasma before. If not, then you should know this is also a source of
extra money. You could make about $30-$40 in a week.

OK, I have mentioned plasma donation. Some of you must have already dismissed the
procedure: “Oh, no; no way: hospitals, needles… I am not that desperate.” Well, it’s not a matter
of desperation. On the contrary, plasma donation is very safe.

The process through which plasma is donated is labeled by the notion we have just mentioned:
“plasmapheresis”. All you need is to be in good shape: you cannot donate plasma if you are not
healthy. Moreover, you can donate it even twice a week, because it is relatively quickly replaced
by the human organism – it takes at most 2 days to replace donated plasma.

Yes, they will use a needle; it is necessary to have it in your vein; it will direct blood towards an
apparatus that removes plasma from other blood elements (the latter are separated into a special
container that, when full, restores to your blood the blood elements it has received). The process
lasts about two hours. Two days later you can come back again.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 18

                                 Clean Up and Sell
The modern woman: elaborate, busy and… elegant. She is so busy, but she always finds time to
buy another and another and yet another set of clothes. This is not a critique. On the contrary, we
should congratulate her, the more that her closet can become a source of supplementary income.
Is this really possible?

Well, look at your own closets, ladies. Don’t you think you can make some extra money out of
those clothes you no longer wear? The same, you could sell those clothes you wear more and
more rarely. You could be surprised at how well such clothes sell; and they will sell even better
if they are designer clothes.

How can you get rid of what you no longer wear? First of all get all of your clothes out of the
closet and then consider them one by one. Yes, it could be time-consuming, but it’s for two good
causes: 1) you will have more space in your closet; 2) you will earn some extra money. Then
think about the clothes you have worn during the last year. Those you haven’t worn… well,
those are the ones you will have to sell. It is very likely that you won’t wear them this year
either. So why keep them for nothing?

Then sell them at auction… yes, you read it well. Auctioning them on eBay will certainly result
in a success. OK, don’t expect to get the same price you paid for one particular dress. If you paid
$300, you could get $80-$90 on it. It’s OK; it is a profit… if you think about it in property terms,
that dress was an idle item… you gained nothing from it.

The same thing can be done with other older things you have around your house. Old toys, old
curtains… everything can be sold. So… clean up and sell, don’t just throw everything away…
you might be wasting a chance of actually earning some money of what once belonged to you.

Case study

A profit of more than $120,000 was registered last year by a woman, mother of
three children, from the simple cleaning of other people’s garages for a charge of
only $20 per garage. Of course, a small trick – actually not so small if we think
well about its consequences – is involved here.

Even though the fee she requires is not as significant as that – actually, her kids,
who help her, get to keep the $20 for themselves – her profits are made from the
fact that she gets all of the things which are discarded from the garages. She places
an ad in the local newspaper where she advertises her services, mentioning also

that any castoffs will be kept by her.

Whatever castoffs she gets are then sold. She is also the owner of a second hand
store. On account of the things she sells here, her small business is actually running
incredibly profitable


Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 19

                                 Books of Interest
Look at this book, the one you are now reading. Well, this is a so called “how to” book.
Numerous other “how to” books will teach people how to: repair things around the house, build
tree houses, paint, draw, build a greenhouse, decipher codes, and so on. The list is practically
endless. People are very interested in such books.

You can find such books in old book stores or over the Internet; since they are old books and
most probably not in their initial shape (there may be scratches on the books, paper torn, and so
on), they are sold with a discount – and it’s an impressive discount. Now you can buy such books
and then resell them. Again, eBay is your ally. You will place these books at auction.

However, don’t place them in the “Books” section. It’s better if you place them in sections
according to their subject matters. For instance, if you have a book on painting, place it in the
painting section. It will sell better. Even if books are used, the information they contain is
valuable. This is why you will sell them pretty quickly.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 20

                                Real Estate Listings
What do people need when they decide to move from one town to another? They need reliable
real estate listings. Of course, they would enjoy having such lists for free, but they know that
paid real estate listings are more dependable. First, they are updated on a regular basis. And then,
it is only commonsensical that what you pay for will guarantee more security than what you get
for free.

You can charge up to $15 for such a list, but you will need to provide the guarantee that your
lists are up-to-date. How can you do this? You will have to do some work by going from one real
estate agency to another and collecting their listings, which are usually offered for free (in the
form of magazines).

Then you place an ad over the Internet or in a local newspaper where you promote your reliable
listings. All you have to do now is to wait for potential homebuyers to get interested in the areas
for which you have prepared real estate listings. In the end, all that you invest is some time in
traveling from one real estate agency to another and the insignificant sum you pay to have your
ad published in the local newspaper.

Case study

In Florida, a young man has found an original approach of making some extra
money. He is a publisher, but not just any kind of publisher. His “publications” are
job outlook lists which include the names and contact details (telephone number &
address) of all important employers in sunshine areas.

Therefore, there’s one target there: people who are looking specifically for areas where
unfavorable, undesirable cold weather can be avoided.

The lists aren’t longer than six pages, nor are they shorter than four. Since he needs to somehow
advertise his services, he does this in local weeklies in areas where winter is installed. His lists
include also some fundamental resume notions/indications.

The employment chances he advertises by means of these lists have their constant customers, so
that he is never at a loss with the publication of such inventories.

Fast Extra Money Practical Formula No. 21

                      Classifieds and Bulletin Boards
Almost anybody has seen bulletin boards crammed with personal ads. One such board that
caught my eye was situated in a pet shop. Most people who posted ads on it were concerned with
either donating or buying a pet. The ads concerned an entire array of animals, from dogs, cats
and hamsters to parrots and hawks.

Now imagine that a bulletin board situated somewhere else (a place not so specific) will contain
an even wider variety of ads. People will advertise home rentals, car rentals, yard sells, and used
books discount sells, jobs (either needed or offered) and even pet donations.

Most of the people, on the other hand, won’t spend too much time on posting their classifieds on
various bulletin boards. In this manner they risk having their ads practically buried under the
other posts… and they didn’t even get the chance to be read by as many people as necessary.

Here comes your role. You will create your own ads (flyers are the most practical) and offer to
post their ads on more bulletin boards. Of course, you will do it for a fee. You are offering them
a service which needs to be rewarded. You could charge $30 for posting their ads on 20 bulletin

If you have a bicycle, you won’t even feel the time pass with this particular job. Of course, if you
think you can post ads on more than 20 bulletin boards and provided that your customers also
consider that more boards are a better choice, you are free to increase your fee. You only have to
fix a limit and then see how you can discuss your charge with your customers.

Also, consider that you won’t have one customer and that’s it. This is why such an extra money
job could turn into a highly profitable enterprise as long as you are careful about the contacts you
make. Once you have established such a contact, try to keep in touch. In this manner, you build
reliability on your business, which means increased financial rewarding.

Case study

An agency in Ohio owns a number of 90 Card Boards it uses in order to get
customers advertise their business cards in highly circulated areas such as
supermarkets or restaurants. About 70 business cards, placed in small plastic slots,
are enough to fill such a Card Board.

The moment that a business card is removed – by a passer by interested in that
particular card – another card (belonging to the same Card Board customer)
replaces it. All those who agree with the location of these boards near their stores
are given a bonus by each of the customers advertising their businesses on these
particular Boards.

Fast Extra Money: Practical Formula No. 22

                                   Haunted Money
A haunted tour of Ocean City sounds marvelous for the tourists in this particular area of New
Jersey. Yes, I am suggesting tourism activities as well. It is known that tourists will pay for
anything entertaining or worth seeing during their visits. Of course, most of the times, guided
tours are preferable, especially with specific tourist locations (ghost tours) where a guide is a

If you update your information on the general fees for such tours, you will see that they reach
$13 for an adult and $7 for a child. Of course, you can offer discounts, especially if you get to
transport to the “haunted” location more than twenty tours. For instance, you could charge $10
for an adult and $5 for a child.

A tour in the “haunted” areas in Ocean City will last up to an hour and a half, during which you
could earn even $100. And keep in mind that you could do even two or three tours per day.
However, do keep in mind that this is mostly a weekend or holiday job.

Tourists are less likely to crowd in Ocean City during workdays, unless they have a vacation. In
any case, it’s good to check with hotel receptionists.

For a small reward, they will even recommend your services to the tourists visiting Ocean City.
You can offer them this reward from your extra earnings. In the end, one good hand deserves
another, isn’t this the old saying? And it couldn’t be more appropriate in this situation.